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 5  muscle myopathy from long term stat Works well for pain felt it had given me my life back. Having awful pain from 60 MG of statin. Stopped the stat. AmA. Pain much better.i do not want to take more ultracet. I want off them however The effects of not taking them are scary.i have tried 1 instead of 2 ,also daunting host of physical symptons.never took pain.pills before feel physically rather than emotionally dependent. Scared of withdrawal symptons. 1 F 79 2 years
2 every 6
 4  polymyalgia Very bad Itching.Dry mouth, Fast pulse My doctor prescribed 1 or 2 three times per day, but I take it only when the pain is really severe, I have hypertention and I also don't want to get addicted to this medicaton It really helps for servere pain although not fast but it is very good. F 59 2 weeks
 5  severe lower back pain Slightly euphoric, pleasantly stoned feeling. No neg effects at all. Drank heavily on it one night, also a pleasant experience. This should be first drug of choice for anyone with severe back pain but takes a couple of hours to work. M 49 5 days
3 a day
 4  Gout pain No side effect, good drug, not like hypertension medicine gave me allergic and side effect... M 35 1 years
 5  Extreme lower back and R hip pain Dry mouth, not extreme though. Crazy amounts of energy. This stuff is amazing. From looking online I think I'm the only one that was given extreme energy from Ultracet. The recommended 1-2 pills didn't work for me, so I tried 3-4 and the pain finally stopped, but I've always had a high resistance to meds. Anyway, it made me EXTREMELY happy and energetic. I work in a customer service type setting and I had the most positive attitude and energy when I was taking ultracet. I also found I could do extra exercises during my workout because of the lack of pain. It did get addictive though, mainly because of the mood boost. I recognized this and made sure to tell my doc. F 28 60 days
1X D
 5  herniated discs itching, makes me feel a little loopy I was precribed ultracet after a bad car accident in which I herniated 3 discs in my back and neck. It alleviates nerve pain very well, although it takes a little while to act. I don't mind the side effects, although I can't take ultracet at work because it does make me a little slow in the head. I refused the usual narcotics and I'm glad that this gives me a respite from the pain when I need it - and actually gives my muscles a chance to relax from the cramping caused by the nerve issues - without all the dependence issues associated with other drugs. F 35 8 years
1 tablet 1X AN
 4  Chronic Foot/Ankle Pain from Sprain Tiredness. Also felt malaise when I skip a dose of Ultram. I started taking Ultracet because Ultram was giving me horrible side effects. Ultracet had less side effects for me than the Ultram, but it did not provide as much relief. F 19 1 months
37.5-325 3X D
 5  tailbone fracture, shoulder surgery Mild constipation remedied with stool softner; Feeling of malaise and mild body pain when I don't take an afternoon dose. I too have noticed a mild feeling of euphoria. Ultracet has seen me through on-going tailbone pain from a fall, shoulder surgery, torn miniscus in knee,and multiple compression fractures in spine. I especially like that it is easy on the stomach for me unlike Advil, Celebrex, etc. F 53 5 years
2 tablets 2X D
 5  ALL over body pain- neuralgia/FM None really. There is a withdrawl side-effect after you have been on the med for a few weeks but it passes when you get the med back into your system. The withdrawl feels like electrical shocks and jittery BUT you forget to take this med when you are NOT in pain - it's not withdrawl and "addiction" like other meds, alchohol, etc. Initially, the med will make you quite tired so be aware of this. No other side-effects. I have been taking this wonderful medication for years. I take two pills every 2 to 4 hours for pain. I have severe CFIDS/FM and the pain has been horrendous until I got the Ultracet. This med calmed the pain down and keeps it down. It was a God-send medication for me. I have to fight the insurance company on occassion to get 900 pills for 3 months but they do allow it. Be aware that Ultracet has Tylenol in it and the Tylenol is the real thing that you must watch. DO NOT OVERTAKE this medication because of the Tylenol. Do NOT take other OTCs or meds with Tylenol in them or you will damage your liver badly. Also, the literature says that Ultram/Ultracet lowers the seizure threshhold and this means that you cold have seizures. I suspect that is very rare but they must report that. I have taken this medication after Gallbladder Laporoscopay and other surgeries and it works far better for ME than any other pain meds including the dreadful Narcotics. I love this medication and pray it keeps working. Oddly, Ultram (without the Tylenol) and Tylenol alone do NOT work on pain for me. But the synergistic effect of the right amounts of Tylenol and Ultram together make miracles. Finally, I and many other people CAN NOT TAKE the generics for Ultracet - they simply do not work. So, for many others and myself the prescriptions MUST be for BRAND ONLY. It does cost more but a 900 pill bottle of a worthless med is of no value anyway - so I suggest trying the BRAND first and maybe a few o F 48 8 years
 5  Chronic back pain radiating to leg Slight drowsiness and dry mouth for about an hour, depending on when I take it. This medication is fantastic. After years of taking Darvocet (which I had to break in half to avoid being too stoned to function), I figured out that it was causing horrendous withdrawal problems and other side effects. If I happened to have a day where I didn't need a pain killer, late in that day I would have itchiness, nervousness and terrible cramping diarrhea. I switched to Ultracet and have NO withdrawal symptoms when I don't need it. It works very well and doesn't inhibit my ability to lead a normal life. I agree with others that this should be among the first prescription pain killers given when OTC meds don't work for pain. M 41 6 years
 4  Hip/Joint pain Sense of well-being, energized, euphoria, constipation, hard time peeing, curbed appetite This medicine works great, considering it isn't a narcotic. It is addicting tho. Also, I personally had a hard time going to the bathroom while on it -- peeing seemed like a task. F 24 2 months
 5  muscle pain Constipation.. It works but is very slow medicine, not an instant pain escape M 30 2 days
 5  neck pain & pain from rectal surger slight constipation - just take stool softner Unbelievable pain relief! Works just as good as vicodin did without the other sideeffects! Doctors need to prescribe this before going to more harmful and addictive pain meds. F 46 4 years
 4  neuropathic pain none F 41 1 weeks

ULTRACET  (ACETAMINOPHEN; TRAMADOL HYDROCHLORIDE):  See also Warning section. This product is used to treat moderate to moderately severe pain. It contains 2 medications: tramadol and acetaminophen. Tramadol is similar to opioid (narcotic) analgesics. It works in the brain to change how your body feels and responds to pain. Acetaminophen is used to relieve pain, and it can also reduce a fever.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)