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 4  Nausea on period No side effects. Works great! I like it. Used it with IV in the Er. Works fast. I have no problem with it, everybody body is different and things react differently.. by viewing the comments it just so happens to be working good for me.. F 25 3 days
4mg 1X D
 2  Nausea Panic attack, tingling in arms. It helps with nausea, but def not worth it. F 27 2 days
4mg 1X AN
 2  Nausea from medication Headache, dizziness, rapid heartbeat, sweating, chills, numbness in fingers and lips, blurry vision Works great for nausea, but the side effects aren't worth taking this medicine F 55 30 days
 4  Pregnancy first trimester, dehydrat Extremely drowsy, would fall asleep within an hour of taking it. Severe constipation, was not able to go for 9 days. When I finally did there was some mucus and small amount of tearing Helped immensely with nausea. Was finally able to eat more then twice a day F 24 7 days
 3  Nausea associated with pregnancy Extreme constipation, slight tiredness F 28 7 months
4mg dissol
 2  Nausea For months I've been taking this both in the hospital and at home. Could never understand why my Christ hurt and my blood pressure and pulse would go up until I read the side effects. I've thrown up while on it so what's the point? F 43 6 months
 5  Nausea and fear of throwing up Occasional headache or slight constipation, but only rarely. Miracle drug, if one dose doesn't work it's safe to take up to 24 mg a day I believe. It's very effective and I've never had to take that much. Miracle drug! F 23 1 days
 5  Migraines Marked drowsiness and slightly dizzy at first but I could still function during the day. I had bad nausea due to migraines this helped. Worked fast. Tried other anti nausea meds in the past but they all caused major drowsiness. F 37 1 days
 5  Nausea from Stomach Bug Constipation, a little tired This drug is a life saver. I have had stomach flu bug every year for the past 3 years. Each time this drug keeps me from vomiting. I may still have some slight nausea but it is 10 times better after the pill. I would be dead without it as I would rather die than throw up. I take 200 mg of Magnesium (you can get it at any drugstore) and that combats the constipation. Other over the counter remedies for constipation don't work for me. F 49 1 days
8 mg
 1  Hep c tx viekira makes me nauseous Severe HA one hour after first dose then jaw pain and feeling of anxiety and red face. My B/P which is usually 110/74 at most was 164/102 pulse 112 hard to breath. I was scared to death. Haven't taken much medicine in my life (my Hep C came from blood transfusion ) But would never take this one again!!! F 58 1 days
 3  Nauseau If I take this early enough it takes the edge of nausea but does not eliminate it by any stretch of the imagination. Phenergan is so superior, but doctors are more reluctant to prescribe. F 58
8 mg 2X D
 1  nausea severe constipation I would only take this as a last resort. I'd rather take Phenergan or dramamine and be asleep than to be severely constipated. This is TMI (sorry), but after taking this for 2 to 3 days, I was severely constipated for a week or more with a giant ball of stool that could not be passed, consisting of many marble-sized balls of stool. Trust me, you don't want to go through what I went through. I have dealt with constipation from pain meds, surgery, etc., and nothing remotely compares to this extreme constipation. F 52 2 days
4 mg 2X D
 5  Morning Sickness Constipation I tried phenergen and diclegis before zofran...finally feel like I'm not a drunken sailor. Morning sickness lasted well into second trimester and zofran allowed me to still function at work, eat, and drive. I didn't throw up while taking it and it drastically reduced the constant nausea. I had initial concerns about taking while pregnant, but looked over the research and can't find any conclusive study (as the case with most medications and pregnancy) to outweigh the risk to benefit. F 31 4 months
8mg 1X D
 2  HG pregnancy Initially after a day I felt great and was able to eat. After 4 days of taking Zofran I woke up and thought I was having a heart attack. It was like a sumo wrestler sat on my chest compacting it, and like someone karate kicked my back between my shoulders. Very frightening. Get side effects checked out!!! F 32 1 days
 4  nausea, stomach bug None Helped pretty quickly to get rid of my nausea. Its a good drug. It didn't make me feel doped up F 36 7 days
4 mgs
 1  doctor give me in hospital stomach Felt back of head burning so bad and couldn't pick arms up, with intense bone pain. Still have bone pain and headache two weeks after treatment. M 62 1 days
 1  Severe nausea & vomiting bug or flu From reading other posts I guess I took it too late. It did nothing. It's been seven hours and I'm miserable. F 42 1 days
 5  C. Diff None. This stuff is nothing short of miraculous! Severe nausea absolutely gone faster than I could ever have hoped for (a few minutes). M 51 1 days
4mg 1X D
 5  Migraine cyclic vomiting I get akathesia when I take compazine, reglan and phenergan. This relieves the vomiting that occurs every 20-30 minutes. I only have these episodes 1-3 times a year but this prevents me from going into the ER. F 33 4 years
 5  Gastroparesis Constipation. However so worth it. Often have to take 8 mg, but if taken at beginning of nausea, then that 8 mg lasts all day. Worth every penny. Pheregan works better for nausea, but I can not function at work on even a small dose of phenegan. F 53 8 months

ZOFRAN ODT  (ONDANSETRON):  This medication is used alone or with other medications to prevent nausea and vomiting caused by cancer drug treatment (chemotherapy) and radiation therapy. It is also used to prevent and treat nausea and vomiting after surgery. Ondansetron works by blocking one of the body's natural substances (serotonin) that causes vomiting.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)