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 1  Fungal toe nail infection Gave me anxiety and depression making me suicidal after taking 2 pills. Also stopped erections. Luckily I was already taking antidepressants so could quickly treat these symptoms. Donít take this drug, itís too risky. M 44 1 days
 3  Toenail fungus Week one was worst, no energy felt off hard to describe just not myself. Not sleeping as well. Nightmares. Thirst. Stick with this drug and the side effect gradually almost fully disappear. Took me about a week to start feeling a positive change from side effects. I finished my 3 month course last week and I've notice the nails growing healthy now. I do feel things upset me more easily at the moment. Dont know if this is related to taking itraconazole though as I currently do have a lot of things going on. M 32 3 months
200mg 2X D
 2  Clinical trial I was taking this for a clinical trial with another drug to see the interaction on the liver enzymes. Knocked around my gut a fair bit, diarrhea, nausea and headaches. F 44 7 days
 1  Histoplasmosis lung infection It severely weakened me. And after I was on it for about a week I spent 2 straight days uncontrollably pooping/body cramping trying to poop. As a result it dangerously dehydrated me. M 45 1 weeks
 3  Fungal infection foreskin At first, no side effects, then on the fifth day: heart missing beats, extreme fatigue, depression and confusion, had to take a break from work. Depression lasted for two days, confusion for three, and everytime I got some sleep I had very disturbing nightmares. The fourth day after cessation, I woke up with a green tongue (bacteria most likely) with white spots and a gingivitis. Now on the fifth day after cessation, I feel as if I've gotten sick, a cold of some sort. The mycosis I had under the foreskin appears to have died, red patches of irritation disappeared and small white strings, like dead skin or what do I know replaced it and seems to go away when gently brushed. This was a horrible and scary experience, I do not recomemend that drug at all... see if there something less hardcore on the market first. M 35 5 days
200 mg 2X D
 3  Toe nail fungus Liver enzymes high. Dr.asked me stop taking this medicine. M 50 9 months
200 mg a d
 4  Toe nail fungus Liver function tests show liver enzymes high. Clear my toe nail fungus but I have not taken this drug no more Dr. Ordered to stop after liver acting up. M 50 9 days
200 mg a d
 1  Toe fungus Acute urticaria which is not resolved 3 weeks after stopping medicine Worst drug ever!! M 59 3 days
400 mg
 1  Toenail fungus Extremely high morning blood pressure I took this drug 2xd for one week, for three consecutive months. Immediately after the last dose, I woke every morning at 5 AM with excruitating headaches. Finally thought to take blood pressure - 159. My normal blood pressure has always been under 120 when active, under 100 when sitting. Three months later I still have this high morning blood pressure, the kind that causes strokes/heart attacks in bed. NOT WORTH IT. There is a brand new med for antifungal that is more effective with no side effects. Ask your doctor. F 65
2X D
 3  Jock itch No Actually when I take it 15 to 20 Days jock itch get cleared but after 3to 4 days it comes back. Please help what should I do. Should I continue or not. Please help. Between thighs red rashes come back as I take gap. M 35 2 years
 1  Toenail fungus Insomnia, nausea, headaches, joint pain, had no period at all this month, stomach pain, & really dark urine - which could mean liver problems (hopefully not) I'm stopping & making an appointment with my doctor to look for an alternative. F 16 1 months
 1  fingernail fungus Took for 2 days got head chills, leg tingling, right ear felt congested, rash on leg and arm and chest elevated blood pressure sent me to er.Had to be put on steriods.Dont take this medicine its not worth it.its been almost 3 weeks since stopped and im still getting head chills and leg tingling hoping steroids will help F 43 2 days
 4  histoplasmosis Numbness in hands and feet F 25 7 months
10 mg 2x d
 4  Histoplasmosis Pitting edema of lower legs F 59 2 weeks
400mg/day 1X D
 3  sporotrichosis back of hand minor fatigue update from previous comment sporotrichosis came back. 100 mg daily was not enough. moved to 200 daily. seems to be working better. at this rate will be on for another few months. $100 a week. advice to self: next time start with sski - not pushed by anybody since there is no patent. was THE treatment for sporo. for decades before big pharma developed and pushed itraconazole. M 56 150 days
200 1X D
 5  sporotrichosis back of hand possible fatigue looked well enough that I could remove bandage covering lesion after 2 mos. Every MD that looks at it says- yeah its good. Since it is still red and does not look great I could be happier but the experts agree - its been killed - the fungus. and the red is just the healing process. I've got 15 more pills which I will take - Dr Kazanjian said - lets do 3 months OK? so aside from I seem a tad more fatigued I'll happily do it M 56 75 days
100 1X D
 2  Histoplasmosis of Brain Do not know where to begin...Is my father who is taking it and has gotten CHF while on it, one of my biggest issues is that it has NOT helped the 19 lesions on his brain and the fact that he can not take medications he needs to treat other things like his A-FIB and COPD He must be on the medicine for life as they say due to the fact the lesions on his brain have not gone away in a year and a half. So many other medical problems have showed up since the beginning of the sporanox, he now has COPD, A-FIB, CHF, seizures, and can do much of nothing for these issues since the meds to treat them reacts with the sporanox as do most medicines. The only good thing I CAN say about the medicine is that my father would be dead without it. However, he is miserable while on it, so I am not sure which is better. M 71 1.5 years
liquid 2X D
 5  SPOROTRICHOSIS none worried about possible side affects based primarily on what I read here at this site. So far, knock on wood, nothing. Inflamation was reduced within 5 days. big relief. Today, or this evening, just now, took off bandage and it looked so much better. no pus- for the first time. To my relief, the Doctor, an infectious disease specialist at the Taubman Center here in Ann Arbor, said ' this drug is safe for you - you have no other health issues or underlying risk factors - this ought to work. He appeared quite confident and so far it seems he was right. I bought at Costco - 30 tablets for $193. if memory is correct, will need to stay on daily 100 mg dose for at least two months. M 56 10 days
100 mg 1X D
 4  Blastomycosis At first I couldn't keep it down so I started drinking coca cola 15 minutes before taking it. After a couple of weeks I realized that I could keep it dow n without coca cola so I stopped drinking coca cola(I'm not a fan of pop) BUT after that my ankle and eyes started swelling! So i'm back to coca cola and a lot of kale...I'm not sure why kale but I've noticed that kale helps with swelling. F 34 3 months
20 mg 2X D
 1  Toenail fungus Horrible floaters in eyes, stomach torn to bits, nausea, fatigue Since taking sporanox pulsed 400 mg a day for 7 days then 3 weeks off for 6 months I have never felt the same since. Literally sometimes I feel like I'm better off dead food allergies gallbladder malfunction liver problems. Constant stomach upset list goes on stay away from this drug it's for serious fungal infections not toenails M 31 6 months
400mg 7X W

SPORANOX  (ITRACONAZOLE):  Itraconazole is used to treat fungal infections. It belongs to a class of drugs known as azole antifungals. It works by stopping the growth of fungi.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)