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 4  Essential Thrombocythemia Need to split up dose to lessen chances of heart palpitations and some severe headaches. Such a better alternative to Hydrea and interferon - these are side effects I can live with. F 44 10 years
 4  Essential Thrombocythemia Major heart palpitations Splitting the dose over the day helps the palpitations M 49 8 years
2X D
 1  Essential thrombocytosis Hypertension, heart palpatations, diarrhea I had to see 5 different hematologists over the course of 5 years before my current one took me off of it. The previous ones insisted that the medication did not cause my hypertension, but when I was taken off of it, the hypertension resolved. F 53 5 years
 5  ET Headaches in the beginning until splitting up my doses to twice a day; heart palpitations still. MUCH MUCH better than Interferon!! F 44 4 years
 1  Essential Thrombocytosis I began taking this October '04, started fine, but then had right leg heaviness where it got to bad that if I was standing I could not move for a few seconds, and had to really think about moving my leg. I also had bad aniexty issues; and I would mention these things to my hemotologist and she would insist it's not from the medication. After seeing a neurologist he recommended me to see a rheumatologist who finally saw my point and sent to letter to my hemotologist to change the medication. In April 05 after 1 day of changing to hydroxurea I encountered 6 bouts of 'cardiac insufficiencies (heart attacks), damaged the heart, but because of my age (49), a stent was not recommended. So I had a single bypass done this past August. My cardiologist insist that it's my platelets, whereas my hemotologist insist that there was existing damage in the heart area. I don't have cholosteral, blood pressure, no smoking, or drinking, diabetic, or other heart problems. So I was and still angry t F 49 6 months
 5  polychythemia vera M 63 3 years
 4  ET Headaches,nausea, vomiting for first 2 weeks then gone F 38 4 years

AGRYLIN  (ANAGRELIDE HYDROCHLORIDE):  Anagrelide is used to treat a certain blood disorder (thrombocythemia), which is caused by your bone marrow making too many platelets. Platelets are a blood cell that the body uses to form blood clots. Too many platelets can cause problems with your circulation, including unwanted blood clots and bleeding problems. This drug reduces the number of platelets in the bloodstream by blocking their production.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)