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 Type: Brand name discontinued; available as generic

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 5  High Blood Pressure and CHF When I first started some coughing but that disappeared after 6 months and now no troubles at all I was on 20 Monopril Plus and lately it has been increased to 40 Plus with no ill effects and an improvement in BP control and arrhythmias M 60 15 years
40 1X D
 4  hypertension Seems to be working. diastolic way down. Systolic ok. M 65 5 years
10mg 2X D
 2  mild hypertension Orthostatic hypotension and feeling of weakness on standing up. M 65 365 days
5 1X D
 3  high blood pressure I've been on 5mg a day, I take 2.5 am and 2.5 afternoon. BP usually 138/78, sometimes higher. I've had increased GI problems, really affecting my everyday life. Also increased dry eye, having to use eye drops more often. And eye infections. I have ocular rosacea. Plus, my recall isn't as good. It was really bad when first started med, somewhat better now. Used to have cough, but only once in while now. I'm not sure GI problems are a side effect because I had c diff four years ago...but the year I've been on monopril they have increased. I've tried other BP meds with worse side effects. Not sure what to do. Wish my BP was lower too. F 69 1 years
 5  High BP No side effects that I have ever noticed. Been taking it for 16 years. I have really loved this medication as I have not had any side effects, but it has done its job at lowering my BP. Would certainly recommend it over other forms of BP lowering meds... some of which have terrible side effects. M 48 16 years
 2  BP 150-160/90-100 Postural Hypotension in recent months after being on it for over two years @ 10mg twice daily. Occasional (transient) dizziness while walking in mornings (exercise) Postural hypotension (PH)not relieved by reducing dosage to 5mg twice daily. My doctor does not know what to do other than asking me to wear Jobst (compression) stockings. Anyone else bothered by PH? If so, were you able to get rid of it? Thanks. M 72 2 years
 4  Hypertension Side effects have generally been mild, although during the first month or so, I noticed some sleep disturbances, increased itchiness, a mild decrease in libido, and loss of concentration. Over the past several months these side effects have diminished in intensity and are thus more tolerable. I am currently taking 20mg per day and have watched my BP go from 140+/90+ to 110+/70+. Therefore, the benefit for me far out weighs the inconvenience of a few minor side effects. Unfortunately, routine annual blood tests have revealed a general decline in my white blood cell count. Currently it is at 3.0k/cmm (4.3k/cmm to 10k/cmm is considered normal). This stems not just from my current conversion to Fosinopril, but rather a 15 year history of using ace inhibitors to control my hypertension (it has been documented that ace inhibitors can lead to a low WBC count). Previous ace inhibitors that I've used include Vasotec and Accupril. However, with my recent conversion to Fosinopril, I noticed a sudden drop from 3.6k/cmm to 3.0k/cmm. I will probably be forced to get off ace inhibitors altogether before my leukopenia (low WBC) gets out of control. M 54 5 months
 5  BP Well, I'm not sure if it is the Norvasc or the Monopril that makes me to not be able to handle the sun when it's Hot. Other wise I think it is doing good, no problems that I know of.I take 40mg. F 65 9 years
 2  had a heart attack fatigue, also jittery F 58 3 years
 3  Mild H-T My BP was reduced to 'normal'. I still get occational palpatations, diareaha and have an extreamly low libido. M 48 3 years
 1  High Blood Pressure Dry cough every night. Unbearable! M 46 45 days
 5  high blood pressure Light headedness experienced when BP lowered. Reduced from 10mg to 5mg & symptoms vanished. Dr. not happy with BP & increased to 10mg- severe daily headaches. I'd rather have high BP. Now taking 7.5mg & no symptoms at all. Early age to start BP medication. Pregnancy related hypertension has resulted in kidney damage & the continued use of medication. F 33 10 years
 1  mild HT Monopril (20 mg/d) made me feel light-headed and dizzy. With the Norvasc, I was also nauseous. It took a while to convince the doctor that these were really side-effects. He prescribed monopril-plus (monopril plus a diuretic), and it affected my emotions so severely that I was crying every day, and felt as if I were having a nervous breakdown. I changed my doctor, and the new one said that it ought not to have been prescribed for me, as my uric acid is slightly (only slightly) elevated. The first one knew that. The monopril did seem to reduce the BP, but I believe it to have been due to a period of extreme stress at work. The doctor did not believe that - he actually said M 55 4 months
 3  High Blood Pressure 170/100 Dry cough and fatigue. Expensive my Co payment is $25.00 a month. My pressure is normal now and sometimes low so I am taking one every other day. I feel very tired within one hour of taking it. Am going to ask my Dr to switch me to a less expensive medication. I do not like the fatigue but my pressure is controlled on it. I am very athletic and active. I feel the Dr did not try and find out why my pressure suddenly was very high. I think it was stress related. I am trying to relax more and do yoga and meditation and not work so much. F 51 2 years
 3  High blood presure of 160/105 I had a dry cough which was a common listed side affect. I also got chest pains and palpitations but I am not certian that that is a side affect of the drug or my condition. M 51 60 days

MONOPRIL  (FOSINOPRIL SODIUM):  Fosinopril is used to treat high blood pressure (hypertension). Lowering high blood pressure helps prevent strokes, heart attacks, and kidney problems. It is also used to treat heart failure. Fosinopril is an ACE inhibitor and works by relaxing blood vessels so that blood can flow more easily.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)