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 2  TIA Migraine,dizziness, stiffness in neck, nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, body felt like jello Seemed as though the side effects worsened each day instead of getting better so I stopped after 3 horrific days. Now prescribed Eliquis which I'm reading isn't any better. Don't know what I'm going to do. F 64 3 days
2.5 1X D
 1  TIA Follow up for post below....... Had to finally discontinue Aggrenox due to constant dull to mild headache and very bad tinnitus. I have been off the drug for 2 weeks and still have mild tinnitus especially after sleeping. I hope to get all of my hearing back to normal as more time passes. Headaches have also dissipated. Trying to get back to a normal feel. Switched to Plavix plus aspirin and have not had any side effects.... just hope it does the job as well. Aggrenox worked just the opposite for me. No excruciating headaches the first 2 weeks, or tinnitus for that matter, but as the weeks went by the I just couldn't seem to withstand the dosage, or the diprydimol . If your ears start ringing and the ringing continues to get stronger as the days go by, you should really get off the drug. It could create lasting damage to your hearing. M 59 6 months
25 / 200 2X D
 3  followup for undetermined TIA I didn't experience the intense headache initially. Had a bad headache hours following the TIA, then on and off daily. When I began Aggrenox, I could not tell if my headaches were residual from the TIA or the beginning of the medication, but they were more of a nagging intensity, with feelings of sinus pressure, similar to vasodilation found when taking Viagra, or a bad hangover. Steady, daily, nagging headaches followed as the months passed,after 2 months rather strong tinnitus developed, and I am now still trying different ways to reduce or eliminate these. At first, my Dr. and myself agreed to try to split the drug....meaning separate aspirin and separate full release dipyridamole. This actually created stronger headaches with tinnitus...pointing out that the source of the headaches and tinnitus was from the dipyridimole and not the aspirin. It also does not have the same therapeutic effect as the slow release form found only in Aggrenox. We then decidided to try stretching out the dosing and adding a low dose 81mg. aspirin to augment the spread out dose. At present I take one Aggrenox every 18hrs. and one low dose aspirin every 9 hrs. after. and so far the headaches have stopped and the tinnitus is at a minimum or gone and is less bothersome than before. We may try to push this to one every 15 hrs. and see if I can still remain headache and tinnitus it`s still a work in progress. I am afraid to change to a different med at this point since Aggrenox has the best statistics for stopping additional TIA's..especially when no cause is found. Until some newer drugs can beat these statistics it's worth it to try and stay the course with Aggrenox, but...the headaches and tinnitus are especially difficult to tolerate under the full dose. M 58 4 months
25/200 2X D
 1  Stroke In hospital severe headaches, which went away. Now severe tinnitus. I would rather die than have this rushing in my head. I can't take it anymore. I have gone to an audiologist, neurologist, accupuncturist. No one can stop it and it never started until I started this medication. F 74 200 days
2X D
 2  Post stroke The headaches for me were horrible. I was not supposed to take Excedrin any more with it, but I actually sent my son out from the hospital to buy me some. I felt like my head was going to explode. Maybe it goes away after several days, but I could not live with it. Went back on full dose of Plavix( that I was on for a MI 2 years ago) Works fine for me and the results of studies I looked at showed fewer hemmorhagic strokes with Plavix. My neuro tried to tell me that this was a better drug than Plavix for stroke patients. I think he must have been reading what the drug reps gave him, because my search on the internet showed the opposite along with a higher rate of hemmorhagic stroke with Aggrenox. Great, no clots, but my brain explodes. Thanks but no thanks. F 60 3 days
150 2X D
 5  TIA None I haven't had anymore TIAs - I guess that's good M 55 2 years
2X D
 2  Aggrenox Dizziness,tintinnitus,effected vision ,hearing,taste, confusion, other use of different drugs, extreme coldness on side of hemi-paresis, nausea briefly, tiredness Am going to stop using this drug but don't know how. The sudden discontinuance can cause seisure and death. I have taken it along with Bacolfen. Metformin, and Lipitor over the past year and had another stroke and various hosiptalizations- not good. As soon as I know how, I am going to stop this medication. F 61 1 years
 1  Vertebral artery dissection/strokes Rash upper chest and back, intense itching, especially at night. Two separate biopsies confirmed hive like rash due to drug reaction Also had taken Lipitor. Discontinued Lipitor but rash continued. It is still possible the rash could be due to Lipitor I'm posting now in case others get this rash. Apparently it is not rare! Would be interested in email if anyone has gotten rash. M 83 3 years
 5  after stroke headache, headache soon after the usage and it disappeared in about 10 days and it is ok now. it is cheap and effective. I have no stroke since take the medicine. M 56 1 years
 4  TIA Mild headache for few days. Transitioned with 1 pill in PM + aspirin in AM for 1 week, then 2 pills Aggrenox daily as prescribed. No other problems. Have taken for only 1 month. No TIA's for past 9 months, I took Aspirin .825 for previous 8 months and that also worked for me (and it's cheaper). F 69 1 months
 5  stroke None Seems to work, no more strokes M 69 1 years
 4  TIA (2) None - zip - nadda No TIAs since I started. M 51 4 months
 5  stroke Horrible headaches for first few weeks on drug but none now. F 51 2 days
 5  Post stroke Major headache that lasts about 2-3 days, after that, none at all. After you get past the "headache phase" there really aren't any bad effects at all. M 38 3 months
 2  post stroke Constant headache for 5 days. Couldn't stand the pain and had to stop medication. M 32 5 days
 2  post stroke Constant headache for 5 days. Couldn't stand the pain and had to stop medication. M 52 5 days
 5  Prior CVA 68 5 years
 5  post-stroke Headache for about a day. Other than that, no side effects whatsoever. M 39 2 months
 1  TIA (mini-stroke) Severe headache and slight nausea F 67 1 days

AGGRENOX  (ASPIRIN; DIPYRIDAMOLE):  This medication is used to reduce the risk of stroke in patients who have had "mini-strokes" (transient ischemic attacks) or a previous stroke due to a blood clot and are at high risk for another stroke. It contains two medications: a very low dose of aspirin (25 milligrams per tablet) and dipyridamole in a slow-release form. Low-dose aspirin and dipyridamole are antiplatelet drugs that work to keep blood flowing to the brain by stopping platelets from clumping together. This helps prevent the platelets from forming blood clots, which can lodge in the brain and cause a certain type of stroke (ischemic stroke).   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)