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 4  anxiety and depression At first I had extreme akathesia but that was only because my dosage was too high. After I got my doc to put me on a lower dose I have noticed very few side effects. At the right does I can honestly say that this drug has been great for my manic episodes and my delusional thoughts. On a slightly higher does it is what I would call the hell drug because of the fact that it caused terrible akathesia in me. M 25 8 weeks
60 mg 2X D

 2  Bipolar, ADHD, OCD My Daughter is 8 yrs is on Geodon. She complains she can't breath good after she takes her pill. She started at 20 mg tonight started 80 mg. She has been on it for about 5 wks. She also has had increased anxiety ad Panic attacks, she moves her leg alot and she can't seem to stop moving her Jaw. I am getting concerned about these side effects. I m wondering if she is on the right med. She has had very odd and not good side effects from other med's like Seriquel made her legs cramp very bad and prozac made her LIERALLY climb walls She was up RUNNING 100mph for 3 days before she crashed VERY BAD! Plus others. I am feeling at a loss and don't know what to do. I don't know how long do I allow these side effects to go on to see if they go away + the Doctor says sometimes it means that she needs to icrease the dosage and than how about If I want to take her off Geodon how do I wing her so she doesn't get sick because i am reading about lots of people who say they had bad withdrawls I have been very good about working with the doctors and being PRO ACTIVE, but this is hard on her and all of us. I want her to be happy and well. F 8 47 weeks
 5  Bi Polar happiness,dry moouth,anxiety i started taking it a bout a month ago. It is a miracle drug. I have had 3 years of insane depression and anger. I am happy and loving life again. I love this medicine. I can finnally be the dad to my 3 year old she deserves. M 29 1 months

 4  Combat PTSD So far none. Makes me very sleepy TAKE ONLY AT NIGHT. So far this has saved my life. I have tried all atypical antipyschotics and this one doesn't have the horribe weightgain,mania that the others did. I guess everyone responds differently to the meds. It's good for me. M 34 1 months
 4  Bi-Polar I Dry mouth,drowsiness,rapid heart beat,involuntary muscle spasms, and body acne. This medication has helped my mood greatly! I am only on 40mg at night as I cannot function during the day at work due to the drowsiness. I did find that it does go away somewhat. The muscle spasms only seem to come when I am sitting still. The other side effects I can live with as they are better than the bi-polar! F 25 1 months
 4  Bi polar with voices Makes me relax, loss of apetite, weight loss, watery mouth, burping F 24 1 months
 4  Depression, OCD, Panic Disorder Runny nose, difficulty speaking, quivering in the muscles of my jaw and legs. I wanted to update my submission from 1/27/10. I have now been taking Geodon for one month and have noticed a few side effects. The doctor raised the dosage to 60mg. total daily but suggested I take it 20mg. at breakfast, lunch and dinner. The drug makes me really drowsy during the day and I feel like everything is in slow motion. I have trouble driving a car. My vision is off. I am having some difficulty speaking and my jaw feels stiff. I also noticed some initial quivering in the muscles of my legs when climbing stairs, and also the muscles in my jaw. The doctor said by dividing up the doses, the side effects will be fewer. He also gave me a prescription for Cogentin to counteract the side effects, but that made me VERY drowsy. Also there were some serious risks with taking Cogentin and a Tricyclic antidepressant at the same time, and I do take Anafranil. I cant function during the day if i take the medicine during the day. So I am back to taking it at night and it really knocks me out. I feel OK, but not wonderful like I did when I first started taking it. I have not gained any weight, which is a good thing. My appetite is weak. I think that I feel better on this drug than I did on Abilify or Risperdol. I really wish I didnt have to be on an antipsychotic drug in the first place but i had been having some paranoia and the doctor suggested this type of medication. F 50 1 months
20mg. 3X D

 3  Depression/Paranoia Loss of appetite, EXTREME drowsiness within 2 hrs. after taking with evening meal, dizziness if I tried to get out of bed at night, INSOMNIA after reducing and stopping medication F 27 1 months
160 MG 1X D

 3  Bi-Polar Disorder I've felt very disconnected from reality, very tired, especially at weird times of the day (1:00, 3:00, 5:00, etc...), shortness of breath when walking up the stairs and on short walks, headache, dizziness, restless yet tired at the same time if that makes any sense, diarrhea (not to be gross but I've had it so quickly after taking my meds (also on tegretol, vistaril, and seroquel) that my pills come out and I have to take some of my meds again), anxious, and when I first started taking it a couple weeks ago, my mood was all over the place. I'm not quite sure how the drug is working yet, so I can't give it a complete dissatification yet. I take 40mg. in the morning after breakfast and I take another 120 mg. at night before bed. F 27 1 months

 2  Schizophrenia Rash,drowsisness,muscle aches, shaking, loss of energy. the first brand i tried helped (3 Blue Pills) but second brand (2 white pills) made everything worse. F 15 1 months

 1  Bipolar II EXTREME nausea, mild dizziness and EXTREME depression Geodon just wasn't the drug for me, as I've been severly depressed and nauseous for 4-5 weeks since starting med. F 35 1 months

 1  'schizophrenia' the worst and most powerful drug of all that i took. I believe that there is no stronger drug than this. i couldn't stand seated, i wasn't well in any position if i wanted to walk i coudn't because of contractures in the foot, extreme heavy head, extremely dry mouth, extreme agitation, extreme headaches... i believe this drug could be used to turn horses unconscious you don't want to know what it does to human M 23 1 months
80 mg 2X D
 1  bipolar rapid cycling rapid hear beat, constant shaking, inablility to sleep, panic attacks This is the worst med that I have been on thus far. I ended up in the hospital for what turned out to be a panic attack, but I thought I was having a heart attack. I litterly could not stop shaking and had to clinch my teeth to try to calm my teeth from chattering. Trouble focusing as well. F 26 1 months
 1  Bipolar and to assist Cymbalta I started on 60 mgs at night and was raised to 160 once a day at night. I started having horrible anxiety. I was getting out of the bed gasping for air and started having anxiety during the day. It does work but the side effects make it one of the worse drugs I've ever taken. Do NOT take this drug!! M 47 1 months
 1  Bipolar disease Tooth nashing, wiggling legs withdrawal, racing thoughts I don't think it's right for everyone F 57 1 months
2X D

 1  Bipolar twitching, loss of words, killed my sex drive, cant wake up in the morning unless I have had 10 hours of sleep, SEVERE ANXIETY! I have a panic attack every other day. I am unable to make decisions because I am so anxious. I had one of the worst panic attacks of my life because of this drug! If that isnt bad enough I have random twitching in my legs all the time. If I dont get more then 10 hrs of sleep I m exhausted the next day to the point that I fall asleep driving. I have to be moving one part of my body all the time or even when I am sleeping. When I missed a dose I tossed and turned the whole night, shook uncontrolably like I was freezing but I was vary hot in reality! I HATE THIS DRUG IT IS SCREWING UP MY LIFE! F 21 1 months
 1  bi polar/depression missed menstrual cycle,shaking in the hands,anxiety,and sleepiness F 19 1 months
2 x D

 1  Bi-polar, depression Made me feel drunk, drive into curbs, and feel like a zombie. Also made me feel sleepy during the day. I've taken many medicines (for depression, anxiety and bi-polar) and this was the WORST! I normally don't make comments on these types of messsage boards but this medicine was SO bad I have to let others know how bad it is. AVOID at all costs.... Have you seen the movie Dawn of the Dead? You'll be a zombie that feels dead just like in the movie. M 39 1.5 months
20mg 1X D

 5  Bi Polar (Rapid Cycler) some leg twitching, leg jumpiness Well, I have been on Geodon for two months now, as well as a host of other drugs that have been added to control depression (Lexapro and Lamictal). Thus far the Geodon is working, I can get out of bed and get to work in the mornings, which is helpful. God knows with bipolar it can destroy much of your life. Personal relationships, career, finances all gets destroyed with this disease. I am hoping Geodon will help me rebuild my life (with the help of other drugs as well). Although I do feel a bit manic this morning. F 38 2 months
80mg 2X D

 5  MIGRAINE HEADACHES Leveled out at 40MG, the 80MG dose makes me agitated. VERY NOTICEABLE improvements in reduction of Migraine Headaches. I use to wake up 5-6 mornings with a migraine headache and had to take an Imitrex pill, which is now $24 a pill. Since taking Geodon, about 60 days now, rarely wake up with a headache, perhaps once every two weeks. I've tried everything for migraines for 20 years, and nothing has worked as well as the Geodon. I still get migraine attacks but probably a good 30% less that without Geodon, and morning migraines are very infrequent. Local pharmacy wants about $7 a pill for it, but you can get it through Canada for around $2 a pill (bastard pharmaceutical companies). M 55 2 months
 5  Bipolar For about 1 week, sleepiness at 80 mg, but since then, none I currently take 40 mg in the morning and 80 mg in the evening. I was misdiagnosed as depressed with ADD until I had a major manic episode and my new doctor caught it. Since putting me on Geodon, I now have a regular sleep cycle (I used to need Ambien almost every night and now I rarely if ever take it) and my production at work has gotten amazing better. My moods are so much better and so much more controlled. I am currently not taking an antidepressant since Geodon seems to control mania as well as depression. I take Klonopin for anxiety/panic, Topamax for migraine prevention (also a mood stabilizer) and Neurotin for fibromyalgia so those may be helping as well. I haven't had any major side effects besides being sleepy the first week. Geodon is really pricey, but the cost has been well worth the benefits for me. F 30 2 months

 5  Bipolar II; Lack of sleep Sleepiness I can't say enough good things about this drug. My Dr. gave it to me as a way to help me sleep. I take 120 mgs at night. Takes a bit for me to fall asleep, but once I'm there, I'm good. I did have a terrible dream and when I closed my eyes I couldn't get the picture out of my mind, but that's it. Dr. just increased my dosage to 180 mgs, to help me get to sleep faster.. so we'll see how it goes. I've lost almost 20 lbs and my Dr. says to expect to continue that. I have only been on this drug for a little over two months, but I'm glad I'm taking it. F 36 2 months
 4  Bipolar 2 For the first two weeks, was agitated, irritable, sweaty, swallowed alot, suppressed appetite, and slept less. I kept on taking it, and the side effects have diminished, and now I feel sleepy during the day after my morning 40 mg. dose. Take 80 mg. at night and it helps me sleep. Was taking 2mg. risperdal at night, which was fine, except I went from 130 to 175 lbs. Have lost 15 lbs. so far, which is good, although the initial appetite decrease seems to be fading, as I have gained some appetite back-still not as much as when on risperdal though. I actually felt fine on the risperdal, though I suppose I was sleeping too much-12-13 hours a night. My doctor switched me to Geodon because of the weight gain on the risperdal. Now I sleep around 8 hours a night. I also take 400 mg. lamictal and 60 mg. cymbalta daily. I am happy with the Geodon, though am thinking of asking my doctor if I can skip the morning dose because I can hardly keep my eyes open during the day. F 30 2 months
 4  2 1/2 month none, but combined with kolopin I seem to be doing better, some troublr getting a good nights sleep. Once starting this med combination, I could tell a good difference inside, calm, more focused, it was strange the feeling at first but it was a good one. Did not start the full dose when prescribed, worked my way up from 20 mg instead of 40mg like prescribed. Worked my way up slowly and that I think had alot to do with the way I feel. F 29 2 months

 4   extreme drowsiness, restless leg. I've been taking it for a couple of months. It has reduced my irritability quite a bit. It helps my mood even out. However, there is also this restless leg thing that goes on with it and it makes me so drowsy it's hard to get up and get going. F 45 2 months

 4  schizophrenia I have experienced tight muscles in back and neck as well as very clinched jaw muscles, BUT, these are NOT side effects, they are WITHDRAWAL symptoms which occurred anywhere from 4-6 hours before my next dose and when 1st starting the med. The doc had me on 80 mg 2x per day, and these withdrawals happened only after he switched me to 80 mg once per day. The solution to avoiding the withdrawals is to take 20mg at morning and at noon, then 40 mg at bedtime. I am very happy with the way this med helps me to think so much more clearly. I have been told by old friends that I am like the "old me" before trauma to my head induced the psychosis of schizophrenia anytime I am overstressed. M 36 2 months

 4  BI POLAR Sleepiness, dry mouth (frog in my throat constantly), clenching jaw, memory loss, trouble focusing or concentrating, weird dreams, muscle twitches, tremors, paranoia, blurred vision, appetite suppressiong (good thing!)body acne, sweating, tight muscles in neck and thighs, feel off balance, irritable at times, increased skin oiliness, dialated pupils otherwise it's doing its job. I am at 160mg that I take at night because they knock me out. It took awhile before the sleepiness got any better in the mornings, it sometimes took hours, now its only about an hour. I feel I can tolorated most of the side effects in order to feel better which it does help with that. I just hope they go away eventually. F 30 2 months

 4  Physhosis Rapid/severe weight loss, nausea, aches, some anxiety My son takes this & it has helped with his phychosis. ALL drugs of this type have side effects. You have to decide if the benefits outweigh the side effects. M 18 2 months
80mg 1X D
 4  schizophrenia Definetly akathisia-although I would say I'm in side effect heaven compared to my past regrettable experiences. I'm a little concerned about some agitation/irritability I'm experiencing. My Dr. said this was to be expected and I'm hoping that with time it'll go away, but it seems to gradually beginning to become a problem. When the dose was bumped up to 60 it wasn't immediately a problem, but as the days are passing I'm spending more hour(s) trying to overcome this mad mood. I think adjusting the dose could perhaps mitigate these periods of agitation (and trust me I've tried many drugs and know what irritability during an adjustment phase is generally like). I think I might consider staying with this drug. F 24 2 months
60 1X D
 4  Bi Polar Severe anxiety, insomnia, lack of appetite. I can go days without eating. Forgetfulness. No sex drive. It has been great for weight loss especially after coming off of Seroquel. The reason I was given geodon was due to a lengthy suicidal depression which it helped with that. My main complaint is the anxiety/panic attacks. I was prescribed valium for the anxiety but the normal 5mg 3 times a day doesn't do much. M 39 2 months
40mg 2X D
 4  Bi Polar Jaw clenching, memory loss, decreased appetite, paranoia, insomnia, hung over feeling in the morning. Geodon has actually helped with my depression. I was isolating so bad I could barely go to the store to feed myself. I've become a lot more social and am doing a lot more activities than normal. The worst side effects I've experienced are memory loss and paranoia. I had to buy a watch just so I'd know what day it is. I gained 60 pounds on Seroquel. I've already lost 20 pounds in the two months I've been taking Geodon. It killed my appetite which I am enjoying. I just wish it was sedating for me. I get about 6 hours of sleep then wake up with a hungover feeling. M 39 2 months
80mg 2X D

 4  bipolar muscle issues, anxiety once med wears off, loss in appetite, depression, have trouble focusing I have been taking this drug for about 2mos now during which time i had to alter the dosage a few times to find the right one for me. I started at 40mg in A.M and 40mg in P.M which made me tired but worked i guess for awhile then the side effects started. I was not taking an anti-depressant with geodon, so the depression got worse. I am now taking 60mg around 8pm and none during the day. I take effexor now in the A.M to help w/depression and I also take Depakote at night to help me sleep also w/geodon as well as ambien. I notice in the late afternoon the geodon starts to wear off and anxiety sets in along with panic. I never used to have that before starting the geodon. I work a fulltime job and have a 15yr old son who i am raising which is hard cuz he doesnt understand any of this. I was drinking everyday, but have since stopped as of a week ago because i couldnt deal with the side effects of that with the geodon. Im losing weight which is great, cuz i need to, but I have to ask myse F 43 2 months
 4  PTSD and GAD Would fall into a deep sleep for approx. 3-4 hours; nothing could wake me according to my wife. Geodon is an excellent drug for PTSD and anxiety disorder; have not experienced any flashbacks while taking this medications. Thank God!!! M 2 months

 4  PTSD and GAD Would fall into a deep sleep for approx. 3-4 hours; nothing could wake me according to my wife. Geodon is an excellent drug for PTSD and anxiety disorder; have not experienced any flashbacks while taking this medications. Thank God!!! M 2 months

 3  BiPolar 1, Loss of appetite & weight loss. clenched jaw, tongue rubbing the back of my teeth, horseness in voice. I was on Geodon for two years in 07 & 08. Lost 90 lbs going from 305 down to 215. Starting having tremors in my face got off the medication. Started taking Abilify gained all 85 lbs back. I didn't care about the adverse side effects I wanted to loose weight again. Have lost 15 lbs since February but I'm starting to have adverse side effects again. I'm currently taking 120 mg of Geodon at bedtime and need 10 hours of sleep to feel rested. I'm also on Lamictal, Xanax, Remoran & Effexor XR. My ear, nose and throat doctor just diagnoced me with Dysphonia (horesness and loss of voice). On some web sites this is a major side effect of Geodon. I have an appt with my pychatrist next month and will ask for Geodon to be discontinued. M 52 2 months
120mg 1X D

 3  Bi-Polar Weight Gain I thought that Geodon was the one drug that did not give the increased appetite but I did gain 15 pounds on 80mgs of this pill.I was only taking it for 2 months when I noticed that my appetite had increased dramatically especially for carbs.. I took myself off of Geodon and am seeing weight loss quickly F 53 2 months
 3  Bipolar I I couldn't sleep for a couple of weeks then I started being able to sleep but now it takes forever to get there and when I do I can't wake up in the morning. I have lost my sex drive I can concentrate or remember anything. Basically I feel stupid. My hair has started falling out. F 25 2 months
 2  Bipolar Extreme sleepiness, like the type where you can't do anything but sleep. Headache when increasing dosage. I started out at 40 mg for my depression. It pulled me out of the depression. I then went up to 80 mg. Im now manic. My doctor put me up to 120 mg trying to get rid of the mania but it hasn't helped, so I believe this medicine is what is pushing the mania. Not a good med for me. F 29 2 months

 2  schizo affective Upset stomach throwing up.lots of coughing.weight gain M 19 2 months
2, 80 mg

 2  Bipolar, ADHD Nausea, Shaking of entire body, Confusion, Blurry Vision, Loss of appetite, cold tremors, involuntary twitching, Migraines, Dizziness, Muscle Spasms, I was placed on Geodon to help regulate my bipolar and adhd disorder. My psy. said that it would not only help bipolar, but help with my adhd as well. I've been on this pill for 2 months, and I'm still drowsy. If you miss a dose, prepare, I get a major migraines, and I have NEVER, until this drug, had a headache or a Migraine in my life! Wouldn't recommend it to anyone. F 21 2 months
40mg 1X D
 2  Psychosis Drowsiness, akathisia, extrapyramidal symptoms, lack of appetite I've been on olanzapine, seroquel XR and risperidone before and they kept the symptoms of psychosis away but caused significant weight gain. I tolerated them well however. In hopes of losing some weight i was switched to ziprasidone. From the first dose i felt it is a different drug. More potent and aggressive. I was initially dosed with 40mg x 1 but it was increased up to 100mg x 2 eventually. I've experienced an outbreak of psychosis through seroquel 800mg which explains the unually high dosage of ziprasidone. In the beginning i had mild akathisia and it only got worse as my dosage was increased. It didn't occur at night time because i was able to sleep but 2 hours after the morning dose with meal was plain hell to me. When you're at work where you've got to concentrate and deal with a lot of people the last thing you want is bad akathisia. Now i take 140mg once daily and can live with it but i'm about to go for another medication soon. I also have experienced muscle rigidity, especially in my jaws, tremor in my legs and slight difficulties to swallow sometimes. I think the older antipsychotics have some similarities with ziprasidone's side effect profile especially with motor side effects. For others this drug may be more tolerable but i'm done with it. M 29 2 months
140 1X D
 1  bipolar Well it definitely didn't help with nething besides a psychotic break. F 31 2 months
 1  Misdiagnosed bipolar word loss, cloudy, tired Be careful to withdraw from this med slowly, I went from 180 to 60 to 20 in a weeks time and I crashed and burned, entered a world I can't even describe. Don't think it did anything for me but make life harder F 48 2 months

 1  schizophrenia I am normally a pretty easy-going person, but Geodon caused a severe "Jekyll-Hyde" reaction in me with compulsive violent thoughts and verbal threats to anyone I came in contact with. It got me hospitalized. I have never reacted this way to a drug before. Geodon needs to come with a WARNING beyond "hostility" as a side effect. It can be a very dangerous medication for some! M 25 2 months
 1  schizophrenia I am normally a pretty easy-going person, but Geodon caused a severe "Jekyll-Hyde" reaction in me with compulsive violent thoughts and verbal threats to anyone I came in contact with. It got me hospitalized. I have never reacted this way to a drug before. Geodon needs to come with a WARNING beyond "hostility" as a side effect. It can be a very dangerous medication for some! M 25 2 months

 1  schizophrenia/bipolar abdominal bloating was the worst side effect.It also feels horrible when rushing to your brain.It definitely makes you stupid and drowsy. The doctors who prescibe this for you basically want you to gain weight around your stomach and they also want to kill your brain cells.I also use to take risperdal and that makes you really fat,and it also kills your brain cells.I gained forty pounds from taking it. F 18 2 months
 1  Supposedly Bipoloar Disorder..Not For the last 10 years I have been told that my depression and body pain is all in my head, so I took the advice of my doctors and took nearly every SSRI, Bipolar Drug, and the new ones for fibromyalgia...until I had the Igenex test for Lyme. I developed Tardive Diskensia..feeling like I was tripping on LSD, with tics, muscle spasms,panic attacks, anxiety attacks,GI symptoms, Geodone also made hair fall out,many sent me to ER with severe adverse reactions, including near death, I certainly wanted to die with these adverse reactions. I never attempted to harm myself nor anyone! Classic presentation of Lyme 1998 Dr. said 2 weeks antibiotics, got over flu and lymph symptoms thought I was cured, not. Needless hysterectomy 1999, IBS, Fibromyalgia Chronic Fatigue 2000,depression, personality disorder, 2001. muscle spasms, twitching, anxiety, insomnia... April 2007 hospitalized 4 times in psych ward, voluntary, right, Three of those times I had been rushed to the ER with severe adverse effects and awoke in the psych ward. I had bleeding gums, sores in my mouth, hair loss, psychosis, mania, severe edema, so bad that they diagnosed me with venous stasis...blood not flowing in my legs. Each head doctor had a different diagnosis: PTSD, Somatiform Pain Disorder,Chronic Depression, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, IBS, 2 colonoscopies, 2 head mri's, heart work up, knee block,spinal block, and now...Bipolar with mania and psychosis. The medications have caused this. Google the NY Times article on antipsychotics, geodone is in this class as well as Lithium, nearly died F 43 2 months
 1  Bipolar 3, anorexia twitching, withdrawal symptoms between doses, weakness in arms and legs, exhaustion after sleeping over 14 hours a day, desperate need for sleep within 1 hour of taking a dose I was put on Geodon after Seroquel and Abilify did not work as mood stabilizers. Tried to go off them because of the side-effects once and was committed to a psych hospital. That time, I experienced the worst headache of my life that left me unable to move from my bed to ask for help. Found a new doctor and am quitting it cold turkey with her blessings. I have lost a week of my life to sleeping and crying, but it is SO worth it. I felt like Geodon was killing my quality of life. It also made me binge horribly- which is not good with my eating disorder. I did not feel like I could feel full. F 35 2 months
40 mg 2X D

 1  Depression Took it for the first time to try to get off of Prosac and it made me almost blind. Was driving and had to go to my son's house to have him drive me home. I could barely keep my eyes open. I stopped taking it for a while but after about two weeks I tried it again and it was fine. After a month, I am fighting feelings of anger and rage and thoughts of hurting myself. I am a mess. On my way to the hospital today. F 53 2 months

 1  Mood Disorder At first this medication seemed to help, within the first few days. Now after taking it for 2 1/2 months I am in a constant state of an anxiety attack. People ask what I am having anxiety over and I don't even know. I am nervous about EVERYTHING. The drug does help me sleep. I have gained over 20 pounds. My face breaks out with these huge cysts or boils, whatever you want to call them. I don't even recognize who I am anymore inside or out. I have a constant attitude and am irritated with everything around me ALL the time. When I have my menses my insides smell like they are rotting. I am on 140 milligrams and am slowly taking my self off this awful medication regardless of what my doctor recommends. At least before I would have spells of happiness. I would never recommend anyone start this horrific medicine. I feel as if I am being haunted and people are running around me. No joke. One of the main side effects of this drug is seizures. All the others I have had to deal with are unbearable to live with. I used to be a beautiful woman. I now look like a monster and cant fit into any of my clothes. I just want to know who I am again that is why I am stopping this medicine. I dont care what my doctor says. When I see him next time I will let him know I will no longer be his guinea pig for these horrific medicines he so likes to 'try' on me. F 34 2 months

 1  psychotic symptoms, auditory,visual blurred vision, inability to concentrate and focus, diminished sex drive, inability to orgasm, jaw clenching, loss of appetite, somnolence, shakiness, twitching, rash, anxiety, stomach pain, nightmares, racing thoughts. created by Satan himself as far as I am concerned. Horrible experience for me. may work well for others though. F 26 2 months

 1  Depression After taking the drug for two months I'm battleling anxiety and panic attacks. I have lost all hunger. I need to gain at least 12 pounds now because I'm so under weight. My blood sugar is out of control. I hate this drug. I was on 60ml at night and 20 in the morning. My blood sugar was very low after taking it during the day and I was anxious during the afternoon. I'm a mess now. I'm very thin and I feel lost. I Have a new doctor now and I just pray he can help me with my depression and with all the anxiety I have developed due to not eating. F 39 2 months

 3  OCD, mood disorder When I 1st tried it I got sporadic panic attacks and a low level of panic at all times @ 20mg. I went up to 80mg BID and didn't feel well. I tried 20 mg a felt panicky (sp?). I went off of it for about a week, and then tried it again. Felt OK, and was able to increase dose, but by the time that I was on 80 mg BID I was feeling agitated, and having difficulty sleeping. I've been dropped down to 80mg and 60mg, and feel a little better. F 40 2.5 months
 5  Bipolar- mixed state Started at 20mg and there was no improvement and no side-effects; went up to 40mg, felt great, lots of energy, weight loss(was already on a diet); I usually gain lots of weight with Anti-psychotics; was Hypomanic but productive and happy, got a new job and they thought I was very cheerful and hard working; Psych Dr thought 60 mg would bring down the Hypomania, BUT I had NMS(short-term) and had life-threatening side effects; I could feel my heart racing, very high blood preasure, severe anxiety and pacing, live in SD- it was Winter and I suddenly realized that I had the heat off, all the doors and windows open and was standing in the middle of my house naked and sweating, severve buzzing in my head, headaches, and other fun things. Dr said take a benadryl and it brought me out of it, but put me in a coma like state. MY husband came home and found me like that and scared him to death. Now I am taking Zyprexa and am miserable. Wish I could go back to the 40mg of Geodon good-old days, F 51 3 months

 5  PTSD I haven't had any side effects. I take 20 mg twice a day. That little keeps me from getting tired at all. I also take it with Propranolol (10 mg) which balances everything out. No more nightmares, sweating, shaking, trembling, flashbacks, nothing - I even go out and socialize more! I wish I had it when this all started! I think I would have been working still! F 33 3 months
 5  Bipolar type 2 Fever, Akathesia, drowsiness, breast engorgement, weight loss and I no longer get my period. The drowsiness was a real problem at first but ceased to be a problem when I started taking the bulk of my dose at night. The akathesia started to be a problem when I raised my dose to 160mg. It started giving me fever because my muscles were being so overworked. While I was on a high dose, I lost all my appetite and started to lose weight that I could not to afford to lose. After lowering my dose to 60mg,the fever and akathesia finally went away and I started being able to eat again. I have been on this drug for 3.5 months and have not had my period the whole time. A fact I don't really mind. This has been the only medication that has actually been able to help me with my depression but It's clearly not for everyone. F 23 3 months

 5  Bipolar I Disorder Dry eyes, hypermania, sleepiness after taking it but inability to fall or stay asleep, inability to keep eyes open in bright lights, some jaw tremors when drinking from a cup or glass. Geodon (120 mg) combined with 150 mg Lamictal is saving my life and my sanity. I have not been depressed since starting the Geodon in August. Have had 1 bout with mania and several hypermanic episodes. I also go to therapy 1x a week, AA 2x a week (quit drinking and drugging), and I work at managing my illness in every way possible. I think the benefits far outweigh the side effects and I plan to keep taking it as long as it works! F 46 3 months

 5  voices anxiety for about 15 days each month I was gradually getting off risperdal and taking geodon but the horrible side effects only last 15 days after that you start getting used to it. Now I only sleep 6 to 8 hrs after taking geodon at night whereas with risperdal I would sleep 8 to 12 hrs. I do have to admit risperdal takes away your sex drive but after taking it for 10 years I gotta admit that side effect wears off since I'm like horny all the time and still am while on geodon. Also not as hungry on geodon. switched from 4.5 mg. risperdal to 120 mg. geodon in two months. Never had a problem with risperdal but gained 50 lbs. while on it. Doctor prescribed geodon along with risperdal lowering my risperdal dose to 3mg-40mg, 1.5mg-80mg and 0mg-120mg. I went from 174 lbs to 228 lbs while on risperdal so I started working out and managed to drop weight to 204 lbs and kept it there for years. The first week completely off risperdal I lost 6 lbs and now weigh 190 lbs and still loosing weight. M 34 3 months

 5  Tourette's Syndrome and OCD Initial extreme drowsiness that went away after two weeks with each dosage increase; loss of appetite/weight loss; occasional dizziness. Small initial side effects that went away quickly also included muscle spasms, anxiety, and restlessness during the day. I have increased the dosage at each 20mg interval from 20mg to 80mg, which is what I am at now. Although the initial drowsiness is over for this dosage, drowsiness now occurs in the mornings if I go to sleep too late and wake up to early, i.e. not get enough sleep to "sleep off" the medication. I usually wake up early but now I have trouble with this and cannot wake up until later or else I feel incapacitated and drowsy for a few hours. Geodon has really helped me a great deal and it is truly a miracle, but I hope that this morning drowsiness goes away soon because honestly it is quite a problem. M 20 3 months
 5  bi-polar initial fatigue; wore off. Low grade fever since starting it, but less with lower dose (currently 40mg BID). Was reluctant to take an anti-psychotic, especially a new one. But it has helped a lot with my anxiety, low-grade paranoia, thought-blocking, and other cognitive effects of depression. Seem more able to focus on studies, tasks, etc. Expense is big drawback though. F 42 3 months

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