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 5  Nausea None really. It really helped out the nausea. M 49 8 days
2X D
 5  Post-surgical nausea Slight drowsiness, but that may have been due to morphine. Was given 8mg of generic ondansetron by IV prior to surgery; experienced no nausea or vomiting afterward despite previously having severe nausea from opioid painkillers. M 30 1 days
8 mg 1X D
 4  Nauseau due to stomach virus Little dizziness, and tiredness but helped stop vommiting except once after I took it I threw up within 10 min. F 13 3 days
1-2 x D
 5  Hyperemesis for pregnancy amazing drug, NO side effects. Never seen a more effective anti-nausea medicine F 37 9 months
10 3X D
 5  Debilitating nausea Headache, constipation Almost the perfect miracle drug. Helps my nausea so much. The headache sucks for sure but it's far better than vomiting. F 27
1X D
 5  Nausea None! This is an amazing drug! It dissolves under your tongue so you don't have to swallow it or drink anything to take it! Don't have to worry about throwing it up (like Dramamine or Phenergan)before it works. Also, it works almost immediately since you dissolve it under the tongue. Dramamine (Less Drowsy Formula) is great too but it takes about 20 minutes to work so I recommend Zofran for quick relief of nausea/vomiting. A friend of mine takes Zofran for her nausea/vomiting with migraines and it works wonders for her too! F 31 3 days
? 1X D
 5  Nausea from Stomach virus None The most amazing drug I have ever taken...my hero drug! I had the worst stomach flu ever and was running to the bathroom to throw up every 30 minutes...I seriously thought I was going to die. My doc gave me this drug and within 1 hour of taking it, my stomach got better...still a little bit nausous but went from dying to feeling pretty darn good within 1 hour! M 48 4 days
1X D
 4  nausea No adverse side effects I'm taking Zofran and it is working great. I had to call around and found a HUGE difference in price for it. I was quoted over $350 at Walgreens for the highest and $18 at Costco. I about passed out over the difference. The same dose, the same drug, the same amount (30 pills). I recommend anyone who has to take it to call around and price check. If there is not a Costco close to you, I would mail order it with that type of savings. I'm also upset with Walgreens who I have used pretty much my whole life for marking up this drug out of my reach where I have to drive two hours to get it at a reasonable price. F 41 3 days
4mg 2X D
 5  Post Operative Nausea None except for a faster and far more pleasant recovery. This is the most amazing drug to prevent nausea and vomiting after surgery. I have had 6 surgeries over the past 5 years and would have been miserable without it. AMAZING! F 27
2X D
 5  nausea from neurological conditions Very few. Occasional fatigue/sleepiness, unsteadiness, and constipation, but usually very slight. Amazing drug! I've taken it for years since a brain surgery, and it's a life saver. It also worked perfectly when I had a horrible case of gastroenteritis--phenergan did a good job but made me incredibly spacey, loopy, and high as a kite. With Zofran, hardly any side effects! F 24 8 years
 5  nausea during pregnancy none! i was completely MISERABLE before this was prescribed to me. it is definitely the only thing keeping me going. i love it! F 17 3 days
 5  Nausea Wonder drug!! Phenergan just throws me for a loop and I can't function. I don't think phenergan takes away nausea, I think it just knocks you out so u don't know you're nauseated! Zofran is great! No side effects at all! I take it for a pretty messed up GI tract and wether I take it once a month or every 4-6 hours, it works! I could not live a normal life without it! I'm lucky my insurance covers every penny of it! It is more than worth the price though! If a doc tries to prescribe you phenergan, ask for zofran instead! You'll be glad you did! F 25 3 years
 1  chemo nausea None Tried taking for chemo nausea. Supposed to be the "wonder drug" for chemo patients. Didn't do anything for me. On chemo for 1 1/2 years. F 37 4 times
 5  Chemotherapy nausea None. It's fantastic!! I'm certain I would have quickly wasted away and died with out this medication. I was administered a couple of doses of a cheaper anti-nausea medication for my first chemotherapy treatment and I vomited so much I lost 20 pounds in about 5 days. After my second (of 16) treatments I began taking Zofran with each round of chemo and it allowed me to live a normal life. I even attended rock concerts and went dancing at nightclubs on the same day as my VERY INTENSE chemotherapy treatment. I never felt nauseous or vomited once during the 8 months I was on Zofran. F 23 8 months
 2  Severe nausea due to pregnancy Major pain in kidneys that lasted about 5 hours after taking Zofran. Could not walk or stand. M 34 3 days
 5  nausea during pregnancy mild constipation (drank a lot of water which helped this 'move along') Had extreme nausea while pregnant and got this prescribed from my doctor. I had another medication too, but it made me very drowsy and I was unable to function. Zofran did not make me drowsy at all and I was able to work. Using Zofran I still had an iffy feeling in my stomach, but I am still giving it such a high rating, becuase I do not know what I would have done without the medication. It made an unbearable time, bearable. The medication is however very expensive and I am still fighting to get money back from the insurance. F 40 2.5 months
 5  Nausea None ... NO side affects noticed This drug is amazing and needs to get out there more .... Alot of doctors have not even heard of it and thats a shame because it's the best drug I've EVER taken for Nausea and vomiting ... I had the stomach flue and ended up in the ER from dehydration from throwing up all night with no relief in sight and the ER gave me Zofran and let me tell ya my Nausea was gone withing 15 minutes and I was able to hold fluid down ... the best part was it only gave me mild drowsiness compared to the other nausea drugs that make you so dizzy you cant stand up hardly .... Zofran is one helluva good drug ... M 39 7 days
 4  Nausea from brain tumor None Worked well to control most episodes of nausea but not the worst ones for that I required Phenergan. The upside of this medication is that I experienced absolutely no somnolence or fatigue and I have been able to go to work on it unlike other antiemetics. F 39 3 years
 5  pregnancy induced nausea constipation, mild drowsiness, headaches I don't know what I would have done during my last pregnancy without it. I was able to get by with phenergan during my first pregnancy, but it didn't cut it for my last pregnancy and I ended up having to take zofran for about 5 months. The only drawback was how very expensive it was, but I would have paid anything for it, in all honesty, because it was the only thing that worked... F 35 5 months
 5  nausea do to pregnancy Fatigue, constipation, headache It's the only way the past 2 months have been tolerable! The side effects are minor compared to the nausea without it. F 30 60 days