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 Type: Brand name discontinued; available as generic

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 1  Bipolar Disorder (misdiagnosed) This drug is clearly extremely dangerous for some people. It was for me. It made me feel like I was an entirely different person - and not a normal person either. My condition was misdiagnosed (as bipolar disorder) when this drug was prescribed for me at a dosage of 3 tabs morning and night. I literally felt like an alien had taken over my body. I began having abnormal paranoid thoughts (which I never had before) and started thinking I was seeing symbols in everything - all of which I discovered later were purely imaginary. I had no motivation or purpose - which I have had all my life. And I became depressed and suffered from chronic insomnia that caused me to be awake at night and asleep during the day. A real vampire night shift. My right hand started to tremble involuntarily. It got so bad that I could not write or type. I lost the dexterity of my fingers such that I had to purchase voice recognition software to type and use my computer because it was critical for the work I was doing. And my memory crumbled. I would walk into the kitchen from another room only to forget why I went there. This happened constantly and daily. After doing a lot of research online, I decided to go off them cold turkey (after reading a success story written by someone who did so also) and instead detoxified my body by going on a maximally raw vegan diet - with a little organic or free range chicken here and there. The raw fruits and vegetables cleansed out my system and within 2-3 months I was back to normal - no abnormal thoughts, symbols, paranoia or other nonsense. Depression and insomnia, gone. Hands back to normal. No trembling. No more voice recognition software required. I then took up swimming in the morning at the local YMCA, followed by a steam sauna and spa to keep releasing as many toxins and impurities from my body. If you had told me I was going to be doing this 6 months ago, I would have told you...Yeah that is about as likely as me winning the Miss Universe pageant - for context, I am a man. However I now feel fully alive again and my emotional life is no longer dull, lifeless (as if always wrapped in cotton wool) or numb. It is a turnabout I could not have imagined in my drugged and depressed state when the thought of even having a shower each day was as burdensome as the thought of running a marathon. All I can say to anyone reading this, is try to deal with the cause of your condition by releasing the toxins that may be causing your condition *before* taking or accepting medical advice. Psychiatrists still do not want to take diet into account. M 3 months
2X D
 4  Bipolar Disorder Marketed as Epilim in South Africa. Trying hard to think of any effects that bother me, and I really can't think of anything! Taking in conjunction with Molipaxin and Lexapro. M 30 1 years
 4  Borderline Personality Disorder Tiredness, bloating, weightgain, yawning, bizarre dreams, blurred vision This drug, also known as Sodium Valproate/Epilim in Australia, has been instrumental in helping me get some balance and self control in my life. I am calmer, my self hate has decreased to mere dislike on occasions, mainly because I am not having ridiculous highs of being the greatest person in the world followed by extended bouts of being the only shitty human being the world has ever seen. With my moods stabilised, i am more rational & less reactive and the prospect of actually being alive for the next 40 years doesn't seem so terrifying. I am not taking anti depressant (effexor) anymore but there would have to be some incredibly compelling reason for me to stop taking this drug Depacon/Sodium Valproate because it has helped save my life and helps me feel "normal", more in control of what happens inside my brain and not subject to the whims of my emotional state. F 38 9 months
 3  Bipolar II Initial flu-like symptoms, weird dreams and tiredness. Subsided after a couple of weeks. OUTRAGEOUS outta control hunger. Gained 10lbs so far. Obsessed with eating more & more even if I've just eaten a full meal. Felt 'level' after about a month on 1000mg. Then after 1 week of that it stopped working. Upped to 1500 after that, still not feeling any benefits for my bipolar. Obsessive hunger getting worse and worse. Trying to persuade my psych to let me try something else. F 37 2 months
 1  fibromyalgia, cfs I didn't realise until I was prescribed this that there are three ways to feel temperature. This drug made me depressed and it made me feel cold. I don't mean chilly. I mean existentially I-will-never-feel-warm-again. It took me 18 months after I stopped taking it to feel even vaguely normal. And I never used to feel cold; now I have to rug up in winter just like normal people. This made me so ill I ended up in front of a welfare department psychologist. She was the only person who actually believed this drug was responsible. She even explained why. She was very angry with my doctor. Of course, if I hadn't been so depressed I could have worked it out for myself - 'anti-manic' is just a politically correct term for a depressant. My doctor thought I was depressed about my illness to start with. I now know what real depression feels like. This drug may damage your hypothalamus. Approach with extreme caution. M 37 3 months
 5  Bipolar Disorder Some stomach upset intially and sluggishness. Took about a month to adjust. It helps me, and that's good. F 27 18 months
 1  bipolar I weight gain (30 lbs) Not worth it F 27 6 months
 2  bipolar type 2 pronounced thinning of hair, reduced lustre of hair, dryness of skin seems to help a bit with mood swings but effect seems barely noticeable M 49 1 years
 2  migraines F 36 1 days
 3  depression none F 51 36 days