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 Type: Brand name discontinued; available as generic

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 1  anxiety Weight Loss. numbness, sleep issues, anxiety anyway. Dosed down and was tough If you can find any way not to take any Benzo do everything in your power not to start. M 58 90 days
.125 2X D
 5  spine/back injuries spasms anxiety Perfect for my disability (spine injuries and spasms and generalized anxiety.) All benzos work great to calm my back and anxiety. I carry them with me always. I always need benzos. F 44 15 years
 3  anxiety depression not really any noticeable calming effect F 21 2 years
0.5mg 1X AN
 3  Anxiety, Panic Disorder Zombie feeling, Blurred vision, Sinus probs, Lack of sleep in Night M 38 2 days
.5 MG 2X D
 5  Extreme anxiety None. The klonopin helps to ease the anxiety so that it is more manageable. It seems to work quickly, especially if I place the tab under my tongue. F 63 2 weeks
0.125 mg.
 4  Anxiety/Panic attacks/heart palps This meds really works for my really bad panic attacks. It does take sometime to kick in. It helped some of my heart palpitations but not a lot. F 34 3 months
.50 1X D
 5  anxiety No side effects. M 39 2 years
2mg 1X D
 3  Seizures,Anxiety/Panic attacks Taking Klonopin 2mg. 3 times a day. At first it helped a lot. But i do not know if the labs. aka Big Pharma. did something to change the formulation to klonopin, Trust it does happen to save $$ i worked for years in Pharmacy's and labs and "People" talk. But any ways, it does help with Seizures some what, and not so much my anxiety.. I work in the medical/health field and know how your body can get used to meds. etc. But thats not the case with me i did several tests and my own home test to rule that out. So i am still looking for something to help my Chronic anxiety and panic attacks etc. Now i am looking for organic/natural meds. etc. to help with my anxiety and ptsd. I would say if you want you should look into doing the same! Klonopin made me on some days feel horrible and not myself ,very scary, some days i was "ok"... And i was not mixing anything etc. If you have to take it just be safe and maybe have someone with you that you trust the first time looking for something organic/natural for my self , found a few things that do work .i try not to take man made chemicals , if you can help it! but i know sometimes you have to, like i said i work in the medical / health field so i get it sometimes you can not avoid it.. I hear and see things from patients and other health care workers and thats why i say if you can try to find something natural try it... just trying to help.. be safe peace and love!! F 30 7 years
2mg. 3X D
 5  GAD, SAD, PTSD & sleep. Relaxation, you care about nothing when typically it would annoy the crap out of you. Great for many forms of anxiety. Warm & Fuzzy. M 37 4 years
2.0 mg.
 1  GAD Increased anxiety, horrible experience. Do not recommend the Teva version. I got the the generic from Teva, it wasnt covered by my insurance so I was out by $40. Normally I take two of the regular 0.5mg by Teva and they work great, but was told these would start working much quicker. An hour later nothing happened and I felt sick later. Gave one to my dad to see how he would feel, and he reported nothing happening. M 33 1 days
0.5mg 2X D
 1  Panic Disorder Anxiety, dizziness, rapid heartbeat "NO" about sums it up for this one. I have been on lots of other benzodiazepines and this was the only one that actually worked in the opposite way--it actually caused me to have a panic attack when I was not having one at the time I took it. 30 minutes after ingesting, I had all the symptoms of a panic attack despite being calm when taking it. It took hours for the anxiety to wear off. None of the other meds in this class did that to me. M 29 1 days
N/A 1X D
 4  Anxiety/depression Thinking is a bit slowed down. If you are reading a text, you need to read it few times as words simply don't register in mind, like if didn't sleep for a long time. Didn't eat or sleep for 3 days due to severe posttraumatic anxiety, once I took 1mg klonopin sleeped for 8 hours immedeatly. Very strong drug. Took for 3 months - sleep quality persisted, appetite restored to about 70%. Relaxes all muscles like after a shower, removes anxiety altogether, but doesn't lift the mood at all. If you have depression as well, you will feel no better then 3 out of 5. I tapered for a month and had no withdrawal symptoms, except the slowed thinking which recovered for months, but seems to me it has completly recovered ~1 year after the cessastion. M 24 3 months
1mg 1X D
 1  Misophonia misdiagnosis my intestines have rotted and the withdrawal is killing me - or i will kill myself to get off this drug this poison is doing so much damage to so many people who do not even know they are being hurt. and the medical community is completely clueless about it. F 55 25 years
0.5 2X D
 1  Extreme agitation - Serotonin Syndr Depressed, no affect This drug is extremely addictive, especially for people who are poor metabolizers. Coming off this drug was like a descent into hell and has left me with nerve damage and severe irritable bowel for years. Even if you think this drug is helping you, it has the potential to eventually destroy your life! F 65 1 years
2 mg 1X D
 1  to withdraw off of ativan Depression, suicide attempts, depersonalization, lethargic, agoraphobia, and lifeless! Trying to withdraw has led to many problems including seizures!! I still am tapering off of it!! This should never be prescribed for more than a week!! F 40 12 months
10 4X AN
 1  anxiety dizzy, clumsy, insomnia, poor decision making, night wandering, depression, fear, inner shaking, extreme change in personality This poison should be removed permanently from the market because it is ruining lives by the thousands. Doctors are so misinformed and misguided about how these drugs work, and ruining lives of the patients who trust them. F 72 3 years
0.5 MG 1X AN
 1   Horrible debilitating nerve damage and down regulated gaba receptors! F 42 2 years
1mg 1X D
 4  Bipolar Disorder, high anxiety Peaceful, no manic symptoms, depressive symptoms started to lift, massive and life-shattering panic attacks vanished immedietly. I was prescribed this by a psychiatrist who was more interested in dosing me up with something to shut me up than finding a way to quell my problems stemming from living with Bipolar Disorder. After a few attempts that never worked out, this was the medication I settled on. And from the depths of my soul, it was worth it. I had a tiny dose and suddenly I could function as a normal human being again. The world could fall apart at my feet and I'd die with a smile on my face. I would like to clearly state that if you have an addictive personality, you should clearly not take a benzo in the first place. I see a lot of negative reviews on here, generally from people who claim it effected their family, or it effected this or that and "I got addicted" and blah blah blah. I don't doubt it, but perhaps you should have thought about that before taking the damn pill in the first place, hmm? All in all, helped my bipolar disorder on both sides of the coin, and as an added bonus it helped my crippling anxiety. F 19 2 years
.5 MG 1X D
 5  Panic w/ Agorophobia Reduced acne, erection issues (not all the time, and very infrequent) I can leave my house... I started taking it at 19, I'm 28. This drug is mostly the reason I can walk outside. It's the only reason I ever met my wife. It's the only reason I didn't just off myself years ago, because fearing the world is really the worst thing any person can go through (almost, next to dying/ cancer... etc) But I am serious... just as deadly to ignore. Klonopan along with a few other meds (no anti-depressants) have made me "OKAY" M 28 7 years
2mg 3X D
 1  anxiety, PTSD None Klonopin is a benzodiazepine. The long-term withdrawal effects are horrendous, even for some people who have taken it for a very short period of time. You can quickly build up tolerance, with a need to increase dosage. Do not take this drug! F 56 7 years
0.5 mg 2X D

KLONOPIN RAPIDLY DISINTEGRATING  (CLONAZEPAM):  Clonazepam is used to prevent and control seizures. This medication is known as an anticonvulsant or antiepileptic drug. It is also used to treat panic attacks. Clonazepam works by calming your brain and nerves. It belongs to a class of drugs called benzodiazepines.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)