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 3  Reactive Airway Disease Shakiness, trouble sleeping F 12 2 months
44 mcg 2X D
 1  Asthma My daughter started this last week and her mood and behaviors have been awful. Moody, angry and aggressive. She has anxiety and we finally got it down and her anxiety med down and she has been stable for months and months, until this medication. She won't be taking it anymore. This drug is bad and it is very bad for my child. F 10 8 days
2X D
 1  Asthma Extreme mood swings, not able to control himself, difficult to calm down, panic attacks and being scared more. Little things set him off. M 4.5 4 days
 5  Transient asthma croup This has been life saving for my son. He has currently transient asthma that causes croup inflammation that narrows his throat to the point of hospitalization. From the time he was 18 months we dreaded any respiratory virus as he would croup. Started this at age 6 at the lowest possible dose per our allergist and we have not had any issues or one croup related transient episode. And my son has had no side effects that have been mentioned on this board. The pediatrician is more mindful of growth just in case, but we are not worried because there are things for that too and the benefits outweigh the risks in that case. Make sure you have an allergist that starts at the lowest doses possible for treatment effectiveness with monthly follow ups until achieved. Some start too high, and it might be cAusing side effect issues. M 8 2 years
 2  Asthma My sweet, compliant and affectionate son has become a monster on this drug. He is aggressive, defiant, unable to soothe himself or be distracted; he hits and spits and says terrible things with the intention to shock and hurt. He was like a different child. I thought his behavior was “three-nager” stuff I had heard of, but after he was sent home from pre school for hitting, I began researching this drug. I’m so grateful I found this site. We will be discontinuing our use and switching to Qvar. I want my little boy back! I will say, his asthma was very well controlled in this drug, but the side effects are too grisly for us to bear. M 3 1 months
110 mcg
 1  Asthma Seizures, Extreme Anxiety, Extreme Insomnia, Night Terrors, Hallucinations, Anger, Bipolar Behavior, Systemic Eosinophelia (presented in blood work and by severe skin condition), EEG showed Brain Toxicity in the way seizures presented My sweet, kind, calm daughter had been on Flovent for several years. She had also been on Singulair as a combined treatment for part of that time (google Singulair side-effects - they are equally horrible). Gradually, we watched our dear daughter develop severe anxiety issues causing her to rip at her skin until she bled, severe insomnia, mood swings, terrifying dreams and visions, she kept saying the floor was opening up and evil creatures with red eyes were trying to get her to fall in, and a severe skin disorder (beyond typical eczema). She also developed systemic eosinophelia which presented in blood tests and by severe allergic reactions and an all over body rash, Finally, she started to have seizures out-of-the blue. Neurologists said her brain was showing an unusual pattern, and they could only conclude it was from a toxicity from something. The whole while, we kept giving our daughter flovent daily (she was 8 years old by this time, but had been gradually getting worse since she was 7 years old). Fast forward 2.5 years. Our daughter has been off Flovent for 18 months, but we are just now making the connection to Flovent and Singulair as the cause. Our daughter has had a long road to recovery (probably since she was on the medications so long). Everything is improving, and her mood is happy again. She still has seizures, though they, too, are improving. I am praying she can make a full recovery in time. PLEASE, PARENTS!! CAREFULLY CONSIDER USING THIS DRUG! F 8 4 years
44 mcg 2X D
 2  ASTHMA F 8
110 mg 1X D

 1  asthma/allergy headaches, racing heart, paranoia, anxiety, schizophrenia, hallucinations, moody, stomach pains, night terrors I do not recommend this medication. My daughter has always been pleasant and happy go lucky. She was put on this medication to control her asthma and seasonal allergies. She began having night terrors and hallucination of a man in all black chasing her. She became very moody and aggressive towards everybody. She was very anxious. Her symptoms got to the point where she did not want to be alone at any given point. She was also on other medications for her asthma as well and after slowly discontinuing one medication at a time this was the last medication that she was on so I conclude that this is the medication that was affecting her. Especially after reading how she was experiencing the same symptoms as other children around her age. F 11 2 months
44 mcg 2X D
 1  Asthma Extreme anxiety, suicidal thoughts, hyperactivity, schizophrenia My daughter will never touch this drug again. She's been on it off and on, spriing and fall, for 2 years. I started her on it to get through spring allergies last week. Yesterday she told me she didn't want to be alive. Today the school called because she broke down and told them she was hearing voices from under the ground telling her not to believe in God and that she should come underground with them. Thank God for this site. I suspected the steroid when her usually happy behavior changed but now I know for certain the drug caused a psychotic episode. So many other moms with the exact same behaviors in formerly normal children including voices and suicidal thoughts. F 7 3 days
 1  Asthma My son has been on Flovent for 2 months for his asthma. He's always been a great kid, never any tantrums or behavior issues. Over the past month, we have noticed heightened anxiety, tics (clenching and unclenching his fists to relieve anxiety), OCD tendencies, inability to cope with the smallest frusterations, tantrums and anger. I couldn't figure out where this behavior was coming from, given that there have been no other changes in his life and he has a great day to day stress free environment. After reading these posts my husband and I are sure this is the cause. I'm stopping this horrid medication immediately. I will be calling his doc to see what our other options are. M 7 1 days
2 puffs 2x
 1  Diagnosed Asthma Vomited twice, Hyper, Insomnia, Hallucinations (especially about spiders), Hallucinations of sensations in his face and feet, nightmares, irrational fears from my typically fearless child. My other son had a reaction to this same medicine in 2005. He also hallucinations, irrational fears (terrified of tree frogs even though he loved them), nightmares, banging his head on the floor, anger, rage, major anxiety. I can't tell you how many times I have had a doctor tell me how extrememly rare these side effects are. I didn't want my 2nd son even trying Flovent because of the reaction my first son had. I was bullied into it at this latest appointment and here we are again. These side effects look pretty common to me after reading all of the other reports! M 7 3 days
 4  allergy induced asthma The day after my daughter starting taking this medication she changed into an emotional mess!! She would go into rage fits out of no where. She began getting violent and throwing things if she didn't get what she wanted. She even became super violent with her sister. She would jump on her punch her slap her etc. F 8 7 days
 5  reactive airway/asthma None This med has been a life-saver. My daughter has not wheezed since she started this drug. Before this, we were in the ER with every cold she got. She is 2.5, diagnosed with RAD at 18 mos. Rescue inhalers are not a substitute for long term control. If this drug does not work for your child, find another control! it is necessary. F 2.5 120 days
44mcg 2X D
 1   Do not give this med to your child. My five year old done became aggressive, irritable and sensitive...and it didn't even improve his condition. I suggest getting a detailed allergy testing to find out what's triggering his attacked I mean test them for everything. Also I noticed if I really pay attention to his diet, lots of smoothies and veggies he tends to do a lot better. Omega 3 , probiotic and the spice turmeric help with inflammation . Look up natural alternatives . They've helped with my son. Good luck M 5 1 days
 3  severe environmental allergies/asth his behavior is much worse on this but he isn't sick 9mos per year with URIs anymore. Becoming increasingly alarmed that he keeps getting fatter and fatter with pockets of cellulite and breasts. the only other thing he is on is very rare Proventil when needed, allegra, and Flonase. Thinking about stopping meds anyone experience male child weight gain and breasts? the Proventil didn't do it so it is this or allegra M 8 1.5 years
2X D
 1  Bad cough Screaming, kicking, just completely out of control behavior. My son has taken Flovent a few times in the past - colds hit him hard in the chest, and he gets really gunky coughs - and never had any problems with it. We started him on it this afternoon (I only did 1 puff) and he was fine, but tonight (2 puffs, as prescribed), within 10 minutes of taking it, he completely transformed. He started screaming, kicking, just out of his head, and even said, "I don't want to be alive." When he finally calmed down about 20 minutes later, I asked him why he said those words, and he replied, "I don't even know why." It's like the drug temporarily altered his brain. It was so scary. I am absolutely not using this drug again. Ever. M 5
2X D
 4  asthma symptoms Mood swings, hitting herself constantly, punching herself in the face, does not listen to us, immediately starts crying when she does not get her way. I can honestly say she had never had such a bad temper and she was a well behaved child, would listen to us when we asked her to stop doing something. Now she says she is going to hit us, she will laugh when we discipline her, and she is just not the same little girl. I stay up nights crying wondering what we are doing wrong as parents. Her asthma has completely gone away and i really don't know what is worse, the not being able to breath or having her behave like a monster. I am afraid if I tell my doctor about these side affects he is going to tell me I'm crazy and that I shouldn't listen to what people say on the internet. He says he has had asthma for most of his life and that he knows exactly what she is going through. I would love to know what other kids doctors have told their parents when wanting to get off the meds. F 5 45 days
44mcg 1X D
 1  possible asthma VERY aggressive behavior!!! Temper tantrums, hitting, name calling. Hearing voices in his head. We lost our little boy for almost a year. Once he started say he was hearing voices in his head, I started looking for answers. Thank god I found this website. Started weening him off his puffers immediately and three weeks later, we have our little boy back. No exaggeration, that was awful!!! Thank you everybody for sharing!! M 4 1 years
2X D
 1  Asthma My son has been agressive, overly sensitive, hyper and argumentative since taking this medicine and Q-var. He is also very afraid to go to sleep by himself when he hasn't been that way in a year or so. He wakes up several times at night and turns on his nightlight. He's very anxious and said that he cannot get some things out if his head, that "he keeps seeing them" right in front of him. Similar behavior in school since taking this medicine and prior to that Q-Var. I want my sweet little boy back. I throw this medicine out first thing in the morning. M 5 3 weeks
 1  Wheezing from virus My son 23 months took flovent twice this winter for wheezing during a cold/virus. First episode was fine, recovered, we moved on. This latest one, not so much. My wonderful, gentle boy has become manic. Sorry for crude analogy but he has been acting like a crackhead. Or possessed. Jittery at night, thrashing, fighting, refusing to sleep before midnight and never napping during the day. This is all new and we've been terrified, considering an ADHD consult with our peds. For over a month now, my son has not had adequate sleep in any form. We have now stopped the inhaler, after cutting all sugar and dyes from his diet, allowing 0 TV time, and attempting herbal baths and soothing/calming measures to no avail. Am hoping cutting flovent works for my son. Sounds like it worked for you all. M 2.5 1 months
1 puff 2X D

FLOVENT  (FLUTICASONE PROPIONATE):  Fluticasone is used to treat certain growths in the nose (nasal polyps). It belongs to a class of drugs known as corticosteroids. Fluticasone works by reducing swelling (inflammation) in the nasal passages. This can help decrease symptoms such as stuffy nose.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)