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 1  He didn't pull out Had a horrible experience since taking it m. Took 1 pill then another pill the following week. Had terrible symptoms since. Breasts are very sensitive, heavy & painful. Nausea on and off daily, slight metallic taste in mouth. Spotted and bled brown/rusty dark red blood for 5 days very lightly. Eating more with mild bloating. Sense of smell is slightly amplified (having covid last year never full gave me back my sense of smell) F 33 0 weeks
30 mg 2X D
 1   Not happy. Feeling super hormonal 0 days
1X D
 1  Prevent pregnancy Nausea cramping moodiness fatigue Breakthrough bleeding Will never take again. It has almost been 2 weeks and I am still suffering from this pill. I got spotting a week later and it is still happening after 5 days. My breasts just started to become sore and I've been having a headache all day. Feels like my regular period is coming (due in 3 days) which would be two weeks of bleeding F 25 1 days
1.5 mg 1X D
 4  Emergency Contraception Nausea, Very fatigue, Chest pain, Cramps, Headaches, Swollen breast, Sensitive breast, Moody I've gotten a plan b twice. The first time was amazing no side effects but this time!!!! I had almost every side effect and I was just f*d up. Fatigue for days and barely eating because I was so nauseous. I'm definitely getting on a normal birth control. F 21 1 days
1X D
 1  Prevent Pregnancy I am having heavy heart palpitations. It is making me have an irregular heart beat. not sure if it is from this pill but started happening 30 minutes right after I took it. I have been very anxious and worry about everything it seems like. Would definitely NOT recommend! F 20 4 days
2X O
 5  To keep from getting pregnant Nothing but a little tired right after but I did take Zofran prior to taking it to keep away the nausea but at about 5 days after the pill, I started feeling really tired, achy, and was having hot flashes and by about 8-9 days after the pill, I felt pregnant: peeing all the time, nauseous, bloated, sore & heavy breasts - but on the 12th day, I started my period and feel better. It has been light so far but that is just 1 day. I cant take birth control; it makes me very ill and the weight gain is unimaginable. I had the low hormone IUD, Mirena, at one point and gained almost 50lbs in one year AND was having a period every two weeks - as well as problems with pills, depo shot, etc. I have a 10-yr-old who I had a lot of trouble getting pregnant with and after I had her, I never went back on birth control and never got pregnant. Fast forward, her dad and I got divorced, I had other relationships, still never got pregnant, and then met my boyfriend I have now. I was 36 and he was 35 when we met. He had never had kids and never gotten a girl pregnant. We had sex the first time and BAM I was pregnant. After, I tried a low dose hormone pill. It made me ill but I was dealing with it then, in March, my insurance quit covering it right at the beginning of the pandemic when money was tight and I couldnt afford $500 for 3 months of pills. By June, I was pregnant. I decided to have an abortion, which was a tough decision as I never thought I would. After talking with the womens clinic, I decided to track my cycle myself instead of using any birth control. Since we have a 2-yr-old between us in the bed & rarely have sex, when he got up one morning while I was getting ready for work & grabbed me on top of him, I couldnt say no, let me look at my tracker first. Lol. He didnt pull out & when I looked at the tracker after, it was my ovulation day. I went that evening, 12-15 hours after, and got the pill. As I stated above, I felt nothing much right away but by the 9th day after, I was feeling pregnant. The thing is, with my other 3 pregnancies, I knew I was pregnant really early - immediately after conceiving. I got + pregnancy tests well before my missed periods. My body apparently over-produces the pregnancy hormone. The first thing I always notice is my stomach feeling heavy - especially when I lay down. I have a lot of stomach issues & the pregnancy bloat and slower GI Tract, makes my stomach feel like a hunk of lead. Well, I felt like that. I had all the other normal symptoms too. Today was day 12 after my pill & 3-4 days before my period. I told my mom this morning that I was pretty sure I was pregnant but by noon, I was bleeding.Thank the Heavens!!! It is light so far, but more than implantation bleeding - which I only had a tiny of with my first pregnancy so I am pretty sure I am in the clear. So see, even if you had sex on your probable ovulation day & he fully let go inside you AND you feel F 40 1 days
1 pill 1X D
 1  Prevent pregnancy Took tuesday, its now thursday and i feel unbearably unwell. Pressure in head, intermittent nausea, headaches, fatigue, abdominal and pelvic cramping, chills, nightsweats, appetite is all over the place, cant stop peeing, intermittent bloating, heart palputations, insomnia even when im exhausted Do not take. Horrid side effects- really not worth it at all. Was not asked my weight upon prescribing and im over 11 stone. Not happy at all. Im self employed and work from home and due to feeling so ill im not able to work at this moment. Really hoping this passes in a couple more days. No bleeding. Period is now late. Taken within the specified timeframe. F 27 1 days
1X D
 2  Condom slipped off I haven't experienced side effects I took the pill three days after sex. And nothing has happened. No side effects and no period during the normal time my period is supposed to come. Only discharge. I really hope my period comes. I will be happy when it comes. I will never do this again as it caused me to worry and stress. F 20 0 times
1X D
 4  No protection I had all the above symptoms except vomiting for 2 whole weeks. I got my period 1 day early according to my period app. I would recommend this pill if you want results but don't use it as a method of birth control everytime you have sex. F 39 1 days
1X D
 1  No condom Nausea vomiting, just a lingering blah feelings for days. Feelings as if I'm pregnant. Moody - exhausted. Do it if you ready for the effects. F 26 1 days
1X D
 4  Prevent pregnancy I took plan b within 24 hours of having unprotected sex. After taking plan b, I had mild cramps. I experienced breast tenderness that increased in pain. My menstruation was late by 5 days. The side effects are as expected because it is a hormone. It is a good option for emergency purposes. However, I would recommend avoiding plan b if you could. Remember that it's effectiveness of plan b can vary if you had unprotected sex during your ovulation(fertile window) or how fast you take it after unprotected sex. 1 days
 1  Condom broke I experienced horrible side effects right away from extreme fatigue and nausea bad headaches heart palpitations breast tenderness and have continued for weeks now I spotted for 2 days a week later but still over a month no period and negative test. I definitely will never take again . F 29 1 days
1 pill
 5  Condom broke Bloating and slight cramps . Never let me down F 24 6 months
 1  To prevent pregnancy I'm not sure if it works. It has worked for me in the past maybe because I was not ovulating at the time. This time I decided to take it A-day after I ovulated because my slip up was the day before ovulation. The side effects I experience to this day, and week and a half later were horrible. I have experienced extreme dizziness, nausea on certain occasion's, cramps that I've never felt before, headaches, euphoria, random aches and pains, metallic taste in my mouth, and some spotting a couple of days before my period. My period is due in days so I guess time will tell. This pill can stop an Unwanted pregnancy but forreal, it's time to be more responsible when it comes to sex. I would recommend for the availability to have something if needed, however, the side effects are no good for the body. F 32 1 days
 1  Obviously to prevent pregnancy No side effects for the first week or so then I started getting nausea , tired all day, couldnít eat, everything sounds disgusting , headache, and lots of more symptoms like Iím pregnant? Still no period and negative pregnancy tests. Will never take again. F 20 4 weeks
 1  Condom slipped off I took the plan B one step on Monday night, I did not have any side effects until Friday. My breasts were incredibly sore and heavy to the point where I didn't even want to move because they were very painful. Then, by Sunday morning I had extreme bloating, incredible neck pain, chills and a fever. Sunday night I had massive night sweats. I am 35 years old and I don't use birth control because hormonal birth control makes me feel ill. I would never recommend this to anyone. I would rather be sick off of birth control than deal with what Plan B caused me to feel F 35 1 times
 3  condom broke Pill worked but my regular period came a week early and is still going. I've been on my period for the last 23 days, I gained almost 10lbs, get headaches, strong cramps, bloating, fatigue, and breast tenderness. Worked for what I needed it for, but the side effects are almost as awful as being pregnant. F 32 1 days
 1  Forgot to use BC None Will not work if near ovulating. I'm freaking 49 and still got pregnant. Who does this work for then? F 49 1 days
 1  To prevent any unwanted pregnancies I experienced chest tightness within hours of taking the pill and ended up in the ER for irregular heart beat which had never happened before, scariest thing ever. Don't think I'll ever take this again. I also didn't have any bleeding This is my second time taking this, first time I had no side effects. F 24 1 days
1X D
 3  Prevent pregnancy Ocular migraine. I also found out it is ineffective on women over 165 pounds. I took Ella this time (3 years later ) and had no side effects. F 34 1 days
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