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 2  Allergy watery itchy ect. Eyes seemed to dry out after sleeping, needed rubbing for a minute after wakening up,fairly sore. Not entirely sure if it was solely the drops. No difference in condition, 40dollars AUS. M 59 40 days
2X D
 2  itchy eyes from seasonal allergies Drops caused what I guess is an allergic reaction. My lower eyelids were puffy and swollen, so I discontinued the use of these drops. Luckily, I had the generic version, so I only wasted $10 instead of $75. F 47 2 days
1 drop 2X D
 2  Allergic conjuctivitis Excessive watering of the eyes, mild stinging, light sensitivity This medication has provided me with minimal relief. After 6 days of treatment with Patanol and Avamys to treat a severe eye allergy there has been no noticeable improvement. I wake up during the night and in the morning with eyes stuck shut. I am seeing my doctor tomorrow for another evaluation. F 56 6 days
0.1% 2X D
 3  red itcy eyes medicine stopped soreness in facial area but has not stopped the redness. F 54 2 days
0.1 2X D
 3  severe eye allergies none, although I have tricare, its payed for 100%. without it, most people should go for an otc. from what I'm to understand its close to $100 a bottle without full coverage insurance F 21 8 months
1 drop 2x
 5  Eye Allergies I was taking this for itchy/red eyes due to allergies. This worked marvelously. It was so expensive, however, that I bought Naphcon-A (over the counter allergy eye drops) instead. M 49 3 months
2 drops 1X D
 4  spring allergies Discolored the pigment of skin under one of my eyes. Can't find anyone else who seems to have experienced this side effect. The skin there is completely white now - no pigment at all. It is great for relief of my allergy symptoms. Takes away the itching and clears sinuses right away after putting the drops in. Only the pigment discoloration that happend bothers me and don't know how to get it back. M 34 4 months
 1  watering eyes Every time I used Patanol, I came down with a cold - sore throat, nasal congestion, and tightness in my chest. Cold symptoms are lsited with other eye drops, but not Patanol. I think it should be on the label. F 60
 4  Allergic conjunctivitis. Tiredness, My eyelids swelled up abit, I had red eyes for nearly 5 months and nothing helped me but patanol was good. it really worked. F 13 5 days
 5  itchy, dry eyes None so far. I also do nasal irrigation using netipot everyday, so maybe it helps preventing side effects. I have been wearing contact lenses for more than 10 years. Never have problems. But this year, I started to feel dry itchy (burning) eyes to the point that I wanted to claw my eyes. Tried OTC allergy eye drop but they just hurt my eyes after using them a few days. I felt like my eyes was pinched. Did use eye wash also... helped giving soothing feeling but it did not stop the itch dry feel during the day. Finally gave up and saw eye doc. He prescribed me patanol, one drop twice a day for each eye. The first drop was like magic!!! I haven't had any itch or dry eyes since then. I wore my contact lenses yesterday to the pool. It was windy but my eyes were fine when I got home. The DRY ITCH is gone. F 39 4 days
 5  severe allergic conjunctivitis eye dryness; some mild, deep eye pain Used this for a month each year for a few years when I would get extreme eye itching (as in, I would like to scratch my eyes out of my head) from pollen. It reduced the itching to none or manageable most of the time. No OTC or home remedies worked at all. Switched later to Zaditor because it's OTC, much cheaper, and also works. M 37 3 months
 4  Allergies None that I was aware of - started taking them 1 1/2 yrs. ago..have just been told I have cataracts. Am 55 - no sign of cataracts 2 yrs.ago. Is there a connection with the eye drops. Any ideas?? Has definitely helped my allergies F 55 1 years
 5  Red, itching eyes None A miracle! Been rubbing me eyes for years and people always were telling me that my eyes were red. All gone M 67 3 months
 2  allergies burning, stinging, irritation, itching, redness, & dryness of the eyes, headache, and, change in taste The drops seemed to dry out my eyes to the point where I could not tolerate keeping them open. I had to lay down with a cold wash cloth on my face to cool the stinging feeling in my eyes. I think I can tolerate the goop in my eyes better than this torture! F 24 2 days
 2  Allergies odd taste. Some days it worked. Most days it had no effect and I was left with itchy and puffy eyes. Will try another solution... M 24 100 times
 5  itchy red eyes due to allergies no side effects I have had allergic reactions to other eye drops,both prescription and over the counter, but the Patanol was wonderful. takes the itch and redness away within seconds F 54 8 weeks
 2  Dry itchy eyes Bad taste in the back of my mouth; sore throat/coughing; nasal congestion; sneezing I am the only one my doctor said has had any adverse side effects. Guess I'll stick to Visine AC. F 45 2 days
 5  Itchy,dry eyes aggravated by pollen Slight irritation of the nasal passages, causing a mild sore throat. Other than mild irritation of the nasal passages and throat, I have had no side effects, and the Patanol relieved my itchy eyes - some days better than others, but always an improvement. By pressing a fingertip near the inside corners of the eyes to prevent drainage for about a minute after instilling the drops, I was able to alleviate this side effect. F 51 4 months
 3  calcium deposits in my left eye some days the eye drops work and some days it does not work! My eye dr said if the eye drops do NOT work that he will have to try steroid drops and I was in hopes of not having to use them. I got calcium deposits in one eyen post cataract surgery. ( I am 50 yrs old) I am really disappointed because I have only had one good eye most of my life after a lazy eye had not been diagnosed on me until I was 17 yrs then they couldn't do much to improve my eyesight. Every eye dr I have ever been to has told me to take care of my "good eye". Well guess what? My cataract was on my "good eye" and these dumb calcium deposits are on my "good eye" It does not make life much fun when your "good eye" hurts 24/7. I was so in hopes that the Patanol 0.1% would help but so far, it does on some days and other days (like today) it does not!! :( PS MY eye dr has informed me that everyone has calcium deposits in their eyes but more-than-likely, my came after cataract surgery. GRRRRRRR F 50 14 days
 5  eye allergies No side effects. Thought I had blocked tear ducts, but that little thingy in the corner of the eyes swelled up (from eye allergies)and covered or blocked the tear duct openings. Patonal worked wonders along with over the counter eye drops. I also have dry eye. F 64 30 days

PATANOL  (OLOPATADINE HYDROCHLORIDE):  This medication is an antihistamine used to treat itching and redness in the eyes due to allergies. This medication is not recommended for the treatment of eye irritation due to wearing contact lenses.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)