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 5  Seasonal allergies Mild nose bleeds This med helps me so much. Antihistamines either didn't work and made me so sleepy and dizzy. I could not function or other brands of antihistamines work for the allergy symptoms but gave me unbearable insomnia. Budesonide took away 96% of my very very bad hay fever symptoms within 3 days if use . I could not function without this drug. No side effects ex for for a mild daily nose bleed, which is 100 times better than hay fever so bad I cannot function. F 50 60 days
 1  Sinusitis Massive panic attack, insomnia, anxious feeling. IF YOU HAVE ANY HISTORY OF ANXIETY OR PANIC DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG !! M 19 2 days
1 pump 1X D
 2  Post nasal drip I was happy that Rhinocort was working really well with no side effects after reacting badly (migraines, face pains) to other brands. After my first course ran out I bought more only to find that the packaging had changed. I enquired about this but they said the dose was the same. The next day I started having side effects - migraines and sinus pain. I went back to the chemist and they informed me that the filler may have been changed and that I may be reacting to another ingredient in the new product. I went back to 5 chemists before I found one which still stocked the original rhinocourt. Apparently they are being discontinued. I have almost run out and don't know what to buy instead.... F 44 40 days
32mcg 1X D
 1  Allergic rhinitis - dripping nose Constantly dripping nose, nose bleeds. Have stopped using it for 5 days but still have nose bleeds, which I didn't have before. The product doesn't work at all and causes other problems. Personally I feel it should be taken off the market and that I am entitled to a refund. Unfortunately I purchased a double pack as that was the only one available on the shelf. F 77 21 days
64mg 1X D
 1  Allergic Rhinitus low mood, lack of energy and feeling depressed I have been taking Rhinocort on and off for a couple of years. It works quite well for a runny or stuffy nose, but I have noticed when I take Rhinocort it makes me feel depressed. I won't take it anymore, I'd rather have a constant runny nose, This medication shouldn't be sold over the counter. F 53 2 years
30MG 1X D
 1  Allergies It seems to be working great for my severe spring allergies, but I started having nightmares. I have also started feeling jumpy, paranoid and uneasy with an irrational sense of doom, and gloom. (Which is completely out of character for me!) I am going to have to discontinue use. 48 4 days
 1  Sinusitis This stuff made my nose feel so weird, headaches, lung pain, body aches, insomnia, and the worse panic attacks and heart beats. F 29 0 days
 1  Sinus / nasal congestion Horrific anxiety and panic attacks lasting up to 6 hours, palpitations, body tremors, chills and dizziness - the most frightened I have ever been. I have no history of anxiety. Will never ever use this again. F 34 4 days
 5  Allergic Rhinitis None noted. 2 sprays into each nostril helps open nasal passages. No significant side effects for me, unlike a competing nasal steroid. This is an older steroid chemical that doesn't contain halogen atoms like Chlorine or Fluorine and seems better tolerated than the newer steroids that contain those. Just so you know, in biology and toxicology, life on earth has an easier and safer time breaking down non-halogenated chemical compounds (through a series of reactions creating intermediary products called metabolites), so they tend to be safer. Notice how Chlordane and Pentachlorophenol are banned by the EPA because the microbiome of the earth cannot even decompose them. Life on earth shares a common evolutionary thread. M 40 6 months
2 sprays 1X D
 5  Nasal allergies Slight blood when blowing nose. Subsides when saline spray is used. Mostly in winter. I was taking Benadryl to sleep at nite and behind the counter Sudafed during the day. Rhinocort got me off all that. I have been a new person since. 16 years is a long time to use something. Lately when I get post nasal drip I sometimes get a hard tiny chunk of something I have to dispose of. Will consider going off of it and try Claritin or something. F 65 16 years
I x day
 1  Chronic Rhinitis At first I noticed my post nasal drip seemed to be getting worse. Not heavy, but constant, with a slimy feeling constantly at the back of my throat. And then over the weekend, I started feeling an odd fluttering in my chest, as well as anxiety that would come in waves. I'm prone to anxiety, but I had never had attacks like that before. Went to urgent care and they said it sounds like a panic attack. But even hours later I'm still feeling anxious, and after all the other reviews, I'm convinced Rhinocort is the culprit. If you're sensitive to steroids like I am (I've had bad side effects from Nasacort and Prednisone), be wary of this nasal spray. I'll probably go back to Flonase - it didn't give me any symptoms like this. F 32 7 days
32 mcg 1X D
 1  Hayfever for over 5 years I have been using long time. Maybe 5 years. I was fine for maybe 4 years and now i feel i am smeling some kind of burning smell or smell of smoke around my nose. I found out it was from rhynocoat. It has been like this few months. I have not using it for few months but i still have that problem...smelling something burning. I am afraid it is not gonna go away... Do not use long period. I was told by my GP doctor it does not have side effect but it does not it. DO NOT USE MORE THAN 2 OR 3 YEARS. M 44 5 years
I spary
 5  allergies Raw sore throat and roof of mouth. My throat feels on fire. It may work for some but, unfortunately not me. F 56 9 days
1X D
 1  Allergies Please help! I was prescribed Rhinocort and pain meds following surgery for my wisdom teeth as my teeth were pushing into my sinus cavity and I needed clear sinuses while the cavity heals. as soon as I came off the pain meds i suffered terrible heart palpitations and anxiety. I think this must be a side effect of the Rhinocort. i have since stopped taking it as of today. Please can someone tell me how long these heart palpitations will last....I'm having terrible anxiety and panic because of the palpitations and can't sleep. I don't want to be on anxiety medication for long. my body just doesn't agree with all these prescription medications. I'm so exhausted and mentally drained. F 28 8 days
 1  Nasal Congestion Used Rhinocort for one night. I experienced insomnia, panic attacks, and palpitations. All new symptoms for me. Be wary, when side effect information is available by phone. Will never use again. Glad it works for some, not me! I can't believe this has an indication for use in children, yikes! F 46 1 days
 1  Sinuses/allergies First time ever using this crap...biggest mistake i made...it gave me a panic attack out of no where and lasted 30 to 40 minutes….the very worst feeling ever!! All nasal sprays do the same…I tried them all..never again!!! F 40 1 days
2x per nos
 4  Allergies Rapid heart rate, insomnia F 50 1 days
 1  allergies Rash in mouth,swollen gums and lips. M 59 3 days
32 mcg
 2  Find a better alternative nasal spray Nose bleeds, insomnia. I used Rhinocort back when it was a prescription years ago and worked like a miracle. I recently tried the OTC version and immediately began getting nose bleeds and horrible insomnia. F 35 5 days
 2  Pollen allergies Dry mouth, thirst, dry eyes, mild shortness of breath, intense nasal congestion, gas & bloating F 47 5 days
1 spray 1X D

RHINOCORT  (BUDESONIDE):  This medication is used to treat certain bowel conditions (such as Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis). While budesonide does not cure these conditions, it may decrease symptoms such as pain and diarrhea. Budesonide is an anti-inflammatory drug (corticosteroid hormone). It works by decreasing the body's natural defense response (immune response).   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)