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 3  Skin health Use this stuff with caution, very sparingly and under the supervision of a doctor! It works as described but the molecules are very small and penetrate the lower skin. There are a lot of side effects with this medication that can affect people in different ways. Here is my concern... I used it topically for several days with increasing gastrointestinal discomfort. On the fourth day the pain became intolerable with profuse vomiting. In hospital my white blood cells were elevated. Although I took it topically, I later learned that the oral version of this medication carries boxed warnings of leukocytosis. M 37 4 days
0.05% 1X D
 5  because of red scars on face it being 60 days complete , now i get the impact from retin a cream on my face. someone suggest me online for this cream i personally like it alot, because I get frustrated with other creams on the other hand it works F 43 60 days
0.1% 2X D
 3  Adult cystic acne Dryness, peeling. Large cyst like blemishes along cheeks and jawline. It's been 6 weeks and I'm still breaking out badly on Retin-a .08. It's a different kind of blemish than I'm used to getting. These are large, deep, and look almost like blisters. My dermatologist just recommended I reduce use to every other night bc he believes it's causing too much exfoliation too quickly. F 33 6 weeks
.08 1X D
 3  Acne Ok so I'm on Retin-A Micro .1% for a month and 1 day. I think yesterday I started the "purging" phase D: I am getting more pimples at one time than I have every before. The type of pimples if you touch them, you can feel pain/soreness. It really sucks but I am going to stick through it and update you all for month 2. I believe my skin is sensitive because EVERY pimple I get, it leaves a red mark afterwards :( it sucks cuz it looks like I still have pimples. I've been peeling a little and I've noticed little improvement in fading the marks. Hopefully the old marks and current marks will start to fade more. Also since I use foundation to cover up my pimples and marks, I've been using neutrogen makeup remover and cleanser foam. I really love it so if you are using makeup also make sure you find a good makeup remover that works for you! Because not removing the makeup properly can be a huge reason for getting pimples. F 22 1 months
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 1  Acne, reduction of oiliness Extreme sensitivity to sunburn, redness, peeling, dryness, extreme worsening of acne and oiliness. Made skin sensitive Continued worsening of symptoms throughout course. Why I quit. Past three month mark, and just getting worse! M 17 3 months
 4  acne Works great after three months my face was totally clear I did have peeling itching and burning but it goes away my dark spots faded so much I forget I even had them the medicine is slow but it works very good oh and I stoped using it for like 3 weeks and pimples starded coming back so im back on it and im staying on it F 19 1 days
 2  Molluscum Left red welts where the cream was used F 5 8 weeks
 2  acne itching works on superficial acne, doesnt work well on deep acne M 28 1 years
2X D
 5  Severe acne Redness, peeling, horrible break outs, sensitivity F 19 3 months
20 MG
 4  Acne & Skin Rejuvination I am 45 years old and have had terrible skin since I was a teenager. I also have very sensitive skin. When I first starting taking the Retin A Micro, I had peeling itchy raw skin, worse at times than others. Finally at week 7 the itchy peeling skin and the redness was finally gone. I did have a breakout at the beginning of week 8, but my skin tone is so much better than its ever been. I'm hoping the breakout is just impurities still coming to the surface. My freckles/age spots are fading a little. I'm hoping that this is finally the beginning to beautiful skin F 45 8 weeks
.1% 1X D
 4   Can someone tell me if I should stop using it I experienced peeling but I got really dark spots like discoloration should I stop or continues they are really dark F 19 4 days
 4  Acne, acne scaring, fine lines Been on and off retina for months. Generally quit due to laziness and annoyance with red and peeling skin. I have been using daily. And yea my skin is red and peeling and dry ... Looks like a slow chemical peel. Stating to see results. Cheeks are very smooth, no clogged nose pores, forehead skin tone is evening out. I am using this in conjunction with a hydroconique cream to bleach my dark scars. Once I get through the first month my skin should look Great! It also feels tight and fresh. F 27 2 weeks
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 5  Moderate acne Skin peeling, itching redness, but it's all worth it!!! I am on the 5th month and skin looks better than ever!! It has a glow to it I can wait til I dont have to wear makeup!! This is the only the product that has worked for !!! F 31 6 months
 5  acne and scars At the beginning, I experienced all the side effects - burning, itchiness, and a horrible initial breakout, worse than I had ever experienced before. Peeling was also a problem, especially if I wanted to wear makeup (which I did!). It really works!!! If you're wondering if you should stick with it, do! It's worth it. The side effects are bad and depressing and it takes a while for it to work (2 months is a blatant lie, it's more like 9-12 months before you see actual improvement!) But, you stop breaking out and all the dark red spots and scars get less and less visible every day. I can now wear no makeup on my face going out and it's the best feeling ever. And I had it bad! Give it 1 year! I promise it'll work and your face will look better than ever! F 24 1 years
0.04% 1X D
 5  To smooth skin/get fresh look Mild peeling in the first couple of weeks. I love, love, love this product. I don't have acne or scarring but love the results of a cell/skin renewal product so I took it to the next level with a prescription strength. I saw my 40 year old dertmatolgist's skin and loved it - so fresh looking. I asked what she used and she said Retin-A micro. She said a lot of dermatologists use it themselves. I get compliments all the time and two co-workers now use it. I'm hooked. F 43 2 years
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 1  Cystic Acne Burning, itching pretty weak considering the cost. takes forever for any noticable difference on severe acne, would have to take for years to clear worst of it, by then your skin would be so raw it wouldn't be worth it. the main problem with retin-a is that its topical and cannot penetrate your pores deep enough to clear cysic acne, just surface acne. if your acne is very mild to moderate retin a may be sufficient, but if its severe you will be disappointed. M 28 1 years
.04% 2X D
 2  Acne This medication is not good for the skin it burn my skin and I have redness from it and its been 8 months and it still has not gone away. DO NOT USE IT IT WILL NOT HELP YOU AT ALL...... F 23 2 days
25 1X W
 4  Acne Brief dryness patches at first, but suddenly around 4 weeks had horrible micro bumps then peeling of entire face (still occuring now). I used retin a micro a few years ago when my acne first got bad (age 19.) I went through bad initial break out ( I had moderate inflammed acne to begin with) but once it was over I had glowing white skin. I used for 2 years, but then stopped when I ran out of prescription and was too lazy to refill, and because I was experiencing very clear skin. 4 months later I started to have hormonal breakouts again and just unreliable skin in general. I have restarted using retin a 0.04% because I know it will work for me again. Weeks 1-3 I had the same minor break outs I was having before starting, and minor dry skin patches that I could slough off with wet rag. However, starting week 4, I experienced an entire burning of the skin, practically over night, and have no idea why....I am very meticulous about how much I use and about waiting at least 30 minutes after washing face to use. I usually take 1 night a week off as well to just readjust to the side effects. This recent dryness has been unexpected and because of that it's hard to deal with mentally! But I know it'll work out--just takes some time. Anyone going through this try not to fret! It will give you glowing skin. When I finally do have results, I will be putting online a full log with pictures of almost every 2 days of my progress to help those going through first rough 3 months : ) Look forward to it! F 22 5 weeks
0.04 6X W
 3  Acne-mild Horrible peeling, flakey-ness, redness, almost like raw skin especially around my mouth, hasn't really "cured" my acne yet. I am hoping it will, along with my oral antibiotics. It also made me very nauseous and gave me head aches the first week and a half. If retin-a does not help my acne with 3 more weeks of use (which will be 12 weeks), I am praying my derm. will give me accutane. F 19 9 weeks
pea size 1X D
 5  moderate acne, acne scars peeling, redness, dryness, itchiness I had moderate acne, but dreadful post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and light acne scarring, which plagued me for years before my parents finally sanctioned a visit to the dermo. I started Yaz about a month before, and my doc started a course of doxycycline 100 mg 2x daily, and retin-a micro 1x daily. My skin had a very light initial rxn to both the topical and oral treatments within the first week, but nothing awful. Then my skin started flaking horribly, and more sensitive skin areas become frightfully red and dry and peely, as if I got a sunburn and it was healing. This cleared quickly, leaving newer, brighter skin in its wake, but this still happens from time to time, revealing nicer skin each time. I never had an awful initial breakout (at least, not yet!), but I still get a pimple every couple of days that is gone by the next day, with v. little PIH. My acne is now light, my PIH and (light-to-begin-with) scars are starting to fade. I flake occasionally, but nothing intolerable, and my skin is SO smooth, even the places to which I have not applied the retin-a micro. I hope it keeps getting better, and doesn't come back once I stop, because it's been very nice clearing the ghost-like PIH that's been haunting my otherwise porcelain skin for so long. F 20 6 weeks
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RETIN-A MICRO  (TRETINOIN):  This medication is used to treat acne. It may decrease the number and severity of acne pimples and promote quick healing of pimples that do develop. Tretinoin belongs to a class of medications called retinoids. It works by affecting the growth of skin cells.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)