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 5  breakouts/diagnosed rosacea none Back in the late 90's when I was in my 30's, I started getting pimples on my chin. I'd get rid of one, and another would come, often in the same spot over and over. I tried OTC things, but kept getting them. One or two at a time. I had never had bad skin, and I hadn't changed any medications. Physicians assistant diagnosed rosacea (which I don't think was true . . .) and gave me a prescription for Klaron. I used it only to dab onto the pimples and the area where I might be getting them. It was amazing, the pimples disappeared so quickly and soon I was getting no more pimples. I kept it around just to treat any that might show up. I don't remember how long it was that I used it - less and less until the bottle was used up - but I never had outbreaks again, until this year (2015). I had no side effects that I can remember. I don't even remember it drying my skin as things like Clearasil do. I've been hoping that it is still available so I can ask my doctor for it again. F 48
1X D
 1  Rosacea I tried this 3 separate times. I would stop using it for a week, then try it again. Each time I had stomach pain with it. Once it gave me a lot of redness and pimples or a rash on my nose. The other 2 times it gave me some acne. Not worth the stomach cramps I was getting. Back to prosacea. F 60 4 weeks
118 ml bot 2X D
 5  Acne, dry skin, oily skin, redness. no side effects as of yet. I'm shocked at how fast it started to work. The first day, I put it on in the morning, and by night time my acne was less swollen. In the morning of the next day a few zits were already gone! I'm on the 4th day and my blackheads are starting to fade. I'm so excited!!!! F 17 4 days
Not sure 1X D
 5  Acne, Rosacia none I absolutely do not leave the house without this stuff. I tried everything with the exception of Acutane. I have the most sensitive skin and this works miracles for my zits and rosacia.I have not had any resistance to it and have used it for about 11 years, I have tried a couple of times to stop using it and breakouts return within about 2-3 weeks, so it lasts a while in your system. F 28 11 years
2x daily 2X D
 3  acne alittle dryness i was using it a week but it started breaking me out is that normal at first? when can i see results? M 29 7 days
 5  Acne None This is the first treatment i have used that did not make my skin dry out and also work. Plexion was good but quite working. If you use as directed, shake and only a small thin layer you get a nice smooth surface once it dries. Great for then appling my mineral makeup. Only been on it a week and finally have stopped getting new pimples. So far So good!! F 22 1 weeks
 5  acne control none Other than Accutane (which has such horrible side effects), Klaron is the only treatment which has ever kept me virtually breakout-free. F 41 2 years
 5  Adult Acne Slight skin dryness during the first 2 weeks of use, but none since then It worked like a charm. I began using Klaron (now the generic) almost 3 years ago, and haven't had a major breakout since. The smell took some getting used to the first time, but after the first week or so, I didn't even notice it anymore. As far as leaving your skin shiny, it won't do this if you follow the directions. Shake the bottle, and put a small drop in your hand. Cover your face with a THIN layer, and gently assage it into your skin. Your skin will be a little sticky/tacky for a few minutes, but that should be it. If you're noticing a long lasting shine, you're probably using too much. M 26 3 years
 5  acne I did not experience any side effects. I had clogged pores and my doctor put me on oral antibiotics and Metrolotion - I became worse. Then we switched to Metrogel - even worse. Turns out, I had excess yeast on my face and the antibiotics were causing the problem to worsen. We switched to Klaron and then a thin layer of FInacea. Worked like a charm! I have one or two bumps occasionally now and most of the clogged pores are gone. No stinging or burning for me. F 41 30 days
 2  adult acne greasy face all day and no give on the acne just more and more of it i have been using klaron 2x daily and tazacor at night for the past 5 weeks and all i get is a shiny mess of a face and more pimples my face is a disaster area F 26 5 weeks
 4  Acne & Rosacea No side effects. Very mild. I had to ASK my doctor to put me on Klaron. He agreed, thankfully, because nothing else was working. My skin looks the best it has looked since I started prescription topicals (Jan '07). My skin certainly isn't 100% yet, but is better than before!! I would definitely recommend this product. I am looking forward to it getting better and better!! F 33 1 weeks
 5  adult acne none I'd just like to join the chorus of Klaron fans. This is a really effective and gentle product. I rarely need to use it now, but when I do I get results within two days. For those of you just starting the product with more severe acne, be patient. It actually took me almost 4 weeks to get results the first time. After that, my skin somehow seemed to magically come into balance and I only need to use it rarely now. I think the years of stronger products had my skin see-sawing between overly dry and oily. Klaron finally balanced it all. F 44 2 days
 5  acne good and none ! it works for me and thank you ! M 22 3 months
 5  Acne None. Love this product. It's great. Doesn't sting or burn or have an terrible smell. Great product! F 28 3 months
 4  Adult Acne Nothing serious. The first week using Klaron, my face did break out considerably, but it completely cleared up within the second week. Within the past year, I started getting really bad breakouts on my cheeks (blackheads). I was never someone that had had acne in the past. I have been using Klaron for a month now and I am breakout free. Great Product! F 28 30 days
 5  acne None. It does leave a little shine on your face when you use it. I suffered from Acne from the age of 15-22. I tried everything on the market and at the age of 22, a doctor recommended Klaron and I've been acne free since! NO side effects! No burn! No dryness! No redness! I' dont know why this medicine is not prescribed over antibiotics or Retin A. M 26 4 years
 5  rosecea This is the most amazing topical gel. Within 72 hours, my skin was much improved and after two weeks, there is no trace of the rosecea which developed very quickly and was unsightly. I recommend Klaron with no reservations. F 50 2 weeks
 3  Acne, rosacea. While it worked wonderfully to clear my acne, it seemed to intensify the redness. It did not alieviate the redness or the dryness in the areas where I experience rosacea. Klaron is great for acne sufferers with delicate skin. However, I'm not sold on it's effects on rosacea. F 27 2 months
 2  acne redness, itchy I started using Klaron about a month ago, I apply it every morning and every night. Since I have started using the product my face has broken out more and has become more red. F 26 1 days
 4  Acne Acne comes back with a vengeance when you stop taking the medication. This product worked very well on reducing acne in the nose area. But it seems like over time the acne starts becoming resistant to the Klaron. However, the product is extremely effective against pimples when you first start taking it. M 30 6 months

KLARON  (SULFACETAMIDE SODIUM):  This medication is used to treat acne. It works by stopping the growth of certain bacteria on the skin that can worsen acne. Sodium sulfacetamide belongs to a class of drugs known as sulfa antibiotics.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)