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 5  I am hooked on it F 42 8 days
30 mg 1X D
 2  Obesity Meridia caused me to have new obsessive thoughts about food. I would fixate on a certain food and be unable to get it out of my mind until I ate it. I was also unable to reach sexual climax. It generally dulled all of my emotions. It slightly increased my already elevated blood pressure. It did not significantly reduce my appetite. Taking Meridia was a worthless endeavor for me. My doctor recommended it to me because she felt it was safer than Phentermine which worked much better for me for appetite reduction. F 27 6 months
 5  To lose weight and control hunger Nothing F 46 5 months
 5   multo bono!!!!! F 33 3 months
15 mg 1X D
 3  weight loss Pupils dilated, dizzy when walking, confusion, everything looked brighter, anxious, light headed. After taking my first Meridia pill, I felt fine for most of the day. It wasn't until about 10pm that I began feeling dizzy. When I sat up I felt extremely dizzy and I'm certain I blanked out for a while. When I sat back up, after what I thought was just from being tired, I went to get a glass of water and I fell straight to the ground. I was able to pick myself up but everything was spinning and everything looked a little brighter. I was a little worried, I noticed my pupils when I went to wash my face before bed, they were huge. For hours they stayed like this and I couldn't sleep. I still haven't slept and I'm not tired at all. At around 7am I noticed that my weight was less than before I took the pill, even so, I definitely won't be taking this pill again and I don't recommend it. F 18 1 days
15mg 1X D
 1  Weight loss I took this medication several years ago when it first came out so I don't remember the dosage amount but I had to share my experience. I was given the drug by my PCP with the hopes that it would reduce my weight. It did. However, it also had HORRIBLE side effects. The drug caused the entire bottom half of my body to go numb. I couldn't walk and had to go to the ER. I was immediately admitted because they completed several nerve tests on me and I failed all of them. I was in the hospital for 5 days. I had a cat scan, 2 MRI's and was seen by 5 neurologists.They finally told me that they thought I had the begining stages of MS. I freaked out. I was 22 years old and couldn't believe what I was hearing. I was discharged from the hospital after 5 days and my mom found another neuologist to review my case. He did research and told me to stop taking the Meridia because he had a hunch that it was causing the problems. Within 4 days of stopping the meds I was fine. Beware of this F 31 90 days
1X D
 5  lose weight HAPPINESS, EXTREME JOY maybe euphoric, calming feeling, energy through the roof, level headed, slighly more agressive This worked as an anti-depressant for me. I was taking a otc diet pill for 3 months until it was taken off the market by FDA for having "significant amounts of sibutramine in it". Totally illegal but it was the most effective diet pill/anti depressant i have ever used! I lost 15lbs within the first 2 months, my BF% was 17!! LOVED IT! tried meridia later down the road....10mgs...ew constipated, wierd feeling, i hated it. Not sure what was in that diet pill besides sibutramine (VENOM HYPERDRIVE WAS THE NAME, the original..since they have changed the formula) F 21 3 months
?? 1X D
 5  To Lose Weight Mild Shortness of Breathe at times, increased heart rate, mild constipation, and insomnia I love it. I have been on Meridia for a little over 2 months now. I lost 7 pounds during the first month and 5 pounds during the second month on 10mg daily of Meridia. I'm increasing my dosage to 15mg and hope to continue to watch the weight fall off simply by eating way less than before. No exercise at all. I love it. F 30 2 months
10MG 1X D
 2  50lb weight gain after hysterectomy Horrible dry mouth, racing heart, very fast pulse, jittery, spacey and anxious. I was at my wits end with a 50 lb weight gain following a hysterectomy. Nothing I did helped me loose weight. My Dr suggested meridia. I started with 10mg, lost 5 pounds the first week and then 5 the next, then I hit a plateau. After a month my dr prescribed 15mg meridia. I haven't lost any more weight in spite of a healthy diet and exercise. My side effects have worsened and I don't feel good daily. I am weaning off the meridia and will not take it. The way I feel is not worth it. F 49 6 weeks
15mg 1X D
 5  weight and cholesterol problems I have had no side effects from Meridia I asked my doctor to put me on this because I come from a family of heart disease and my weight and cholesterol numbers where out of control. I'm not sure at this point what my total weight loss is but my old clothes are very big. The plus side of this for me is that my cholesterol dropped over 100 points and the good and bad are back in balance. That is a huge advantage for me. F 47 3 months
15 mg 1X D
 5  weight loss Constipation Been taking Meridia for 6 weeks now. Went to the Doctor to get weighed and surprisingly I lost 33 lbs. I was amazed. What Meridia has done for me was take away the necessity to over eat. I stop when I'm not hungry now as opposed to stopping when I'm full. The only time I weigh myself is when I go to the doctr who is monitoring me every 6 weeks. Meridia has been absolutely wonderful for me! F 42 6 weeks
10 1X D
 2  To lose 40 pounds I became severely depressed with terrible stomach pains and weakness. I had to discontinue after 5 days and still had depression for many days after I stopped. F 59 5 days
15 mg 1X D
 5  Hypothyroid. 95 lbs overweight Quite thirsty. Peeing a lot! No other side effects to speak of. I wasn't going to post until I had been taking this a while, but the first 3-5 days seem to be when everyone is affected one way or another. First day, felt a little wierd "spacey"? No decrease in appetite. Second day, still felt a little spacey with mild dry mouth. Day 3 felt great, but had the dry mouth. No headaches to note. Day 3 woke up with ZERO appetite AND zero interest in smoking. Day 4 Feel great, a little munchy in the evening, but that is due to taking it so early in the AM. Today, day 5, constipated, but already had that problem prior to Meridia Rx due to thyroid problems. Hope this keeps up, was very very worried about the side effects! Took phentermine in the past and it was a HORRID experience! Oh and in the past 5 days I have lost 3.5 lbs. YAY! F 39 5 days
10mg 1X D

 5  Shortness of breath- Dryness of mouth. I had shortness of breath so my doctor wanted me to lose some weight. I had already lost 8 pounds on my own in 1 month I lost another 8 pounds; however, I was only on it for 1 month and now my appetite is right back to where it was before. Any suggestions? I loved being on it because I was never hungry! F 52 30 days
25mg 1X D
 5  weight loss Meridia has changed my life!! I have lost about 35 pounds in a little over 3 months. I changed my eating but I am not following a set plan. I am just eating the right things and ONLY when I am hungry. I am not deprieving myself of a once in a while treat. If I want to have 1 of my kids cookies I have ONE. I feel like I am eating like a normal person. I also did not increase my activity level, although I am pretty active already. I plan to start back at the gym in the next week or 2 as my schedule frees up so that I can burn more calories. The best part for me is that I AM NEVER EVER HUNGRY!! The only meal that I cannot miss is lunch. Otherwise I have to force myslef to eat dinner some nights. And late night snacks are almost a thing of the past. I just called my Dr this week to tell her the news and get a refill and she was screaming for me on the phone! She said that the drug is safe and I should continue to take it. I am hoping for another 15 by the end of the summer, but ma F 38 3 months
15mg 1X D
 4  Need to lose 80 lbs Dry mouth, a littlebit if insomnia and I still feel tired... I have alredy lost 6 lbs! I was already exercising but then had to have my gall bladder removed so that slowed me down. Now I am on Meridia and I have enough energy to take brisk walks for an hour a day, do some stretching and stairs. I have already lost 6 lbs - this is crazy! F 32 6 days
15 mg 1X D
 1  weight reduction I've had the worst case of heartburn ever. Acid reflux and burping also. I burn from my bellybutton up to my chin. A lot of gassiness too. I did lose about 4 lbs in the 12 days, but the cost is high and the side effects are not bearable. F 65 12 days
10 mg 1X D
 5  Weight loss head-ache(aleve works for this), increased thirst, decreased hunger My doc started me out for the first 10 days with 5mg to make sure I didn't have any adverse effects, I have been taking 10mg for the past 5 days. I can definitely feel the difference with 10mg - and so far I feel good except for minor head-ache. It is really helping me not to snack between meals and so far I am able to stick to a 1200-1400 calorie diet without hunger. Meridia definitely helps! One tip though; if you aren't on a structured diet program or keeping a food journal and exercising you're fooling yourself! F 32 2 weeks
10 mg 1X D
 5  Obesity; Get pregnant in a year The first week: Jittery for first 3 days, slight dry mouth, thirsty, minor joint pain for first 2 days, a few headaches here and there (have since gone away), and slightly irritable first few days. Second week: None. Meridia has been a miracle for me. I weighed 209 lbs on Day 1. A week later, I got on the scale and to my surprise it said 204 lbs! What I did: The day I began Meridia, I started a healthy diet - no more than 1200 calories a day & stopped the ice cream habit. I walk more now, but I still have no real exercise routine. I no longer eat fatty and greasy foods. I love Meridia because I feel less hungry and eat much smaller meals. For example, I can eat a Lean Cuisine at lunch and feel full. The only thing is, I tend to get hungrier at night. So, I started taking Meridia an hour later than usual and I've been less hungry at night. Personally, it's harder for me to lose weight than the average person because I have hypothyroidism -- no thyroid to control my metabolism. (I take 225 mcg of Levothyroxine.) I have been struggling with my weight since I was 21, when I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. My endocrinologist prescribed Meridia for me because I told her that I am unhappy with my weight, fearful I will get gestational diabetes if I get pregnant again, and don't want to risk the chance of becoming diabetic in the future. Ironically, because I had gestational diabetes, I was put on a diet (2,300 calories a day) during my pregnancy, and did not gain a pound. As a result, I lost 20 lbs after having my son. Now, after almost a year and a half later, Iíve gained a total of 13 lbs, slowly heading back up to my pre-pregnancy weight of 216 lbs. Meridia is the best thing t F 35 10 days
10 mg 1X D
 5  over weight During the first two weeks, a little dry mouth. Nothing severe. No real bad side effcts. The cost is $183 per month and for me, since I was only 33lbs over, it's x 6 months. Six months is what it will take for me to hit my BMI. You may be different-consult your doctor. If you have a desire to get back in shape, go for it, spend the money. If you don't have the money, stay away from Meridia, because all you'll do is complain it doesn't work. I'm living proof it does though. You have to excercise--don't expect the weight to fall off without some effort. Do you want to get back in shape? Follow the program, excercise. I rode a bicycle 125 miles per week, took meridia, watched my food consumption, and watched my body changed back to a normal physique. If you are looking for approx cost-Doctor visits, physical, blood work, x 6 months = APPROX $1800.00 If you add your excercise into it, then that is your time-you'll have to price that. Total benefit-PRICELESS. On 3-3-10 I weighed 203 lbs. On 5-14-10 I weighed in at 179 lbs. I've lost 24 lbs so far. My correct BMI is 169 lbs. I've been on almost three months supply of 15mg capsules, one each day. It helps control appetite and gives an appreciation for what you eat. The drug blocks sensors in the brain so you don't have the "hungry" feeling. I have 10 lbs to loose in the next 2 months, stepping down to 10mg capsules and then finally to 5mg capsules. What accelerated my weight loss was 1000 miles of cycling since I started the drug. Excercise and the weight will drop. Cut caloric intake to 1000-1200 calories per day, eat nothing fried, and this pulls your health back to the teenage years. At age 50 now, I've resumed control of my weight, can fit in medium shirts, and feel the best I've ever felt. No pot belly. Great feeling. Lost it. I do not have heartburn any longer. Began the program on March 3rd 2010 consuming 1 capsule each 15mg per day. Three months of this. The fourth upcoming month is 15 mg supply. The fifth month will be reduced to 10mg. The final month is a 5mg supply. Also-the heartburn is gone due to the weight dropping-I use to have to take one zantac per day-no more zantac! M 50 90 days
15mg 1X D