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 5  Backpain fusion L3,4,5 After 6 weeks of use my ears started to make noises. Vioxx is the best pain medice I ever experienced. What can I do to stop these noises. M 38 1 months
 5  Chronic Neck/Back Pain & Migraines None I was prescribed this medication just before it was pulled off the market a number of years ago. It was heaven sent. I had not had that kind of relief before or since. I was only on it for 15 days but it was the best 15 days of my life. As soon as the announcement came out my husband flushed the balance of my prescription. I have been on many other prescriptions since and nothing has compared. F 44 15 days
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 1  back pain nerve irritation/pain throughout left arm Doctor put me on this a few years ago, 3 months before it was pulled from the market. Afer taking it for 2 weeks I developed shooting pains in my left arm that got so bad I would cry myself to sleep. It ceased after I went off the medication. A week later I tried vioxx again and the pain came right back, so I stopped taking it permanently. On top of that it wasn't effective in numbing my back pain. F 23 4 weeks
 1  back pain heart attack hardening of the arteries and nerve damage in my feet everybody that works for the fda that oked this drug should be put in jail M 56 2 years
 1  Severe Cramping High Blood Pressure, Sinusintis, irregular Heartbeat This drug eased the discomfort but if I had known the side effects I would of turned it down. I'm still taking meds for HBP, no history of side effects prior to taking Vioxx. I had a Nurse Practitioner state that once I stopped taking Vioxx the HBP would go away, that's a statement I read on Merck's report. beware, all the cards are not in on VIOXX. Next time you get a prescription for a drug, read the side effects I recently had a Doctor prescribe celebrex to me, 2 reasons I didn't take them, I read about the side effects and the commercials they were showing, in which I'm considered a hight risk for a heart attack if I have HBP. What the dickens was he thinking or is he like some others, pushing drugs to patients for a discount or whatever discounts they get. F 45 16 months
 1  Off label use for carpal tunnel pai I experienced vertigo, diarrhea, abdominal pain, respiratory problems and memory loss. I still have memory loss and have gaps in my thinking process where I can't even think of common words I am trying to say, even to this day. I had quit taking Vioxx long before the recall because it was the only new med introduced into my regimen at the time the symptoms started. I was told that if I continued to take it, I would be let go from my job because of inability to perform simple tasks. F 40 6 months
 5  Rheumatoid Arthritis None Too bad it had to be pulled. Hoepfully newer, safer Cox-2 inhibitors (available in Europe) will be approved in the US soon. F 38 5 years
 1  back problems amongest others I ended up in the hospital after 24 hours of taking the first dose. I was having problems breathing plus it looked like I had the measls (sp) from head to bottom of feet. I was covered in bright red dots. they itched but not very much. I spent 5 days in hospital hooked to IVs and oxygen. F 37 1 days
 1   On September 30, 2004, Merck & Co. issued a worldwide recall of the blockbuster arthritis drug Vioxx from the market because of data from a clinical trial that found an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes among patients. M 29
 1  Joint Pain Suffered a heartattack, was life flighted. I believe vioxx is a poison and people shoud treat it as such. M 47 4 months
 5  back pain None I am very dissapointed that this drug is no longer on the market. With this drug I was able to be virtually pain free and no more stiffness. Now I am in chronic pain. I am allergic to Celebrex and Bextra. There is only so much Ibuprofen you can take without getting an ulcer. F 45 3 years
 1  TMJ pain Broke out in hives with blisters and had a rash from head to toe. Even had blisters in my throat and couldn't breathe. Had to be hospitalized and put on massive amounts of Benadryl and anti-inflammatories to bring down swelling. Made the chicken pox I had when I was a child look like a day at the park compared to the hell I went through with Vioxx. F 29 4 days
 1  Inflammatory cartilage pain Rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure, found out later it actually did more damage to my cartilage instead of helping to heal it. I was given about every NSAID out there, and none worked. They certainly made me feel worse. I did my own research and switched to herbal anti-inflammatories, and after a few months of them, my pain lessened greatly and I started to feel "normal" again. NSAIDs are awful! F 38 5 months
 4  Severe shoulder pain None Helped with pain in a shoulder muscle, something my chiro couldn't fix. I'm sorry this was pulled off the market soon afterward, as it helped me, along with several older family members who have joint problems. M 46 3 weeks
 1  osteoarthritis Vioxx raised my BP to dangerous levels. Am dizzy all the time & have dull headache that can flare to migraine quickly, actually just waiting for stroke to occur. Very scary, unfortuntely,because 'nothing has happened yet' I can't get an attorney to take case. I did not have any of the 'symptoms' prior to taking the drug on a consistent basis. When I was taking it occasionally none of these conditions appeared. F 54 12 months
 5  menstrual cramps none loved it it was the only thing that helped. F 39 3 years
 5  Menstrual pain None Vioxx is the only drug that worked with no side effects. Dosage 12.5 or 25 mg, 2 days per month. F 39 3 years
 1  arthritis Acute Vertigo, permanant deafness in left ear. Subtle things, like could hear my own heart beat, sparks from behind my eyes at night, like maybe lighning outside only it wasn't storming..real weird things. I believe this is a very dangerous drug. I just found this site after all these years...It has been almost 4 years since My Vertigo attack from Vioxx. I believe it caused me to have a stroke, or TIA. I woke up from sleeping so sick I couldn't even walk to bathroom I had to crawl to toilet. I had never been this ill in my entire life. While I was Vomiting and having diarreah,couldn't open my eyes because of dizzyness, after about an hour of this my husband heard me and called EMT's and called my Dr. because I could not leave the bathroom. I felt my left ear gurgling, that is the only word that I can use that fits. The EMT'S had to take me to hospital and I spent the day in ER with them, Dr's, trying to find something to give me to stop my Vomiting and Diarreah. They finally gave something to calm my Vertigo. I went home that night and fell asleep for a few hours. My sister in-law called me and my husband gave me the phone and I put it to my left ear and I could not hear...To this day I am still deaf in my left ear. I had no previous Strokes, no family history of Strokes, no high blood pressure..basically healthy except for a little arthritis in my knees and back..So yes I would say it is poison... F 56 3 weeks
 5  R/A None F 73
 4  osteoarthritis cervical spine Initially, weakness, dizziness, nausea, mental confusion, depression, which all seemed to lessen within a week. However, If I EVER mistakenly increased my dosage I suffered the same side effects which were great enough to send me to bed for about 24 hours. After trying every other NSAID for the debilitating, maddening pain in my neck, Vioxx and physical therapy did the trick. The only other treatment that had been as effective were the cortisone injections directly into the neck. And now Vioxx is off the Canadian market and I'm hoping like heck that there is SOMEthing out there that will give me the help that it did. F 57 6 years