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 3  Mercury Toxicity I never had Fibromyalgia before but since I have taken the greater doses (100MG every 4 hours) I have suffered from profound neuro pain in the chest, flank, & back. My protocol is to take the Succimer (DMSA) every 3 to 4 hours for 5 days and then take 9 days off. While taking the DMSA I feel like I have the flu with much incessant aching and suffer from a pronounced raspy cough. Following a course of treatment the flu symptoms go away but the Fibromyalgia like symptoms increasingly flare up over the days; I suspect because of what is called "redistribution of mercury" as the blood level of the DMSA is gradually cleared; however the raspy cough subsides. Chemet (DMSA which is also known as Succimer) apparently is the least nephrotoxic of the available chelating agents and that is why I so far have endured its most unpleasant side effects. Some weeks of the aforementioned protocol I add 50MG of Alpha Lopiec Acid (Q 4 hours) to the protocol and this appears to cause the side effects to spike! M 62 1 years
100MG 6X D

CHEMET  (SUCCIMER):  This medication is used to treat lead poisoning. It works by binding to the lead so that it may be removed by your kidneys. Removing lead from your body will lower the chance of severe problems caused by lead poisoning.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)