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 3  Asthma worsened during pregnancy I've had a huge increase on fatigue since starting it, I also have weird bumps and rash behind my ears and along the back of my hairline. I've also had unexplained weight gain. I've had trouble gaining weight all my life due to a fast metabolism(no other medical reason has ever been found). I started the pulmicort, then the next doctors appointment (6 weeks later) I had gained 12 POUNDS 2 lbs per week when before I was gaining 3-4lbs per 6 weeks. Nothing in my diet changed except I now go on 30 minute walks every.single.day. Since gaining the weight I've cut back my portions, added even more fruit and more water and am still going on the walks. I'm still gaining regardless of whatever i do. The container is awkward to take. F 25 4 weeks
90 mcg 2X D
 3  Cold to prevent breathing problem My son is 17 months and he will start to take this medication today but I'm scare now reading all this reviews , he was hospitalized ones for breathing problems cause but a cold and cough , this time harms the same but I prevent to be worse giving him albutetol every 4 hours so the doctor tol me to start this pulmucort everyday to prevent to get woes if he get cold specially if he is going to start going to a day care si I don't know what to do ?? He was having some steroid twice a day but I didn't like it I notice changes no sleeping at night waking up in the middle of the night hungry , and his behavior was crazy M 1.5 1 days
 2  Mild Persistant Asthma Insomnia, Borderline High Blood Pressure, Upper Chest Pain (Pectoral Muscles). Side efftects started after six months and got progressively worse. It did stop asthma symptoms but the insomnia was horrible. I discontinued taking it and all side effects disappeared. Pulmicort worked very well to control my mild asthma, which was made worse by a case of pneumonia. However, after a year of taking it, I had to stop due to side effects (insomnia, borderline high blood pressure and chest pain near pectoral muscles). For the record, I never had any of these symptoms before, and I ignored them for a few months as my (former)pulmonologist and another pulmonologist said that my side effects were not caused by Pulmicort. As soon as I stopped taking it, however, they went away. Both doctors told me that it is a very small dose which goes directly to the lung and therefore has no systemic effects. Using this logic however, inhaling other drugs (like cocaine for example) should have no systemic effects, which of course is ridiculous. The manufacturer states that 1-3% have these symptoms but downplays them to the point where it appears that they might not be related to the drug. After consultanting with a well-respected microbiologist who researches these and other drugs as well as an allergist and my general practioner, I learned that my side effects were absolutely possible. Even though the steroid dose is relatively small, it can build up in your system and cause problems over time. Fortunately, my asthma is not bothering me now, however I would encourage anyone taking this drug and other inhaled steroids to be very careful before assuming that they're safe to "take for the rest of your life." M 44 12 months
180 MCG 2X D
 1  Asthma Steroid Psychosis, delusions, hallucinations, extreme insomnia, anxiety, pressured speech, high blood pressure, loss of appetite, potassium loss. Had the rare side effect of steroid psychosis, with delusions (of grandeur) and hallucinations - ended up in the hospital for 5 weeks. This side effect is rare (approx 1 case in 10,000), but let me tell you, absolutely horrible. After taking it - i was up for 5 days straight. I could only get a bit sleep after taking lorazpam. Blood pressure was through the roof at 166/115. My normal blood pressure is 120/80 or less. It took several years before i could sleep thru the nite again. BE VERY CAREFUL before taking this drug. It is very powerful, and if absorbed into your system, can give you full blown steroid side effects. M 51 1 days
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 2  Seasonal Asthma STOPS GROWTH, bad mood, excesiv tireness, vomiting We started to give our 1 year old son Pulmicort for treating seasonal asthma, as indicated by our doctor. It seemed to work Ok when treated for 2-3 weeks, he vomited almost every night between 10-12 pm, and threw away all the phlem inside him. Today he is 5 years old and he is smaller than his friends. Our second kid today has 3 years old and we were giving him pulmicort as well because he is more asthmatic than the first one. The second kid is more sensitive and aggresive when taking pulmicort, but I hadnīt related it to the medicine until reading this page. The other thing that made me do the research is that another doctor told us that it is known that pulmicort stops growth in kids, which is devastating for us seeing the long term effect in our first kid. Please interrogate your doctors about secondary effects on every medicine and do your own research. M 2 2 years
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 1  Intermittant Asthma aggressiveness, insomnia, violent behavior toward others, inability to focus and follow direction, moody My 4 year old son was recently prescribed Pulmicort for his intermittant asthma, we were mostly giving it to him at night via nebulizer and then we started noticting his behavior become more aggressive and then he got kicked out of day care at our Gym and the school has had to call 2 days in a row, which finally made the light bulb go off and I realized that it must be a side effect from his meds because he never gets in trouble or behaves this way. He was biting and kicking other kids. Pushing them down. We are stopping the meds today!! Im pissed our doctor didnt warn us about side effects. M 4 21 days
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 1  Asthma Severe(separation)anxiety.Fearful.Nightmares.Compulsive biting of finger and toe nails. Aggression. My grandson has been taking Pulmicort(Budesonide)along with Xenopex(Levalbuterol). He went from absolutely LOVING school to throwing up every morning, screaming/crying and being absolutely terrified of leaving his family. After reading these other posts, I'm convinced it's the Pulmicort.It's a damn shame the medical community chooses to conceal this information from the parents of young children(who obviously seem to be affected the most by this insidious drug!!). M 5 4 months
2mL 2X D
 2  cold and allergy related cough My heart races for 30 mins or so after taking it; if I eat afterwards I have very strong nausea; sore throat; nose bleeds. It seems to loosen the cough a little bit, but so far hasn't helped. F 32 3 days
 4  asthma My son has been more aggressive. However, I will gladly take a more difficult child with the pulmicort over a child who cannot breathe without it. Before this medicine, my son would cough so bad he could not catch his breath. Children die from asthma in other parts of the world. I'm grateful to live in a place where drugs like corterosteroids are available to us. M 3 2 months
 1  Preventive asthma Nail biting, anger, mood swings , woke up in the midlle of the night, screaming, very bad temper F 3 1 years
 4  Asthma Bad breath, prone to bronchial infections. I have not experienced the side effects that other people have listed here. However, I started using this medication in my 22 years old. My best guess is that this should not be used for children and possible not for older adults, but it should be okay for young adults. It has worked well to curb my asthma. M 27 5 years
180mg 4X D
 1  Yes Our 4 year old daughter experienced nightmares where she would get up screaming but not wake up for several minutes. It seems related to the drug but after we quit giving her the drug, they continued so we are not sure if it is a side effect or just something she is going through. When she was taking the drug she was also extremely sensitive to pain. This is a very strong drug that should be taken seriously. As a father, I tried it myself and was surprised how strong its effects were. Do not be fooled like I was that just because it is administered in the form of a cute colored misting nebulizer, that it is not very potent. F 4 7 days
.5MG 1X D
 2  control asthma symptoms This is a terrible drug for children. When my daughter (age 6) starts to get a cough we give her Pulmicort to help keep it under control. She gets nasty and rude. Her behavior becomes aggressive and she gets very irritable. The doctors tell me that the medicine is not to blame, but them tell me to take her off of the medication. I think the doctors need to read more studies concerning this medicine. I am going to begin researching alternative/natural remedies to help my child. F 6 3 days
180 2X D
 5  Asthma None that I am aware of. Very healthy otherwise. The only medication I take is 1 puff of pulmicort per day. When allergy season is bad, increase to two puffs. No problems for me. F 63 10 years
1X D
 2  Young Son Has Asthma Our son, now 5 1/2 yrs old was put on pulmicort around age 3 for intermitent asthma flares that were not controllable without prednisone orally. Long story short, all his behavior problems gradually grew to where we suspected the pulmicort. He had all the behavior issues mentioned here in other posts!!! They started in daycare and followed to Kingergarden. It is not your child, it is the MEDICINE! My wife and I Have been EMTs for 15 years and refused to accept the status quo from the doctors. We were not informed of the side effects other than stunted growth. Our son gets flares from viruses like colds and flu. I also investigated other triggers and through disbelief from my wife, found our son to be allergic to Fleece (polyester found in fleece clothing and blankets). He itches and coughs his way into a flare. We never knew until I relentlessly investigated. I removed all fleece blankets and clothing. We also tried Singulair (EVEN WORSE) and Flovent (Terrible) with worse, rage like behavior. I will NEVER put him on this crap again. I feel if a child has a problem with one corticosteroid, they will have a problem with all. Don't let your doctor tell you different, make them prove it. We Researched a Herbal supplement call PHYTOCORT. It is all natural and created by leading asthma doctors. It is based on ideas stemming from ASHMI asthma treatments. Our son is doing well by removing the fleece triggers and adding the PHYTOCORT. We started pulling the capsule apart and mixing it with yogurt. It tasted bad for him. One day he just said give me that pill and swallowed it. He takes one pill, twice a day now with Albuterol to stop the cough if it occurs. Good luck parents. Question your doctors. They get stuck in their ways and don't want to take the time to explore new treatments. God Bless. M 5 2 years
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 3  eosinaphilic esophagitis I would like the parent who reported her 1 y.o. boy got off this drug for EE to contact me. [email protected] My son has been on for 2 years & is having lots of side effects. I'd like to get him off. Please help!!! He takes it mixed with pure maple syrup and drinks it 30 min. before meals. M 10 2 years
2 respules 1X D
 2  Asthma, Pneumonia Uncontrollable mood swings, irritability, heart races, night sweats, crying, fits of anger, sleeplessness, loss of appetite, inability to focus, anxiety, fearlessness 2yr old started pulmicort Nov'10 due to pneumonia. Has been on Singulair daily, Xoponex as needed for wheezing/asthma. Dr. prescribed Pulmicort after bad experiences w/orapred. Had complete fearlessness, climbing, jumping, tackling head on, he was out of control. Behavior is good off meds, has gotten worse on pulmicort. We thought he was bi-polar. He is warm, loving, has a great sense of humor, & loves to play, sing, dance. He is completely different on pulmicort. Moody, aggressive, & just plain MEAN! He hits constantly, smacks us in the face, throw things, pulls hair, & has uncontrollable fits of rage screaming at the top of his lungs. He was initially only doing this to me, my husband, & our 5yr old. Behavior has gotten much worse, to the point where he's lost control in stores, restaurants, & w/our families. We all notice the change. He's lost his appetite, lost weight, & can't sit still. He's happy one minute & a raging monster the next. Acts like he is possessed by the devil! He has a terrible time falling asleep, his heart constantly races. He sweats terribly at night, & started waking up nightly @ 3:30am SCREAMING "mommy I need you!". He wraps his body around my arm and won't let go. When you try to wake him he freaks out screaming. He sniffles constantly, barely smiles & every touch is painful to him. You try to rub his head or tickle him he just screams, "owy, owy!". This is not my child! Af M 2 2 months
5mg 1X D
 3  Persistent Cough last season I have been very skeptic about what our pediatrician prescribed to our son last winter (2 yr old then) to have him on a daily dose of Pulmicort. He had a horrible time last winter with almost 6 to 7 ear infections and breathing issues between November and march. Pulmicort does stop the cough but I find the reported issues troubling for continuous usage. Since then we have consulted a Naturopath who had his allergies tested and found him allergic to some of the foods, Mold (very prevelant during late fall and also a warm winter last year) and Dust. So we shielded him from all that, reinforced his immunity to the allergens with daily drops and so far this year has been good. M 3 2 months
2X D
 1  allergic asthma panic attacks, emotional/psychological break down,interstitial cystitis. been off of it 10 yrs, and still suffer from extreme exhaustion and insomnia. Try Breathe from New chapter--has changed my life, highly recommend this product, no asthma since taking it, and have not noticed any negative side effects. F 33 3 years
2X D
 3  Asthma Irritability, unnecessary crying, pee-pee accidents,excessive tiredness, and lately HAIR GROWTH ON BACK, ARMS, UPPER LIPS AND THIGHS Though this medicine worked to control the asthma (atleast it seemed to be), I guess it is not worth the side effects. The other ones mentioned are subtle and cannot pinpoint to the medicine maybe. But the hairgrowth was definitely from the steroid. Wonder what it could be doing internally. F 3 4 months
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