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 1  Allergies anxiety, sleeplessness, horrible nightmares, depression After taking Nasarel for about a week, I felt very anxious all the time, would wake up early every morning (2 or 3 a.m.) feeling anxious and unable to get back to sleep. When I did sleep, I had horrible, vivid nightmares...every night. I usually either don't dream, or don't remember dreams, so this was extremely unusual. Also got a bit depressed, also not usual for me. Symptoms stopped very quickly after stopping the Nasarel. I would NOT take this again. Doctor has now prescribed Flonase, and after the first dose I am already feeling anxious...After reading the comments on this site, I may just give up and suffer w/ the allergies. These side effects aren't worth it. F 40 14 days

 4  allerlgies the only side effect I've experienced is that my nose runs like crazy for about 10 mins. after using Nasarel for me, the allergy control has been great. Even now (Spring) I'm only taking an antihistamine approx. 1/week - previously on Flonase I had to add antihistamine every day. I'm very happy w/Nasarel so far. F 59 4 months

 5  Seasonal Allergies The only side effect I noticed was the burning after inhaleing. Maybe a headache. This medicine has helped clear my nose any my ears. M 27 3 years

 1  allergies I started this drug 3 days before a trip to visit inlaws in Russia with husband and kids. Cleared allergies, but lost sense of smell. Once I got there, could not sleep even after rest of family adjusted, started having panic attacks (for only 3rd time in life), and 2 days into the trip thought I was having a nervous breakdown. Inlaws very worried their son married a madwoman. My skin was crawling, had burning sensations - I misdiagnosed as coming off the xanax i had taken on the flight, and to try to sleep... Went off Nasarel and symptoms disappeared after about 3 more days. Ruined first week of 2 week trip. Apparently this med affects people very differently. My drug inserts did not mention anxiety or I would have been on guard. I admit I am a little prone to enxiety, but this was very extreme. I had a hard time figuring out the problem because of the trip and time change, and thought maybe I had emotional issues with the inlaws.... But the second week my symptoms had magically disappeared. Very scary because I thought I was crazy. F 35 8 days

 1  Inflammation & cough x4 wk Within a half hour of using Nasarel, I became extremely weak and fatigued. Also a little nausea but that didn't last long. The weakness was so severe I couldn't go to work, only sleep for hours at a time. F 44 4 days

 2  Allergies Nasty taste, very runny nose for about hour, increased amount of snot going down the back, lots of sneezing, no relief of allergy symptoms. M 44 3 weeks

 3  sinus dry throat, I have been on nasarel every day 2 sprays a day for 5 years for sinus inflammation. When I turned 14 I notice alot of acne by the time I was 16 I had major acne. I went off Nasarel and my face is clearing. Does anyone know how long it should take to get nasarel out of my system after taking it everyday for so long. Has anyone else noticed acne.. of course taking since age 11 then going into purbity people says its not Nasarel but... M 16 5 years
 1  nasal congestion I had complete loss of my sense of taste and smell. Very scary.I am now coughing constantly and have bronchitis. I have never had stopped up in ears in my life even though I've had many colds, bronchitis and pnuemonia, but now for some reason both ears are stopped up. I feel worse now that I ever have. I definitely would not recommend this drug. F 52 3 weeks

 5   please see website on steroid asthma inhalers and nasal sprays: www.sidefxdrugs.com

 2  allergies very anxious. i would wake up at 2:00A.M. wired, then sometimes fall back asleep, sometimes stay up the rest of the night. never felt good while on the drug. dry mouth, stuffy nose. M 3 days
 4  nasal congestion nasal burning initially, but then wears off............ F 36 4 months

 3  Allergies, congestion Weakness, lightheadedness, some nausea. An overall wierd, unpleasant feeling like I could fall out at anytime. The stuff works, but the side effects are pretty pronounced. Definitely use it with care, and if it's not making you feel good, call your doctor right away. M 42 2 weeks
 3  Seasonal Allergies Fatigue, anxiety, insomnia and hair loss. For the past feel months I've noticed thinning hair and hair loss is not in my family. Could it be due to this nasal steroid? I'm not taking this drug anymore. F 43 5 months

 5  thick mucus in throat from allergie Nasarel has worked far better for me than the generic 'replacement.' F 49 4 years

 3  allergies I had dry mouth and sore throat and I started having violent nightmares after 6 days of use... I did have to stop taking nasarel. Nasarel did work for my allergies.. F 37 10 days
 4  sinusitis Made me feel tired after repeated use. My doctor says that it runs the adrenal glands down. Have used it on a limited basis since then. It works where Flonase and Nasanex don't. Nasarel works within hours for me or it doesn't work at all. Don't have to take it for several weeks to get results. If Nasarel doesn't work for me then I usually have to resort to the 12 hour spray. I try to avoid the 12 hour spray since it can raise your blood pressure. M 60 50 times

 4  nasal congestion None Works pretty darn well. M 65 3 years

 3  Chronic sinusitis Very runny nose for 20-30 minutes after use. Slightly bothersome were the burning sensation and nasty, bitter, chemical taste as it runs down the throat. I also seemed to have a sore, dry scratchy throat afterward. I experienced some relief throughout the day but this is not "curing" me and the side effects are as unpleasant as the stuffy nose. I would rather suffer with a natural condition than a chemically induced one in the long run. F 39 3 months

 4  Mucus in throat, due to allergies Runny nose...Need to have tissue handy. I think it works pretty well. Relieves my ears from time to time by pushing the mucus down to my throat. When this does not work, have to use Prednisone from time to time F 27 1 years

 3  Nasal Allergies This helped stopped my sneezing and helped to relieve allergy-related fatigue. I like Astelin better than Nasarel, however. M 49 6 months
2 sp 2 X D 2X D

 3  nasal inflammation Thinning hair,hair loss,slight burning that lasted only seconds. Although this did work for me i will find another alternative as my hair is falling out more than regular...more than the standard 50 to 100 strands daily as they say. F 47 4 days
29mcg 1X D
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