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 3  Pinch nerve and weight loss When are within a few hours of taking the first pill I was itching like crazy for several hours. Wish I had had Benadryl nearby. I didn't. Now I do and will continue. I understand a huge side benefit is weight loss so I will take it for two weeks and see what happens F 68 1 days
 2  knee pain torn meniscus Auditory hallucinations at night like a "rushing" sound, I actually thought a big wind storm was happening outside...... looked outside, nothing. , random muscle twitching. After stopping (no one told me about addition/withdrawals), I had very bothersome anxiety, jumpiness, panicky feelings............ not pleasant. No one suggested tapering off. It did a good job with the pain however withdrawal so unpleasant don't think I'd take again. F 59 5 weeks
50 1X D
 4  cervical and lumbar spinal problem sweating I'm tapering off because, though I still need these, I want to get away from the horrible pain clinic even more. I reduce a quarter of a pill every week. It's bad but not too unbearable. The first reduction I cut off half a pill and it was awful. At this rate it will take me at least 3 more months to be off. At first when reducing, the pain is worse but then that evens out somewhat by the end of the week. I can't imagine going any faster than this. F 61 3 years
50 4X D
 3  I can no longer take nsaids Has any one had unexplained blisters pop out on their legs? works sometimes, but the ibuprofen worked better. After chemo and radiation my body can't handle the nsaids. F 67 3 years
50mg 2X D
 1  Postop TKR Dizziness headache severe mouth sores anxiety restlessnass palpitations and racing heart insomnia nausea On a total of 400mg a day postop by day 4 cut it to 200mg a day. Day 7 took 50 mg and stopped coldturkey.Experienced full blown withdrawl thathas lasted 3 days already. Will never touch this crap again should be off the market. F 65 9 days
 1  pain Doesn't help with pain very much. Bad side effects. Makes you feel like you have to pee all the time. They took away Darvocet which had been used over 50 years and worked! Now you can choose between ultram which isn't even as good as tylenol, or opioids with the accompanying suspicion and hassels. Thanks FDA for ruining so many lives. M 50
one pill 3X D
 1  Back and knee pain from accident Excessive sweating, nervousness, weird sick feeling,weird dreams and sleep disturbances. I have been taking Ultram for about a month. My pain management doctor put me on it for a slipped disc in my back, hip and knee pain. I have been taking 100mg daily and it has done nothing for my pain. What it has done is given me terrible side effects. Tramadol is more than useless. When I go back to my doctor I am going to ask him to change it to something different. I am sick and depressed from being in so much pain everyday and the Ultram has just increased those feeling.I would not recommend it to anyone. F 50 4 weeks
50 MG
 2  After surgury hysterectomy/tumors Severe nausea. Dizzy distorted thought patterns w/ severe anxiety I was told to take 50mg every 4 hours- big mistake- I ended up sick as a dog w/ strange psychological symptoms after first day of taking it. Stopped taking it and symptoms were gone. Its really hard on sensitive stomaches. F 43 0 days
 5  Nerve pain Tiredness and constipation When I use my hands more I take this more regularly but lately I haven't had to take it as often. It's the only thing that has worked for the burning pain in my hands and I have gone a week or two without needing it with no withdrawal symptoms. I'm sure it's reeking havoc with my liver but I still need it for bad pain days. F 29 4 years
 1  Pain Relief - Epidural Injection No problems, initially. I took only one dose. It did nothing for the pain that I was having from an epidural injection. The pain from the epidural injection was extremely mild. My pain management doctor recommended that I use Tramadol or Ultram in case that I had pain from the procedure. The day after I took just one 50 mg tablet, I became EXTREMELY agitated and EXTREMELY anxious. I did some research and discovered that I should not have taken this medication along with Klonopin and Trazodone - major contraindications. I have chronic back pain from pinched nerves and had to have an epidural injection in preparation for possible surgery. Ultram or Tramadol increased my back pain by, at least, 70%. I was in agony for 3 days. F 65 1 days
50 1X D
 5  Variety of spine problems..a lot of None...well, I do sweat a lot, but always assumed it was just from antidepressants. ( now, unsure) Tramadol, with Skelaxin truly helps my pain. I can definitely tell when these have worn off. F 67 4 years
50 mg
 1  Fibromyalgia and neck pain Increased pain and abnormal sleep pattern after several years on it. Tramadol was the cure-all when I was first put on it. It was said that it was not addictive. It seemed to help for several years, but I found out quickly that if I missed a dose I had bad withdrawals. Over the years it actually began to cause some of my pain, and I slept very odd hours. After a torturing six months of tapering off, I am finally free of it. I am still having tremors and RLS after six months off the drug, but it's better than it was when the withdrawals were at their worst. I wish I would have known when I began this long journey that it had the potential to be extremely addictive, and eventually even cause pain. I never had the response of seeking more, or increasing my dosage. In fact, when I would forget a dose, it would take me a while to figure it out because the withdrawals were very similar to my fibro pain. F 50 15 years
50mg 4X D
 1  Joint pain Helped with pain from the start. I took it at bedtime about 3-4 nights a week. About 3 weeks in, I became ill- thought I had flu or food poisoning. I was dizzy, sensitive to light, and felt like I couldn't keep my eyes open. I felt like I could only close my eyes and lay in bed- hoping it would pass. I was sweaty, flushed, and had no appetite whatsoever. I had diarrhea as well. I thought I was going to vomit every second. This went on for 2 days. 3rd day in I went to Dr. - hoping for anti emetic and relief. Dr. ordered a host of labs and did a thorough neuro exam. No answers- all labs normal. After going through everything myself to figure out what was wrong- I realized Ultram was newest RX. Read medical info- and clearly this was the issue and cause of my illness. Ugh! I will never take Ultram ever again. What horrible side effects I experienced. Not to mention loss of work and family time. This RX should not be used lightly and without upfront discussion with Dr. and pharmacist. Research and discuss other options. F 46 4 weeks
 3  interstital cystitis pain muscle stiffness, joint pain. Feels like the worst case of Fibromyalgia!!! This is a rare side effect of the drug. I could not even squeeze a bottle of shampoo so had to get off the drug. I now have permanent damage from this drug . Worked great for the burning pain of Interstital Cystitis . My body adapted and I found that I continually had to increase the dosage . F 48 3 years
 3  Post surgery pain really bad headaches, cotton mouth, feeling numb in extremities (legs and hands) Did relieve the pain of surgery but the headaches were too much so had to stop F 43 10 days
20 3X D
 1  Pain Nothing This did not help at all, what a waste of money, not to mention the wear on my liver even if I only took it once. F 60 1 days
50mg 1X D
 5  permanent neck & back injuries. Mental energy..and verbal diarrhea lol I can't stop talking for like 2 hrs after taking it. I do suggest to the man with fleas to treat his house with a fogger and give his pet a flea bath. TRAMADOL DOES NOT CAUSE FLEAS IDIOT. It only takes the edge off my pain but it's enough to get through the day. F 47 2 years
50mg 3xday
 5  Refractory OCD I was actually prescribed this medication not for pain, but for severe OCD. It has helped profoundly, while others have not. This drug was prescribed for my OCD, and it helped whereas other drugs did not. It has really changed my life. F 43 8 months
50MG 3X D
 4  cervical kyphosis and DDD sweats I increased the amount I take very slowly and have avoided most side effects. I also take with food. I'm now up to 2.5 50mg/day heading towards 3/day. It helps the pain but doesn't remove it completely--I take it with ibuprofen. My conditions are inoperable and worsening with age. I can't believe I hesitated to take this because of the addictive qualities. Not only am I never going to be able to go off of this, even if I do have to some day, I'll just taper off gradually. I recently completed a 6 mo. withdrawal from gabapentin (2700 mg.) without having to miss any work. If I can do that, I can withdraw from this, no problem. F 58 3 months
50mg 3X D
 1  knee injury No side effects Junk. My dr prescribed this waste of time to me in attempt to treat my knee pain instead of a typical painkiller (percocet/vicoden). Did nothing to alleviate my knee pain. F 34 3 weeks

ULTRAM  (TRAMADOL HYDROCHLORIDE):  See also Warning section. This medication is used to help relieve moderate to moderately severe pain. Tramadol is similar to opioid (narcotic) analgesics. It works in the brain to change how your body feels and responds to pain.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)