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 4  sinus infection none noticed The medication helped to alleviate my sinus infection symptoms. It provided nasal congestion and pain relief so I could sleep/rest. F 59 5 days
220 mg 1X D
 1  for pain We been taking aleve for years and my husband and I have to side affect but he came home with the new Gel tablets instead of the blue pills and they do not relieve any pain for him or me... We noticed this after 2 times of taking aleve... I never had a problem with the blue aleve pills... Today my husband increased the dose of aleve because the first one did not help and the side of his face near the ear swelled.. I called aleve and reported the problem of this new gel pill of aleve not working on the pain and the allergic reaction my husband had... I had to give the lot number and 1/2 hr of info on the phone.... M 58 2 weeks
 1  back and knee pain within 15 minutes my hands were itching and felt like they were on fire. Then 12 hours later I took again and it was worse. I ended up taking Benadryl to relieve the pain & itch. I had never taken aleve before this day.I took 2 pills every 12 hours for 36 hours per Doctors orders. After I took aleve the third time the Pharmasist was the one that told me it was probably aleve as he has seen this many times. F 50 2 days
 1  joint pain I was not sure what was causing alleric reaction. First time my lips swell up so large that my lips broke open, itching hands and hives. 2nd time was extreme swelling hands to the point of my fingers turning blue, ended up in Emergency Room. THe 3rd time was early in the morning and within 30 minutes after taking ALEVE I got extreme itchy hands and felt faint. Seconds later I was completely unable to stand and was almost completely unconscious. I couldn't move and just felt like I was going to die. MY wife had to call 911 and took the big ride in the ambulance. About 2 hrs later at the ER and with drugs put in my veins I started feeling better. I finally knew what had been causing my reactions. Since stopping ALEVE I have not had reactions and feel much better. This drug is dangerous and should be taken under extreme care!!! M 58 100 days
 1  Baker's cyst I had pounding heart, sweating and extreme weakness within an hour of taking one Aleve tablet. I did not attribute it to Aleve until I repeated the one Aleve another day. The same thing happened and I did not take it again for a few days then I took one Aleve while I was feeling good except for the pain. The side effects returned and I will not take it ever again. I take meds for high bloodpressure and also a water pill. No more Aleve. F 62 4 days