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 5  Metastatic Breast Cancer Slight nausea, red hands and feet, weepy eyes, fatigue Feel like it is working and worth the minor discomfort. CA15 dropped dramatically for first time in 18 months of various treatments. Really is the first drug to knock back cancer instead of just keeping it at bay. F 56 12 weeks
full 2X D
 5  Breast cancer Constipation fatigue and brain fog. Very good so far. F 53 4 months
2400 2X D
 4  Triple Negative Breast Cancer Started off taking 3600mg 2 weeks on, 1 week off. Dosage reduced to 3000 mg after experiencing severe hand/foot syndrome, and darkening of skin on face, hands and feet. After that, I tolerated the remainder of treatment well. Also, bloodwork showed increased Alkaline Phosphotase beginning with 2nd month after starting Xeloda. Alkaline Phosphotase still slightly elevated 5 most after endings treatment. Liver seems ok. Doctor thinks bones may be involved, however there is no bone pain. Will be tested later if no improvement. F 50 6 months
3000 mg
 1  Colon Cancer This medication killed my mother. She had to take 4500mg a day for 7 days. She started 12/16/19 and 12/27/19 she had a stroke. This drug created 2 blood clots in my mothers brain and she passed away in 9 days January 6 2020. She had colon cancer and had surgery and had 3 lymph nodes come back positive out of 20 so they recommended this drug for 12 treatments. I would never recommend this to anyone!!!!! The side effects are horrible. F 58 7 days
1500mg 3x
 1  Cancer This drug killed my mother Horrible side effects F 87 6 months
 5  Breast cancer stage 4 Had to cut dosage in half on 2nd day due to very low blood pressure, feet, weakness , nausea . Now on the 1300 MG's. X 2 per day. Slight hand and foot at this dose. Slight fatigue. A life saving, miracle working drug. CA15-3 dropped from almost 800 down to 20, praise God! I am still taking it. F 63 15 months
1300 mg 2X D
 3  Triple Negative Breast Cancer 2000mg twice a day 14 days on 7 off for 8 rounds. Hands feel tight, palm side looks red finger tips appear swollen loss of finger prints tingling burning or open cut feeling yet tolerable. Tightness when closing hands. Difficulty sleeping all night, wake up a lot. During the 7 days off the first 3 days the side effects seem to enhance. Sometimes feel pulse in hands. Done with 8 rounds, off one wk side effects seem worse. Hands, feet feel very warm and redness. Constantly wanting more lotion. Started Vanicream today to see if it will help. Fatigue at times, developed thyroid issue, 1st overly active, changed within approx 1-2 wks to be under active. Hopefully this will correct itself. I'm very cold a lot, not sure if it's due to thyroid or Chemo. I was cold often prior to diagnosis. Unsure if this has made a difference in helping to keep recurrence of cancer. I don't know how to rate this at this time. I'm concerned because I've been off the med completely now for 7 days and feet and hands hurt more than while on the treatments. 11/07/17 Have not been able to find information on how long it takes for improvement. Really want to know what others experienced after. I wish to know details of what to possibly expect after completion. Are my symptoms normal? F 52 5 months
 1  Rectum cancer Loss of hunger Skin turn to be rough and dark Nausea Vomiting Muscle reduction Bone weakness After first cycle , if doesn't improve your disease then stop xeloda. My mother reduced her weight and strength to half . As she not able to eat much her general health condition was reduced . She passed away after 4 th moth of xeloda F 67 4 months
 3  Metastatic Breast Cancer Lunds Burning red feet and hands, dry skin, some mild nausea, dizziness, brain fog. I can walk around for no more than five minutes without my feet starting to burn. I did not anticipate becoming an immediate invalid. F 59 2 months
1500 2X D
 4  Breast cancer IV severe fatigue, very dry hands and feet, dry skin, stomach bloating, a few mouth sores, and some nausea. the fatigue is the worse side effect so far, but my tumor counts are going down and the side effects are tolerable so I plan to continue on this drug as long as needed. F 53 4 months
1000 2X D
 4  Stage IV breast cancer Hand/foot syndrome (severe drying, cracking in feet, not so much hands). Stomach bloating, occassional stomach aches, nausea, but not bad. Fatigue. At first, hand/foot syndrome real bad, not controlled, though my feet still hurt sometimes. No loose stools ever. M 36 2 years
 4  Stage IV Breast Cancer/Bone Mets Bloating, darkening and slight peeling of feet, excess mucous, eye tearing (1st week only), abdominal discomfort, dry wrinkled hands and fatigue. Tumor markers are dropping so I will continue, side effects are a minor discomfort, not overwhelming. F 54 3 months
 1  Colon Cancer - Stage 2 EXTREME pain in soles of both feet to the point of being in constant agony regardless of body position, plus a week after stopping dosage I lost my fingerprints and the ability to sweat in my hands. Both hands are as slick as porcelain. If this drug is so helpful why is the dosage so extremely flexible? M 72 24 days
 4  Stage 4 bc bone mets Tummy bloating and change in bowel habits but no diarrhea or any other side effects like hand/foot syndrome...but then my dose is only 2000mg day, 14 days on and 7 days off. tumor markers going down so this dose is working and easier to handle than others I've been on. F 60 6 months
 2  Metastatic breast cancer Fatigue and, by the time I stopped it, an almost complete inability to eat or retain what I'd eaten. I was taking it with epirubicin and cisplatin so I'll put the other side-effects in the first few days after treatment down to them. But the nausea/loss of appetite went on continuously so was probably the oral Xeloda which was taken continuously. The combination didn't apparently do me any good anyhow. Because of this and because my quality of life was so poor, I gave up the chemo after 3 months rather than doing another 3 months. F 40 3 months
 2  Advanced metastatic breast cancer Swelling of abdomen, slight diarrhoea (stools = always yellow in colour), dry and itchy skin, cystytis. Exhaustion. Taken in tablet form twice a day for 2 weeks and then a week's rest. I found side effects just as bad, if not worse, during the week off! Xeloda is metabolized to fluorouracil in the body. Exposure to chemo is longer than with intravenous treatment every 3-4 weeks. Maybe that's why I feel worse than on CMF most of the time. F 50 2 weeks

XELODA  (CAPECITABINE):  Capecitabine is used to treat breast, colon, or rectal cancer. It works by slowing or stopping the growth of cancer cells.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)