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 1  Constipation I have given my daughter miralax 2x in her life. Both times a few days in we ended up in the ER with left side body weakness (full paralysis the second time) and a migraine. They diagnosed her with hemeplegic migraines and all told me there was no way Miralax could do this to her. F 8 7 days
3/4 capful 1X D
 1   This was horrible for my son was prescribed for constipation sent him back to er after a week did not help. .two weeks later he was getting worse with pains and still going but this stuff practically burned a hole in his belly reviews say not fda approved for children. .will never give this to my child again. M 9 30 days
 1  Constipation Gave this to our 10-year-old Sunday afternoon for constipation, an ongoing issue And her stomach gurgled very loudly the next two days, she developed diarrhea as well. stayed home from school because of immediate, urgent and not always successful sprints to the restroom. It appears the stuff either provides great relief or several days of abdominal peril with explosive results. I will never give this to her again. F 10 1 days
10 grams
 1  Constipation We were advised to give my son 1/2 cap every day for long term. In seven weeks my son experienced 3 seizures that I witnessed myself, possibility more just not witnessed (blank stare, unable to answer, trembling hands lasting 10-15 mins) EEG ruled out any underlying issues. The scariest episode was seconds after he came out of his silent seizure he started screaming mommy mommy with knees pulled into chest crying hysterically, rubbing his eyes profusely like they were burning for 10 mins straight. It went quiet in the car and he was pale with his eyes closed, I called his name over and over, open ure eyes, don't fall asleep, open ure eyes!!! We pulled in the driveway and he came to started crying and screaming "carry me, carry me!" I brought him inside and he started feeling better. I thought my baby was going to die right before my eyes. This has to be pulled off the market!!!! All 3 seizures that I witnessed were at the same time, 5 hours after given dose. I IMMEDIATELY stopped this poison (it's now 2yrs later) and not ONE episode that I mentioned M 4 1 days
1/2 cap
 1  Constipation Stomach pain. Vomiting It is not FDA approved for children. M 4 5 days
1 cap/d
 1  Constipation Abdominal pain, vomiting M 4 1 days
 1  constipation. Prescribed by Dr.was told no side effects...biggest lie child was way worse after taking this drug..burning eyes..sore throat. .bad stomach pain..depression..dizzy..anxiety..pain in legs & feet..could not eat without vomiting after.. Warning...please do ur own research befor giving to ur child. F 10 10 days
 4   M 5 1 days
 1  constipation and colon cleanse nausea, headache, vomiting, abdominal pain, itching, esophagitis and a lower unknown severe abdominal pain in that order from beginning of 1st day to 3rd wk cleanout. Child was fine except for constipation before taking miralax. Followed Drs orders and now has much worse problems than before we started it. Keep asking about allergic reaction to miralax but docs have bought in hook line and sinker - keep poo pooing that idea. I say maybe good for some but test before using large doses. M 11 21 days
17g-100g 1X D
 1  Constipation Facial tics slowly starting with occasional blinking. Our pediatrician prescribed Miralax for our 1 1/2 year old to treat his severe constipation due to feeding issues and hydrocephalus. Within a few weeks, we noticed forced blinking or tics. The minute I decided to stop it in case it was being caused by the Miralax, the tics went away. He had an EEG to rule out seizures and there were none present. He has never had another tic since I stopped the Miralax M 1 3 weeks
Least amt 1X D
 1  child chronic constipation lethargy, headaches, tremors in his hands, dehydration, fits of anger, tired but couldn't sleep.. I will never give this to my child again! He was on it for over 4 yrs and it made everything worse. It didn't even really work well to begin with and the Dr.'s kept telling us to up his dosage--at one time he was taking 3x the adult dose... just ridiculous and makes me so angry! We are now using a few natural things---the results are better with no side effects.... F 8 4 years
17g 2X D
 1  my 8 yr olds severe constipation Severe burning pain every time he had a bowel movement. I have replaced it with fish oil and everything is much better M 8 1 months
18mg 2xday
 5  Constipation No side effects at low dose for a 1 yr. 8 mos. toddler. Toddler was constipated and would shake, quiver, and cry to pass a stool. 1 teaspoon was mixed into each bottle of milk she was drinking throughout the day. On the first day she did not go. On the second day she passed a small stool. On the third day she went 4 times, the first three with small amounts of pasty poop, and one very very large blowout dirty diaper. No effort, no pain, just a lot of poop. I would ease into this medicine, even if you are an adult. F 1 5 days
1 teaspoon 3X D
 2   My son was constipated due to the effects of post-surgery pain medication and his unwillingness to drink enough fluids (he had his tonsils out). The pediatrician told us to give him MiraLAX. It did result in a bowel movement, but that was followed by all night explosive diarhea and writhing agony. His stomach muscles were as hard as bricks and he bellowed in agony on and off again. IF we are ever desperate enough to use this again, I'll be going a quarter capful every other day, but I'm exceptionally hesitant given the pain my son has been in all night. My advice is to take half the dose recommended and then wait at least two days before repeating the dose. M 3 2 days
half cap 1X D
 1  constipation son has frequent urination, extreme fatique, spaciness, face and motor tics, change of personality. have eeg scheduled in 3 days. this was prescribed by doctor. M 5 28 days
full cap 1X D
 4  chronic constipation some gas but doesn't seem to be in any pain My 2 1/2 year old daughter has been taking this. She's had problems since about 9 months. Was very irregular, not having bm's up to 5 days sometimes (usually every 3 days). Then when she would finally go - DRAMA! A friend told me about how her pediatrician prescribed Miralax for her son - then 2 as well. My pediatrician gave the ok and she has been on a low dosage for almost 2 wks. It took 3 days to kick in. She went 3x that day and has been going more frequently. Not every day yet. Stool is definitely softer but no diarrhea. She's much more relaxed now. Moms.. try it! F 2 12 days
2 tsp/ day 1X D
 1  Constipation Chronic, debilitating stomach pain episodes. My kiddo came into the ER for constipation and they prescribed Miralax. His pain got worse. They assumed he had more backed-up in there so told us to keep him on it daily. His chronic pain progressed. In and out of the hospital. Morphine. Tests, tests and more tests. All the while they kept saying "keep on the Miralax". I finally took him off of it last week and he progressively got better. Tonight he told me that he hasn't pooped today or yesterday so I gave him some. He's now writhing in pain. Could it be this whole time the docs were prescribing what was hurting him while running all these tests? Won't be using it again and we'll see if all this clears up... M 9 12 weeks
1 capful 1X D
 3  pediatration advised We were asked to start this because she was experiencing bladder inconsistence. Supposedly this will regulate the bladder as well....we'll see... I'll post in 14 days F 6 14 days
1/2 adult 1X D
 3  idiopathic constipation sever gas, sometimes doesn't work and requires a three full dose day to restart her system my daughter has had consitpation since a week old we went through everything, from changing her food,no milk and higher fiber, low salt and high in fruits. To every medication for a baby/toddler and those that aren't for children. Miralax is the only thing that doesn't make her pain worse when she takes it. F 4 2 years
1/2 a dose 1X D
 5  colonoscopy prep for 11 year old The gastro's directions said to mix a whole container of miralax (14 day supply) with 64 oz of gatorade, drink. It didn't say drink it all at once, over two hours, etc. Per everything else I read, I had my son drink 8 oz every 30 minutes, after two hours he felt bloated, but then it started to work, he started to use the bathroom, and he felt fine. He stayed in the bathroom with a portable dvd player on a table, watched a movie while he used the bathroom, and I when things slowed down I had him drink about about 16 more oz, for a total of 48 oz. Worked great. Except for the first bloating feeling until he started to go there were no problems and no side effects. M 11
1X D

MIRALAX  (POLYETHYLENE GLYCOL 3350):  This medication is used to treat occasional constipation. It works by holding water in the stool to soften the stool and increases the number of bowel movements. It is known as an osmotic-type laxative. This medication is also available without a prescription. If you are taking this medication for self-treatment, it is important to read the manufacturer's package instructions carefully so you know when to consult your doctor or pharmacist. (See also Precautions.)   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)