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 1  Endometriosis Seizures, migraines, psychosis, paranoia, extreme pain in muscles and in my head, extramarital fatigue, black outs, fainting and dizzy spells, severe panic attacks, flashbacks, intense fear and sense of imminent doom I would rather be murdered than have another injection. 29 3 months
Injection 1X O
 4  Endometriosis / Infertility Hot flashes - Only lasted for about a minute but often had multiple per day. They were bearable. Occasional headaches in days following each injection. Gained approximately 15 pounds over the 6 months. Had some sleeplessness in the first months but that went away around month 3. Minor forgetfulness. I didn't mind being on Lupron. Some forums scared me but I did it anyway. The injections were once a month and the month following the first injection I had absolutely no cycle, not even spotting. That was nice. It seems to have cleared up the endo from my lack of pain. Doc also did an HSG (hysterosalpingogram) and my tubes and uterus looked clear. Not sure if it has repaired the fertility issue yet but the side effects were bearable in comparison to the pain I was in from my endo and cyst that had formed. F 29 6 months
30MG 1X M
 1  "infertility due to endometriosis" bone pain, nausea, anemia, insomnia, fever, vertigo, cervical cancer, joint pain, disc degeneration, weakened teeth (pain), hair loss, tenosynivitis, etc, etc. PTSD from "Lupron", additional PTSD from "medical mismanagement". Not "medicine" but "poison" One of two prescription receipts lists: 4 x 5 MG/ML vials (added to one or two vials received prior) for DAILY injections, (deliberately), in early December 1989........... 12/89: prescribed for six months though soon traveling and absent from medical care. (Quit at 4.5 months.) Apparently fabricated into a clinical trial (according to Health Canada's 1999 report of the drug's accessibility then). I was not ill nor complaining of any symptoms, but only wanted information about IVF prior to extended travels about to deliver me, months later, to country life 3000 miles away. The physician worked hard over the course of an hour to persuade us........... In 1997, I was told, yet again, that I needed surgery for mysterious sumptoms, again run amok in my body. I ended up typing "Luperon" into a computer for the first time. To my shock, up popped the "National Lupron Victims Network" (NLVN) being, then, my very first source of authentic information about Lupron. I became an anti-Lupron activist, then the only one in Canada, until the powers that be made that unsafe and I vanished from sight to protect my loved ones and myself, 2000-2016, as did NLVN Founder Linda Abend, DDS, (vanishing a few weeks after I did)...... I return now, thinking enough time had passed to find some authentic security again, only to be met with the shocks of the following... A) Despite my case having revealed clinical trial F 54 135 days
? 1X D
 1  fibroids I took Lupron only once and it completely destroyed my abdominal wall. The injury is irreversible and not covered by insurance, but I have had two major surgeries at my own expense to get some improvement. Lupron doesn't cure any condition or illness and there are victims groups all over the internet. This drug should never be prescribed. Be advised that Lupron is NOT FDA approved for fertility treatments and completely unnecessary. It increases the dangers and drives up the costs. F 48 1 months
3.75 1X M

LUPRON DEPOT  (LEUPROLIDE ACETATE):  Leuprolide is used to treat advanced prostate cancer in men. It is not a cure. Most types of prostate cancer need the male hormone testosterone to grow and spread. Leuprolide works by reducing the amount of testosterone that the body makes. This helps slow or stop the growth of cancer cells and helps relieve symptoms such as painful/difficult urination. Talk to your doctor about the risks and benefits of treatment.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)