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 1  To lighten hyperpigmentation Severe burning, itching, redness, inflamation, bumps all over face. I followed the instructions to the letter and used on top of moisturizer. After only one use, I ended up at the walk in clinic. Never again. I'm literally hiding in my house until my skin calms down. F 62 1 days
.1 1X O
 1  Blackheads on my nose Redness, dryness, skin peeled The dermatologist prescribed me tazorac for some bad blackheads on my nose. I used for a couple days, applying it to my nose nightly. After those couple days, my nose started to get really red and dry, and my skin started peeling, like it had a sunburn. My nose also started to feel like it was burning. I've now stopped using it, and I'm definitely going to have to visit the dermatologist again F 15 5 days
 4  Acne scars and active acne Peeling/irritation for the first 3 weeks, sun sensitivity, burned when I cried (my tears irriated my skin for some reason). Currently 9 1/2 weeks in and my skin is improving a ton. I apply Tazorac .05% at night an hour after moisturizing, and Aczone 5% in the morning after moisturizing as well. The important thing to remember with retinoids and basically any acne medication is patience. It was extremely discouraging about two weeks ago when I read all of these stories of people showing clear skin after only a month of Taz and here I was 7 weeks in and my skin wasn't improving, but after reading other success stories of people sticking it out for months I decided to keep going. My skin isn't 100 % clear but it is so soft to the touch and the acne that I still have is very small scars that have faded tremendously.Finally feeling confident in my skin after struggling with moderate acne and overall greasiness for the past year, and after trying every OTC acne treatment out there from Clearasil and Noxzema to make brands such as Dermalogica, I've finally found something that helps my akin, and I can't wait to see what my skin looks like by week 12 ( knock on wood) F 17 9 weeks
 5  Very mild acne, pores & blackheads Red irritated,sensitive, preeling and flaking of the face. Just like the other reviews on here I too was hesitant to try a product that would cause all those side effects. My dermatologist prescribed it to me and warned me to make sure I use moisturizer before applying TAZ. I didn't listen which was a big mistake. I think had I moisturized the side effects would not have been as bad. The first two weeks were the most embarrassing weeks. My skin looked like it was sunburnt and it felt that way. I wanted to quit but I stumbled upon this website and listened to what everyone said. STICK TO IT! I'm in my third week and although there is still some shedding going in small areas this medication is GREAT! I already see a difference. My pores look great the blackheads on my nose gone and even the small fine laugh line that even my plastic surgeon said Botox or juvederm could not fix is near to hardly visible. I hope that this review helps someone whose about to start or is going through what I went through. Your face will thank u for it. ; ) F 31 3 weeks
 3  Acne My skin has been dry the past few days, not nearly as bad as other reviews have said but I'm avoiding dryness by putting on lotion before I use Tazorac. I'm 15 years old and have been using acanya and Tazorac for about 2 weeks. My acne isn't that bad but it still bothers me since I'm the only one of my friends who has acne. I've had acne for a little over a year now and I've been to three different dermatologist which nothing they gave me helped. When I first started to use Tazorac and acanya I only had acne on my left cheek and tiny bumps on my forehead. The first few days I saw improvement but now after using this product for 2 weeks I've gotten more acne all the right side of my face!! And I'm so angry about it!! So far these products have done nothing but dry out my skin and cause more acne in places I've never had it. My dermatologist did say it will get worse before it gets better so maybe this is just a phase. When I read other reviews , people saw improvement right away which really disappointed me when the same didn't happen to me. If you want to see improvement in your skin fast, I wouldn't recommend either of these products. F 15 2 days
 5  Teenage Acne I absolutely love the way my face looks when I wake up after putting it on my face before I go to bed. At first, it made my face extremely dry, but that stopped when I started putting a little less on. I love this stuff! F 19 2 years
30 MG
 2  moderate acne, whiteheads, blackhea Horrible dryness, redness, burning, itching, increased acne F 19 1 months
 5  Adult acne I've heard a lot about the burning and itching of Tazorac on the face. Believe me, it's worth it! My derm recommended that I only use it every other night for the first week in order to give me/my face a chance to get accustomed to it. I started using it every night during the second week. I have to admit -- on the first night, I washed it off because the itching and burning we as so bad. For those who are just beginning this medication, my take on it is that it dries out blemishes WHILE SLOWLY BURNING OFF LAYERS OF DAMAGED AND SCARRED SKIN EVERY NIGHT. I only use it at night. In short, the burning and irritation are worth it! My skin is velvety soft! So, hang in there...it's worth it!!! F 43 6 weeks
 3  acne I've been taking .1% tazorac every night along with aczone and an antibiotic twice a day. I also use the aczone during the day after washing with BP. It's been OK, I haven't really noticed any changes in my skin in the two months I've been using it, I still have zits here and there. I'm hoping to see results hopefully in the next couple of weeks. M 23 2 months
.1% 1X D
 2  Acne At first it helped with my acne a lot but in the end....my acne still came back and my face is so dis colored and red all the time without makeup. People always ask why my face is always so red and it's EMBARRASING. Tazorac also made my skin a whole different texture and i look awful when I put makeup over my skin. I have a lot of hyper pigmentation on my forehead and I never had any before I started using tazorac. Honestly...my skin looks worse then what it looked like before. F 16 6 months
 5  mild to moderate acne Mild itching, redness, skin flakiness. After being plagued with moderate adult acne, including painful cystic acne flares, I finally went to my derm to be put on a regimen. She prescribed Solodyn 105mg daily, Acanya mornings after cleansing and before moisturizing ,and Tazorac 0.05% after cleansing and after moisturizing at night 3-4x a week and working up to every other night. After using Solodyn my breakouts, including cystic flares reduced dramatically. After 1 month I started weaning off Solodyn and stopped it entirely 2 months after starting. All the while I continued using Tazorac at night, every other night. After 2.5 months use, skin had become clear, bumps and scars smoothed out, hyper pigmentation from past flares and pimples were minimized. And I had this glow. And everyone who hadn't seen me thought I had lost YEARS in age, as it also is well-known for anti-aging affects. Only minor irritations for me because, I think Solodyn kept the initial purge effects in check. And I apply Neutrogena sensitive skin moisture before apply Tazorac, only at night and only every other night. I had pretty bad Acne, blotchiness, dark spots in April when I started and by July, little to no acne, spots, blotches, bumps cleared up, skin looked radiant and everyone was commenting on how young I looked. For me, all three worked together, but Tazorac I continue to use as maintenance. May not work for everyone, but for me an absolute miracle. M 34 5 months
0.05% 4X W
 5  Acne. A lot of it Peeling & Burning when applied F 12 2 days
 4  Acne, dark spots I started to break out more on my cheeks. My skin has become more oily. No dryness, redness or peeling. I have been using this for almost a month now and my skin has smoothed out. It does not get dry like other people. F 25 3 weeks
.1 1X D
 5  Acne Nice glow love it! F 30 4 weeks
 1  for verruca plana Really bad burning. Skin peeling off all over. M 34 4 days
 5  Acne At first it was a little painful due to over dryness. I found out that using a milky lotion prior to applying the taz helped relieve that and it didn't limit it's effectiveness. F 25 6 months
 5  Acne scars Sooo i been on tazorac for two days, i apply it once at night with aczone (aczone only where i have bumps) i use the tazorac for my acne scars because all thw bumps have pretty much gone away. Im praying it will work soo but so far, since im used to being self concious, no side effects have taken place, i hope it works soon and ill be back to the once confident self! pray for me M 15 2 days
 5  Acne Horrible initial breakout. I was so embarrased of my face. At about the 11th week it kicked in like magic. I'm now on week 12 & my scars are fading nicely & skin is acne free. My skin is so smooth & has a glow to it. F 32 3 months
1% cream
 5  adult acne, large pores My skin was so red that it hurt to the touch. Could not find a moisturizer or a cleanser that didn't sting.My face was falling off in huge flakes. The purge was the wildest thing that's ever happened to my skin! You would not believe what came out of my pores...flat greasy flakes came out of my pores - they were so big, I didn't see how they would fit coming out of a pore. I even had fluffy flakes, dried white heads and these strange, amber colored, flat 'crystals'. They looked more like thin sheets of amber glass coming out. F 58 4 months
1X D
 1  Acne Horrible break out Very dry skin Red skin Burning sensation I used this horrible medicine the exact way my dermatologist recommended me to. At first I had light/moderate acne but now it's horrible. I don't even want to be seen in public. M 17 3 weeks
0.1 1X D

TAZORAC  (TAZAROTENE):  Tazarotene is used to treat psoriasis or acne. It is a retinoid product related to Vitamin A. It works by affecting the growth of skin cells. The foam form of this medication is only approved for use on acne.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)