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 4  Stop smoking Severe Anxiety and depression, crying fits, hard to sleep, decreased appetite, restlessness and pacing, lack of focus and motivation, suicidal thoughts. Felt like I was going insane. Scared myself enough to wean off and stop the pills. I wanted to quit smoking and I did. Easily, and I couldn't be happier. I was aware of the side effects going in and had support when I was experiencing my artificial reality. When it got more than I could handle I went back to 1 pill a day for a couple of days then I stopped. Feeling confident with not smoking because it felt easy and I also am not going thru the emotional roller coaster ever again. I would recommend for smoking only if you are fully aware of the side effects AND have a support system to talk you thru them, realizing you are experiencing an "artificial reality". F 50 54 days
150mg 2X D
 5  Quit smoking Twenty years ago. A four week prescription followed by an other4 week prescription. I stopped smoking instantly, maybe because I really wanted to . The side effects were waking up at 4.20 most mornings and I became paranoid and my wife threw the last 2 weeks tablets away. The job was done by then. I have had absolutely no cravings since giving up. M 67 8 weeks
?? 1X D
 1  Anxiety My doctor put me onto Zyban as the escitalopram that I had been of for 6 years seemed to be not working. I was gaining weight and struggling to lose it. I started zyban 3 weeks ago. I stopped my escitalopram tapering it off in 4 days and adding zyban in once a day at first then two a day. The first week I noticed I wasn't as hungry and had Wicked dry mouth..so i was drinking lots of water..doesnt sound so bad does it. By the second week..i started having panic attacks..started to lose my personality..and became depressed. I lost 7 kgs in 3 weeks The third week..this past week...has quite literally been a nightmare. I had derealisation..feeling like you are in a world that isn't real...and it was scary. I couldn't sleep..when I did I had vivid dreams. I went to my dr 5 times in the 3 weeks and she was adamant this drug was the right one for me..i just had to ride the side effects out. The day after a drs visit I called the ambulance. I felt like i was going to pass out..probably from lack of food.. or pure fear. I went to the dr again the next day (yep should probably have a mug with my name on it by now) and she said to keep taking lorazepam to squash the side effects and assured me again..this too shall pass. That night ( last night) I hit rock bottom. I felt like i was a burden to my family. I would never hurt myself im too scared of dying..but i just felt like a massive burden and a complete mess. I emailed the drs and told them to ring me immediately in the morning. F 29 3 weeks
300mg 2X D
 3  To stop smoking Dizzy surreal shaky blurred existence. Couldn't drive anymore, couldn't sleep. Felt mentally vacant, docile, slurred speech. Had to have ambulance for suspected stroke ECG and MRI scan and hours in hospital. Not a stroke just physically shaken drained and a complete mess. Felt on the verge of seizure constantly. Was a struggle to hold on to consciousness and reality. Works for stopping smoking but the side effects are immensely dangerous to the very life you're trying to save from smoke. Just seems a guarantee of a quicker death. Was advised by every doctor I saw in the past 5 days (because of the side effects) to stop taking. Started smoking again immediately. F 49 14 days
 1  To stop smoking Extreme debilitating panic attacks I am sure this drug is good for some people but it ruined my life for 3 years or so, from a position of having no mental health issues at all. Looking back I think I was experiencing work anxiety and occasional panic attacks - as such, I should never had really started taking them but I thought it was super important to stop smoking. Upon taking my tablet on day 6 I felt extremely ill and thought I was going to have a heart attack. It turned out to be a panic attack and these continued for 3 years, sometimes up to 30 or so times a day. Very slowly due to counselling and a short period of medication my panics grew less and less. I do not think Zyban was in itself the cause of my panic attacks but I believe it triggered them. I have never smoked since but it was a heavy price to pay - I simply can't recommend it for anyone as it truly ruined my life for 3 years. I was about 32 at time of treatment. M 50 7 days
1X D
 2  Stop smoking Severe anxiety (I had to be put on anxiety medications), depression symptoms (difficult to find the motivation to do anything), and general feeling of going insane. This absolutely works to help you quit smoking. Iím a 1 pack/ day smoker and over the past week I have smoked less than half of a pack 38 8 days
 5  smoking cessation woke up 2 separate nights and had trouble falling alseep but it passed. No side effects. if anything its a great mood stabilizer while trying to quit took 150 mg one a day X 3 days. increased to 150 mg twice a day. cut down to 2-3 cigs a day after day 3 and completely by day 9. No increased food cravings. Wonderful medicaiton! F 34 14 days
150 mg 2X D
 5  Smoking Cessation Insomnia, vivid dreams, increased ability to focus, euphoric sensation. After four days of using Zyban I've gone from smoking 15+ per day to 2 or 3 out of habit. I've lost the sense of enjoyment completely. Side effects are strong, but honestly I would rather deal with them than with the constant realization that I'm killing myself by smoking. F 22 21 days
150Mg 2X D
 5  stop smoking A little spacy for a week. Unemotional feeling. Loss of appetite. Dry mouth . Smoker for 35 years.20 a day. Gave up second week. Easy feel great. Sleep well. Take first tablet early 7.30 second tab 2.30 afternoon. No later or you don't sleep. F 50 4 weeks
150 2X D
 5  Quit smoking Insomnia homicidal suicidal sex crazed weird dreams drymouth Works great M 41 5 weeks
 5  Stop Smoking Headache, kind of like a dizzy-spacey feeling in the head, trouble staying asleep, anxiety I gave Zyban a rating of 5 because it helped me to stop smoking, but I would not recommend Zyban. The side effects are just too many and too strong. I took 1 tablet a day for 3 days and then started 2x a day, that was the day I quit. I had 3 cigarettes and the last one tasted so foul, so metallic, I just put it out and haven't smoked since. I can't say I don't have an occasional urge, but the urge is small and I can basically just say no to the urge, and it simply goes away. I guess it gives different people different side effects, but it did work for me. M 48 7 days
150 MG 2X D
 3  to quit smoking Agitated, can't sleep yawning alot moody Have only 3cigg since my quit date September 15,15 F 58 1 months
 5  to quit smoking vertigo, dry mouth, constipation, anxiety, weird dreams Zyban was a miracle. I used it to quit smoking 13+ years ago on the recommendation of my doc. the first week I experienced a lot of side effects, including anxiety around those side effects, but a friend who had taken Wellbutrin previous to my treatment assured me that the side effects would lessen once my body became acclimated to the drug, and convinced me to give it a week to 10 days. My directions had been to set a Quit Date but to continue smoking, and begin taking the medication. At around Day 3 or 4, my cigs started tasting strange... kind of like when you smoke a brand that isn't your own brand. I started smoking less and less as the cigarettes didn't really appear to be doing anything... they tasted bland and flat. By Day 10 (my Quit Day), I basically had lost interest in smoking. That was in March of 2002, and I haven't smoked since. I should add here that I had a very strong intention to quit smoking. I wanted to become a non-smoker after watching my father die of emphysema and my mother several years earlier die of acute pulmonary disease and pneumonia which she did not recover from because of her smoking. I had smoked for 32 years. This drug saved my life. F 61 30 days
150mg 2X D
 5  Smoking Loss of appetite, lots of energy. Didn't sleep as much though. Nervous and anxious a lot. Stopped smoking and stopped a lot of other cravins (chocolate, Junk food) very happy F 18 3 months
 5  Smoking Loss of appetite, lots of energy. Didn't sleep as much though. Nervous and anxious a lot. Stopped smoking and stopped a lot of other cravins (chocolate, Junk food) very happy F 18 3 months
 1  smoking cessation 1 days
 5  Smoking Cessation Dry mouth, bitter taste, insomnia, blurred vision, too much energy. I'm only sleeping two hours per night, nausea, vomiting,and decreased appetite. I do have bi polar and ptsd but, I just had to quit smoking for health reasons. F 30 10 days
300 MG
 5  quit smoking Vivid dreams. Lots of energy. Bit of difficulty swallowing ( without food ) which started on day 3 ( single tablet ) by day 4 ( 2 tablets ) cigars started to taste awful, almost bitter like. Does suppress my appetite. No other side effects. To avoid the hesitation when you swallow ( no food ) chew gum, sip on water, etc. F 56 4 days
 4  BiPola Stubborn Depression I am not sure. As my psych. stopped me cold turkey off Cymbalta, which cause a horrible few weeks. Plus to start Zyban at the same time. So not sure which was which. Approx 3 weeks I felt abit better, by 5 weeks abit more. The thing for me was to help with the stubborn depression. T Zyban has given me an interest and energy I have not felt in years. I'm only on 150mg at morning. Because of my BiPola i am watched, but mania is not really a problem. I am on Zyban and Zoloft- two antidepressants but of difference make up. I do have a good doctor- why oh why I was told to go off Cymbalta cold turkey, is beyond me. But other than this, my doctor is pretty on the ball. I am on four medications. Zyban and Zoloft, I requested the Zoloft. These two have just been the final ingredient in me having a life. Don't listen to rumours. I am BiPola and for me, two antidepressants work great and for me is possible to take. F 46 8 weeks
1X D
 2  to assist with smoking cessation side effects for me were severe anxiety, insomnia, restlessness, suicidal thoughts I was looking coward to becoming smoke free but im afraid with my bi polar and gad zyban is not for me. F 41 3 weeks

ZYBAN  (BUPROPION HYDROCHLORIDE):  This medication is used in combination with a stop-smoking program (e.g., support group, counseling) to help you quit smoking. Bupropion can decrease your nicotine withdrawal symptoms (e.g., irritability, anxiety, restlessness) and your urge to smoke. Quitting smoking decreases your risk of heart and lung disease, as well as cancer. This medication belongs to a class of medications known as antidepressants. It is not known exactly how bupropion works to reduce smoking urges. It may work by restoring the balance of certain natural chemicals (neurotransmitters) in the brain. Discuss the risks and benefits of this medication, as well as other ways to quit smoking (such as nicotine replacement treatment), with your doctor.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)