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 1  Avascular necrosis/dead shoulder bone Loss of all my teeth at gum line. Disabled and for tooth removal, and dentures, I'm looking at about $15,000. Yeah, right. Am looking for an attorney for civil lawsuit. Anyone agree they should replace our teeth. That's all I want. F 62 20 years
100mcg/hr 1X O
 3  Severe Migraines and BTP for Fibro Teeth ruined Nausea Anxiety Dizziness There must be a lawyer out there tp help us. There are 1000s more like us out there. F 50 4 days
 1  Chronic pain - intestinal failure I started taking this drug due to Type 3 intestinal failure and Chronic pseudo obstructions requiring intravenous nutrition and hydration as well as severe migraines and joint pain. Actiq eas supposed to be an effective replacement of intravenous or IM/sub cut pain killers long term. Within the first year I saw a huge decline in my teeth, moved onto medicated toothpaste and mouthwash. This only worsened with time. I was not made aware that fentanyl caused tooth decay and was never warned. It took myself and an amazing new dentist that saw me after a 3 years to finally figure out the cause and help save my teeth the best we can with root canals, fissure sealants, endless fillings, composite to build up broken teeth and 4 teeth removed. Every single tooth is affected and prior to actiq I hadnít needed a single filling. I absolutely should have been warned of this side affect, if i knew this or knew how hard the withdrawal is to try and get off fentanyl I never would have agreed to taking it in the first place! There is a huge difference between addiction and medical dependency, I feel as someone who was prescribed this drug and not abusing it I should have been warned of what could happen with years of use, as my doctor knew it was a long term resolution to chronic pain. F 24 3 years
 3  Lower back fusion L5, L4 and L3 I don't believe that Actiq helped with the pain in the right way. I personally believe that it softly gets you high to where you just don't care as much about the pain. The company needs to be responsible for their patients teeth. They should have to pay for not only people's teeth, but their pain from both mouth and mind. If anyone knows of any lawsuits or a up and coming lawsuit please let me know. Thank you Mark 52 3 years
 4  Ran over by car Gums receding teeth breaking at gum line need over ten thousand just for dental care then I'll be ready for whole implants I pray I can afford If doctors told me that this could happen I would never have had taken it haven't smiled in 9 years so embarrassed I go see a shrink cause it bothers me like you never know would like to see if there is a civil suit screwed me up wont go out to embarrassed to be in public label saying brush after every pop would of helped 100 s of people I just brushing up after each pop M 49 5 years
1200 mcg
 1  spine, etc Severe damage to all of my teeth. Need great amount of dental work to try to repair all the damage from and in order to be able to get teeth/implants. This also caused social/emotional issues, and even more anxiety with fear of other health effects from chronic dental infection and inflammation Helped with break-through pain F 58 5 years
600 mcg 4X D
 3  Pain from an Autoimmune Disease Massive decay of teeth requiring a full set of dentures due to the sugar in the Actiq. DRUG COMPANY IS 100% RESPONSIBLE!! F 52 2 years
 3  Pain from an Autoimmune Disease Severe teeth decay. Result: full set of dentures. CEPHALON IS 100% RESPONSIBLE!! F 52 2 years
 4  Botched L3-L4-L5 anterior fusion. Super dried saliva in mouth. Inside and out. Caused many gum infections and use of antibiotics. And eventually the loss of teeth. Workcomp paid for most the meds and teeth replacements caused by ACTIQ!!! ACTIQ DENIAL same as TOBACCO DENIAL. There isn't any doubt "ACTIQ CAUSES GUM INFECTION AND TOOTH LOSS" As tobacco causes lung cancer and heart disease. ACTIQ patients are VICTIM'S of Big Corporations. Where is the A.C.L.U? WHERE IS PRESIDENT TRUMP? WHERE ARE THE LIBERALS? WHERE ARE THESE QASI PROTECTOR'S OF HUMAN RIGHTS? OH YEAH? IT'S NOT THEIR CUP OF TEA. GLORIA ALDRIDGE, ACLU, JERRY BROWN,NAACP, LIBERALS, CONSERVATIVES AND POTUS ARE ALL MISSING IN ACTION. IT'S SICK. NEEDS TO BE SUED LIKE THE TOBACCO COMPANIES WERE. NOW!!! THE PROOF IS THERE AND OVERWHELMING! M 64 13 days
 4  Botched L3 L4 L5 Anterior fusion Gum infections and teeth loss. Super dry mouth thoroughly throughout the mouth. Inside the gums and tounge, roof of mouth. Literally no saliva in the mouth. Gee I wonder if our teeth and gums needs saliva? Actiq hasn't a defense to hide belong once taken to court in a class action lawsuit. 13yrs of proof right here alone. But shouldn't have to be alone. Disgusting. Considering everybody's suing for just a cup of coffee being spilled or a boon being grazed against. Here I'm talking about serious long term damage. M 64 13 years
400mg 6x a
 5  Fibro, Lupus, migraine,chronic pain None The only medication that made my life bearable. I was on it for 16 years and then they stopped. Now the pain is so bad, and nothing works like Actiq. It made it possible to live, I am a disabled senior with a husband who is partially paralyzed and brain damaged and a paralyzed dog. I have to take care of both of them myself without help. F 61 16 years
800 mcq 3X D
 3  Chronic pain I have the other patients have described my teeth started breaking and falling apart right at the gum line I have now lost 13 teeth and cannot afford to have them replaced I even had to have bone grafts done and I am in debt and have no teeth to eat I want to see damages from this company I am a nurse and not read the literature and they do not emphasize the damage that can be done in due to Fentanyl I didn't know for the longest time we thought it was something else and couldn't figure it out until the doctor and I discussed the fentanyl lollipops or actiq lollipops can anyone please help me get help in replacing my teeth and fixing them I was beautiful and had a beautiful smile and now I don't smile anymore because most all my teeth are gone I would never have taken the drug this way if I would have known the warnings are not sufficient in my opinion as a person who reads many abstracts and warnings on drugs they did not due diligence in this case They deserve to be sued it is helpful to stop chronic pain only for a few hours and then the drug drops off and your pain returns even while wearing a patch they should make this drug available in a sugar free form and still to this day this is years since this article was written it is 2016 I cannot get this without sugar but I only found out last month that the fentanyl lollipops are the problem I need help F 53 7 years
1200mcg lo
 4  cancer Teeth falling out now. M 56 4 years
 5  Spinal injuries Was in a fog. Worst of all my teeth fall out, break, major pain. No warning Warnings should of been clear. M 30 5 years
 3  Degenerate disc disease-cervical Same side effects such as constipation like with all other opioid pain medications After reading so many reviews on this medication I'm seriously afraid of losing my teeth because of the high sugar content and the way in which to take this medication. I was prescribed Subsys-a Fentanyl sublingual spray for the past 3 years (this contains alcohol instead of sugar) but my insurance company increased the monthly cost from $20 to $47 per prescription. I simply couldn't afford it and decided to try the generic version of Actiq (Fentanyl citrate) as a substitute because it only costs me $8 a month. After reading all the horrible reviews of almost every patient losing all their teeth, I'm wondering if paying the extra money per month is better than the thousands of dollars I'll eventually need for dental repair/replacement of my as of now "health teeth?" I'm so young and I care about my teeth, should I stop taking the lollipops and switch back to the more expensive Fentanyl sublingual spray (Subsys)? I've even called my dentist asking what his opinion is and if brushing, flossing and using an anti-cavity mouthwash after using the lollipops would that help fight the decay? Also I want to note that I only use these 2-3 days a week and go through about 30 in a 6-8 week period and I've noticed most of these patient reviews they are using these 3-4 times a day. Please let me know what your advice is or your personal thoughts. Please don't spam me. Thank you in advance for your time. I'll accept and reply to emails from patients, doctors and/or dentists. F 31 1 weeks
 4  Extreme pain A number of years after I started taking taking Actiq. Due to taking it 4 to 5 times daily and for years and the contant dry mouth it directly caused. My gums started getting infected and cavities started and there was no stopping the gum infections and tooth decays.No matter how much I brushed and flossed. My teeth started busting and breaking out. All dentists I talked to say drymouth causes tooth decay and gum diseases. Last 5 years I lost around 12 teeth. Its caused by Actiq. No doubt. Like tobacco causes lung cancer and was denied for decades by tobacco companies. Now Mallinckrodt Inc. in Hazelwood MO. and Cyprus Insurance and their adjusters are denying it to save money. For cyprus its all about money. Not the people. The company who is responsible for selling Actiq will eventually lose in class action lawsuit. A big lawsuit. Its time they are held accountable for millions of dollars of ruining gums and teeth without proper admission. LETS ALL GET TOGETHER AND SUE AS ONE. HOW COULD WE LOSE? THE EDVIDENCE IS ALL THERE!!!!!!! M 60 10 years
 1  back paralysis Loss of all teeth, bone loss in jaw, severe infection in facial muscles resulting in permanent nerve damage. At age 49, after 10 years without a cavity, complete teeth loss has been devastating. Please see my Facebook page, Actiq ruined my teeth, for more information. Though lawyers are reluctant to get involved, there is another way. M 53 4 years
200-1600mc 8X D
 5  6kyphplasties drunk hit me 75MPH Rotted out teeth over $20,000 to try to save them(teeth) it didn't.! it is the only thing that stops my pain. F---in insurance as if Cancer was the only pain the reason cancer gets terminal is because it doesn't hurt usually until its advanced,then its the chemo&radiation that causes the majority of pain.The lobbyists want to make it hard to get &more profit if denied these suckers &I've never had a drug dealer say I got these suckers that wont get you high but if you stub your toe for a mere $55 for a 5 cent sucker I can hook u up. This product that costs 5 actual cents 2make & is 95% sugar. People we are getting scammed.What about a burn,MS, Lou Gerhigs,arthritis. Since when does this government have a right to dictate what is prescribed between me & my doctor who studied pain for 12 college years alone.The politicians are funded by big Pharma & they dont want to pay 4 it.The best way to do that is make it only 1 thing it will pay for it under think of how r Can you please help us fight these insurance companies & the government on the suckers? Why dont they make them like they were in 2002 where they weren't made of chalky, crumbly stuff they were make of real sucker material. I didn't have to go threw a whole days worth due to them crumbling in seconds. The LAST of my life savings is going to a billion dollar industry and thats not enough. Hello immigrating to Canada here I come.Medicine shouldn't be dictated by ability to pay can Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand etc all be wrong to get rid of these blood suckers insurance companies.I am paying the price for some jerk who wants to get high off of this pain that feels like someone hit me in the back with a bat while putting out a fire on my back. Also stabbing when I get back spasms. All this headache & heartache & scare tactics because some idiots probably 1 person put the patch in their mouth. I dont care if those opiate addicts die for screwing things up because Mommy didn't want to say no to Jr male or female and that created unbearable treatment by doctors & people who dont know me in pain and they are usually spoiled young & healthy. Id give anything to get my health back & never touch this medication. I have Sarcoidosis and Lupus due to TCE or trichlorolethyline in our well drinking and cooking and bathing water which gets more potent with steam.I was never sick before this chemical was in my body and I developed rashes and couldn't breathe F 56 12 years
400mcg 6X D
 1  Cancer pain Like most, my teeth are falling apart. I'm sick to my stomach to think of my future with "meth" teeth. I'm embarrassed to visit the dentist. They haven't a clue about Actiq and the problems it causes. I broke a tooth tonight but after reading everyone's stories I don't know if I should waste money on temporary repairs (crowns, root canals) when I should be saving up for implants. Of course, I live on disability so I don't know what to do. I loved Actiq before I knew about the damage it caused to teeth. I began taking it around 2003 before there were notices about related tooth decay. If anyone is aware of a law suit please post or email. F 45 8 years
1000 mcg 4X D

ACTIQ  (FENTANYL CITRATE):  This medication is used to help relieve sudden (breakthrough) cancer pain in people who are regularly taking moderate to large amounts of opioid pain medication. Fentanyl belongs to a class of drugs known as opioid (narcotic) analgesics. It works in the brain to change how your body feels and responds to pain. This medication should not be used to relieve mild or short-term pain (such as due to headache/migraine, dental procedures, surgery).   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)