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 1  Seizures Lethargic, insomnia, anxious, tingling in hands , mouth , feet No appetite, depressed thoughts , crying , moody, Slow response , body became highly acidic !!!!!!! Avoid at ALL COST !!!!!!! F 39 15 days
200 mg
 5  back and leg pain Makes sodas flat tasting and makes you kinda out of your mind for awhile but once I took them for awhile it stopped other than the flat soda taste took the pain away and I felt better than I ever did but they cost alot and I can't afford to takebthem anymore so I have to live with the pain now. And to add the sprinkle caps helped the tablets did nothing they never touched the pain M 50 1 months
 1  Yes Omg this is dangerous meds .....: buring of the nose throat eyes head back stomach .... Eyes felt heavy like they were glued brain zaps withdraws are nasty week tired rash don't use danger meds Very danger meds F 39 1 days
 1  Epilepsy I felt totally stoned. Like a had a martini and joint for breakfast and lunch. It stayed with me all day. I could not deal with it. decades ago I used recreational drugs and the feeling was something like that only a bit more chemical feel and brain numbness. I could not remember basic stuff. I did this for two weeks and bailed. I could not function in my job. M 56 2 weeks
50 1X D
 1  No I was on topamax for around 2 years. For the entire time, I experience periodic nausea, but it was manageable until about 8 months ago. I suddenly started feeling nauseous every day. I was vomiting almost daily and losing weight due to my inability to eat regular meals. After extensive testing for gastrointestinal diseases, I was diagnosed with gastroparesis. It took several months and thousands of dollars of testing and medication to come to this conclusion. About three weeks ago, I accidentally forgot to take my topamax for several days in a row. As what seemed to be a result, my stomach problems literally disappeared. To be certain, I took Topamax again for a few days and low and behold I was sick as a dog AGAIN! It's the Topamax. As someone else noted, it caused horrible problems with my stomach and gastroparesis is a very serious disease that requires alot of medical attention and a complete life change. I wasn't able to eat raw vegitables, raw fruit, nuts, fats, most c It's not worth it. I still got migraines and the side effects were absolutely insane. I am seriously considering legal action. F 32 2 years
100mg 1X D
 3  migraines change in taste, frequent headaches, fatigue, emotional changes, feelings of unreality, weight loss, no appetite, sore gums I have been on topamax for one month for migraines because the side effects for inderal were awful. the worst side effect from topamax for me now is the sore, painful gums. it hurts to eat and brush my teeth. i usually am only hungry enough to eat one meal a day. always tired. has helped with migraines but still have lingering headaches. very emotional and sometimes feel like this isn't "real life" F 19 1 months
25 mg 2X D
 2  Migraines Complete numbness in feet (always one, sometimes both). Numbeness in right side of face. Tingling in hands, nose, chin, eyebrows and left side of face. I was on topamax four separate times with length of time varying from 4 month to 11 months. I started out on lower dosages with mild side effect, but it didn't help much. When the doctor upped my dose, the side effects kicked in. By the time we reached an effective dose, my feet went completely numb. I waited for nearly a year for this to decrease, but nothing happened. F 34 11 months
75 mg 2X D
 1  Epilepsy Tingling in legs and hands. Difficulty breathing when running. Leg and back pain. Constant itching. My 13yr old daughter takes this med. This is the worse drug ever! Doctors are just brushing me off. So i started to *slowly* decrease this med myself. We have to be our children's advocates. Doctor's and Nurse's don't know everything! F 13 60 days
150mg 2X D
 1  Migraines/Tension Headaches Forgetfulness, loss of concentration, zombie like feelings, personality changes My neurologist prescribed this to me and I would initally take 25 MG at night time then work up to 100 MG, 50 in the morning, 50 at night. When I started taking this medication, I immediately started noticing the side effects. I had just studied for a quiz & when I went to take it my mind just went blank I could not remember anything I had just looked at/studied. I felt like I was a zombie, my personality was diminishing. I couldn't concentrate. I did not feel like my usual happy, up-beat self. I am no longer taking this medication. F 21 4 days
25 MG 1X D
 4  Migraines I experienced some weight loss, tingling in my fingers and toes, and some numbness. More side effects that the topamax caused, were that carbonated beverages tasted terrible, I had mood changes(slight irritability), headaches, fatigue, some spaciness, an inability to spell simple words or come up with words in conversations. It drove me insane! It was absolutely frustrating, but if you can be patient for a week or so all the airheadness will pass. The tingling and numbness can be easily remedied by taking a fish oil supplement twice daily with your topamax. My doctor gave me that tip, something about the omega 3 fatty acids. It sounds crazy but try it! The dosage depends on your topamax dosage. If you are on a lower topamax dosage youd be on a lower fish oil dosage. (I'm on the higher end it starts out at 25mg)I take 100mg tablet twice daily of topamax and my fish oil dose is 1000mg twice daily. (Yes, I'm sorry I didn't take the sprinkle capsule, its expensive and overrated. The topamax tablet now comes in generic and I'm a pharmacy technician. Go generic if available!) F 23 60 days
 4  Partial seizures Over-heating in hot environments; thirst-need to drink lots of water-can't now do physical exercise in hot weather. Blood sugar issues, but this can resolve with nutritional support-molasses in warm water and honey/vinegar...yes it's worth a go!! It works very well, and the sprinkle formulation is great for flexibility and digestion. Blood sugar issues might be helped by nutritional support?? F 52 18 months
 4  Weight Loss Weight Loss (intended); Memory Loss; Tingling in fingers and feet Lost 25 pounds with no effort; starting to go off medication slowly because I don't want to loose any more. It just keeps coming off. Side effects are a serious consideration. It did help with my menstral migraines for a while but it doesn't seem to help anymore. F 36 14 months
 1  Sporadic Headaches Worst headaches:daily, and stronger -about 6 from scale 1-10. I have been taking this drug for almost 2 weeks and my headaches are worse than before in addition to all the normal symptomps. My doctor can't tell me why, but he tells me I should keep taking it. I have not seen anywhere that more Headaches are a side effect of TOPOMAX...... wierd, and I don't know if I should stop. F 34 14 days
 4  New Daily Persistent Headaches Tingling in the fingers. Loss of words- even the very basic ones! Loss of weight (over 20 lbs)and being spacey. I don't know what I would do without this medicine. I have had a daily headache for the past 8 years and this drug has been a lifesaver. I can live with the side effects as this medication has most days, lowered my headaches from a 7 to around a 4 (0-10). As for lost of words or spelling of words- get a dictionary or as I say to people "it is the drugs" and most people will smile/laugh or shrug it off as today most people are on some type of drug. Just make sure you start with a low dosage and work yourself up- don't let the doctors tell you when you are ready for a higher dose. F 44 3 years
 3  trigeminal neuralgia nausea, abdominal pain and bloatedness, delayed gastic emptying, numbness and tingling from elbows to fingers, eye pain, tiredness, emotional instability, cabonated beverages taste awful, attitude of not caring about things. The first time I took Topamax was for about 18 months. I had no idea all these things happening to me were from the Topamax. I had testing done and even went to a GI specialist. I had horrible invasive testing done! I was diagnosed with severe gastroparesis. I complained to my neuro doctor about the stomach issues, the numbness the tingling, the tiredness, everything. She never mentioned it could be from the topamax. It wasn't until I stopped taking it that I realized everything stopped. But my agonizing pain from my trigiminal neuralgia came back in full force. I tried Tegretol and Lyrica. If you ever want to gain about 30 pounds just try taking Lyrica for a while. They never worked at all so here I am back on Topamax with my fingers numb and my stomach hurting. I took a drink of a coke today and actually gagged. The topamax is really not working yet and I've been taking it for about a week now. Maybe it has to build up in my system again?? F 36 18 months
 1  Migraine Total numbness in my right foot! Have been taking 25 mg for about a week and have had numbness for five days! I hate this and I'm going off it! :( F 46 7 days
 1  Migranes & Wieght Loss Experienced horrible mood change. It totally altered my generally optimistic personality to one of anger and even rage for no reason (I had never experienced this before) - I now refer to topamax as the "drug from hell." I was only on Topamx for @ 1 month and after I stopped, the feelings of anger ceased and I felt like my old self again. F 48 30 days
 5  Seizures Continuous thirst;inability to tolerate hot atmospheres. Some eye-strain. Need to limit IT use Works very well indeed, without affecting energy levels. Very pleased F 50 4 months
 1  Early diagnosis of Epilepsy This medicine was written for my 2 year old grandson. (25 mg) The first dose caused him to see things, after taking it in the first two hours he cried out... pulling at invisible strings, wanting held comforted, rubbing his belling, rubbing his legs, pulling his fingers, which we interpreted as tingles. The next morning he was still seeing things pointing at things that weren't there. After a phone call to the neuro. (doctor) he indicated that was seizures and we were to double the dose. He indicated that this drug in non hallucinogenic and give it to him at late afternoon and again before bedtime. Again giving one more dose the same side affects happened but worse. We placed an emergency call to his primary care physician at that point the on-call doctor said we were to not give the second dose. Which confirmed that we weren't going to after we witnessed the second round of side affects. I'm not sure if this medicine has been tested for 2 year olds but I wouldn't recommend it. M 2 2 times
 1  PTSD and Migranes dizziness, hallucinations, severe panic attacks, numbness in face, tongue, & hands, none of my words came out right, extreme mood swings, extreme highs and lows, i felt like i was going crazy, everything was surreal, no comprehension of time, misplacing things, memory loss, horrible smells that came from nowhere, an unexplainable lack of care for responsibility (including hygiene), loss of appetite, extreme laziness, black outs, suicidal thoughts I couldn't carry out normal daily functions. I started feeling like a completely different person. It made me a lot more social, which I enjoyed, but I didn't realize how much of a fool I was making of myself. Despite the horrible panic attacks & mood swings, I was enjoying the uppity moments, til my sister sat me down & told me how crazy I was acting & I was scaring her. At first I didn't believe her, because my reality was so distorted. I'd get lost just driving down my block. The hallucinations & black outs were the worst. I'd get from one place to another & not understand how I got there or how to return. My sense of time, reality, everything was so out of whack that I thought I'd been taking the medication for weeks, & I thought I had permanently damaged myself. At times, I felt like I was in some eternal dream, & everything was a joke/game. It did, however, cure my migranes & seemingly endless nightmares...but with the roller coaster ride F 22 7 days

TOPAMAX SPRINKLE  (TOPIRAMATE):  Topiramate is used alone and with other medications to prevent and control seizures (epilepsy). It is also used to prevent migraine headaches. Topiramate belongs to a class of drugs known as anticonvulsants.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)