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 Type: Brand name discontinued; available as generic

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 4  Osteo Constipation headaches nassua F 3 weeks
 3  Knee pain Had a scary experience that I am associating with Voltaren. Not completely convinced it was the RX but I have no other reason for the reaction. First dosage I was hit with extreme abdominal issues including diarrhea. Figured it was a lack of adequate food on board when I took the 1st dose so increased my meal before I took the 2nd dose. Problem solved! Was on the meds for 7 days when I experienced chest discomfort and upper abdominal pressure. With a medical background, I know that cardiac symptoms are mistaken for gastric reasons so I went to the ER. Long story short, I was diagnosed with severe gastric distress (GERD) and with a "gastric cocktail" and a high octane prilosec, I had some serious relief and sent home. Not convinced it was the issue, I went a day without the RX and then started again. I wasn't entirely 100% after taking the dose and now, I am fairly certain it was the Voltaren. I must say that my symptoms did improve within 3 days but the ER visit was M 47 7 days
100 1X D
 2  Knee inflammation/ tendonitis Serious stomach discomfort. Diarreha, cramps, gas, bloating. It started about 10 day into my treatment. Around 4 hours after I took the pill (on a full stomach) the pain and diarreha would start. I stop treatment and went to an over-the-counter med. The kneejoin paint stopped but the side effects were awful. F 38 10 days
100MG 1X D
 3  arthritis dizziness,vertigo, altered taste, gas, little blisters in my mouth, itchy scalp I was taking the topical gel. It worked quite well. I was really impressed. However, after 21/2 months, the side effects started. When I got the vertigo, I had to discontinue. F 58 3 months
3X D
 1  Anti-inflamitory for tooth ache Psychosis, stomach upset, shaking. Didn't make the connection until recently. Got diagnosed bi-polar. DO NOT USE. This drug works by messing w/ your hormones and can be used as a mood stabilizer. I have a family history of instability or eccentricity. I have recurrent stomach problems and this drug upset my existing problems and was the catalyst for an all out break down. The doc. put me on seroquel after I was diagnosed bi-polar, SO much worse than being crazy. I've been off both medications and have returned to normal. This drug was casually prescribed as a pain reliever, it had serious side efeects and would not use it if there is ANY alternative. Take your ibuprofen. M 27 8 days
 1   i notice there are a bunch of random ppl who gave the medicine a score of 5 without any explanation. I wouldn't be surprised if that was the pharmological company trying to promote their medicine. This drug is unsafe, leads to blood clots (which casues strokes and heart attacks), upset stomach, etc. Asprin is safer and has less side effects F 2 weeks
 1  Lower back pain I was prescribed Voltaren-XR 100 MG for lower back pain. It worked wonders for my pain - I thought that I had discovered a wonder drug - then after 30 days I was at work and started passing massive amounts of blood without pain or warning. I thought I was bleeding to death! I went to the ER and was admitted and had a colonoscopy the next day. The Dr. discover an ulcer in by lower bowel which he believes was caused by the Voltaren. The bleeding has now stopped and I am OK, but I will never take this drug or any drug in it's class again. Hindsight is 20-20. M 48 30 days
 5  Partial shoulder tear. Have not experienced any side not even a rise in bp. Have been taking off and on for over three years. Not addictive. Sometimes take on empty stomach with no adverse side effects. M 59 3 years
 3  Pleurisy Makes me dizzy, silly, sleepy and feeling as if I am high. No weight gain or loss. Nothing else really. Works wonderful as a sleep aid. I still have the pain, I believe my Dr has misdiagnosed me. M 35 20 days
 2  L shoulder muscle tear I took this medication for about 2 weeks. On day two I noticed a rash on the outside part of my left arm, then the it spread to to my back and front of my neck by day three. I also noticed some dizziness, bloated stomach, gas, and muscle weakness specially in my back. I had kidney pain on the right side to the point I could not bend forwad. I stoped taking this medication by the second week I was on it, however it is taking me a while to get better from the weakness, the rash is improving but my skin is stained with multiple brown dots. I would not recommend this medication. M 2 weeks
 5  rib pain unknown etiology none Despite concerns I think it is worth to try this for the long tem. Of course cautions have to be made M 31 6 months
 2  knee pain not much relief F 59 3 days
 2  knee pain not much relief F 59 3 days
 5  Psoratic Arthritis Slight stomach upset; blood in bowel movements, bloating The Pain is 80% gone. Limbs and joints are so much more limber and inflamation has gone down amazingly. Started working within a few days F 25 3 weeks
 4  inflamation in Knee none i am very pleased with the results F 78 60 days
 2  arthritis in back Always tired, and possible blood clots I was on Voltaren for about 4 years and all of the sudden had a minor stroke and had blood clots that traveled to my eye.. I had every test in the book done at the hospital, and they couldnt find anything. I was completley healthy! I am thinking it was from the voltaren.. I have been off of the drug for 8 months now, and have never felt better.. I started eating healthy and working out and that has help alot.. I can now sleep all thru the night. I wont take this again. If I have the back pain, I will pop a tylonol instead. M 30 4 years
 5  gout Can cause a little stomach discomfort so take with food or milk. This has only happened to me when I've taken it on an empty stomach or accidentally took 2 pills in a 24 hour period. I have been taking voltaren for approx 8 years to help me battle gout. It is most effective when taken at first sign of gout symptoms. My doctor has me get a blood test every six months to make sure my liver and kidneys are ok. M 41 8 years
 5  ligament tear in shoulder none worked very well; it took about a month for noticeable results, but the relief was definite and lasting. I stopped taking it after 4-5 months - shoulder remained ok, but many lesser aches and pains (back, knees, etc) returned. Clearly, there was a systemic effect that was helpful as well. M 52 5 months
 5  cervical arthritis It has taken its toll on my stomach in the past but it is the most effective med so far. Must take it with a full meal. I really made a difference, improvement of quality of life. M 43 3 months
 4  Back pain F 31 10 days

VOLTAREN-XR  (DICLOFENAC SODIUM):  This medication is used to treat arthritis of the knee(s). It reduces pain and swelling, and helps improve your ability to move and flex the joint. Diclofenac is known as a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID).   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)