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 5  I have ovarian issues and joints Used to make me itchy and vomit but I'm used to it now. It's the only thing that helps my joints and ovaries and swollen vagina walls however without the drug I get really sick. Worst cold you'd imagine. Puking bile into chest pains. Horrible abdominal pains. You also get the runs and body temp fluctuating every two minutes. I have had to go to the Er before just to get a shot of hydro so I'm not sick until my next medication pick up Miracle drug. F 26 1 days
8mgx20 day 10X D
 5  Hip Replaced/Infection &back surger None, it worked very well for me. I was receiving it through my IV first time hip replacement and it got infected for about 21 days/alternating percocet. Also with back surgery same as above but I only took it for 4 days. Also pulled my elbow out of socket, they just gave me 1 injection to relieve the pain so they could take x-rays and put it back in the socket. F 60 10 days
Not sure
 5  I had my left leg amputated There were no side effects. Dilaudid was the only medicine that helped my pain. I can't remember the dosage. F 58 10 days
 1  Joint replacement post surgery Extreme agitation n increased pain. My brother had same reaction so there could be genetic sensitivity/allergy. F 58 1 times
 3  Fractured 3 vertebrae Administered through IV slowly along with zofran for nausea and tordal for inflammation. A sudden heaviness fell over my body and my back pain intensified immediately. Tears started flowing and it was difficult for me to explain what I was feeling. Nurse monitored me closely (breathing and BP) after that initial dose. F 42 1 days
 1  ER I felt extremely dizzy, I couldn't even stand up instantly felt sick zofran wasn't even touching the nausea they discharged me 2 hours after injection went to stand up started vomiting bile . I had to stay an extra two hours finally drove home and was still vomiting bile cause I had nothing in my stomach 24 hours later no vomiting but still feel sick to my stomach Do not take this ... awful F 35 0 days
 4  Torn meniscus, torn ACL constipation, craving, drowsiness, short term memory loss. I hate this stuff, yes it worked but I felt myself doing higher doses within a short period of time. I decided to take myself off of it. I am on day four of no Dilaudid. I am telling you, I am a very sick person. No real sleep, body seizures, anxiety, extremely sore muscles, headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, uncontrolled body temperature, exhaustion. This drug is nothing to mess with. You better realize the repercussions of having to come off this stuff and how it affects your brain. It's horrible.. F 4 weeks
12 mg 2X D
 2  Herniated discs in neck No side effects I was hopeful that dilaudid would help with my pal. Due to the overall decent reviews I had seen. Unfortunately dilaudid did t provide much pain relief. I had switched from opana which had worked for about 8 months. I know they are in the same family so maybe that is why it didn't ever work that well. M 32 2 months
 5  Extrême Nerve Pain Constipation, Wooziness Severe stenosis causing several pinched nerves in back. Percocet did nothing. Lyrica brought pain down from 10/10 to 9/10, Finally prescribed Dilaudids. Once dose was increased, pain dropped to a manageable 0-7/10. What s relief after several months of torturous pain! So far I love this medication. Starting medical cannabis shortly with view to cutting back this opioid to avoid having to increase it periodically. Hope that works. M 59 15 days
3mg 4X D
 1  Pain in abdomen from ovarian cysts I was given a shot of Dilaudid into my IV when I was in the ER for abdominal pain caused by ovarian cysts. I didn't know if I'd ever had Dilaudid before but as soon as it hit me I had a panic attack. I shot up from bed feeling like my whole body was shaking and couldn't get that feeling to go away or even calm down for about an hour. The entire time I was itching my nose furiously. I was sweating and vomited after it hit. I will NEVER take this again. I would have taken the pain over the panic attack feelings. I would recommend for anyone who suffers from anxiety or panic disorders to consider other medicines for pain before taking this. F 26 1 days
Unsure 1X D
 2  Severe Pain Lumbar, Cervical, Migra After surviving a horrific car wreck which I was just minding my business I've had pain issues since 97. May of 2013 I fell and found out I have permanent Nerve Damage in both legs and Degenerative Disc Disease with a failed Back Fusion, Chronic Pain Syndrome and Cluster Head Aches. I've been on ever Pain Medication Possible but now on on Zanaflex Muscle Relaxer 3 Times A Day plus 30 MGs of Morphine Sulfate 3 times a day and Dilaudid 2,MGs 3 times a day. Plus Fiorinal 3 times a day at least. So far Dilaudid has affected my Memory, short term mostly, some very messed up dreams and due to having even more issues with family starting to feel numb. That's just not happening quick enough for me. My Pain Level is still around a 8 and I'm still struggling. I've lost interest in all of my favorite TV Shows, I'm Disabled and all I do anymore is stream Netflix. I suffer from both Depression and Anxiety Disorders and I'm fine all day but when night hits I start to lose it. Dilaudid is just like all of the rest of the meds I've been on not the super pill I was expecting. M 40 1 weeks
 3  Ovary cyst pain Dry mouth Didnt take much of the pain away F 38 7 days
2 mg 4 tim
 2  post urgical knee replacement/cance great for 2 hours wears off... actually I stored it up like nuts in post op. seizured. Dr set by bed admin 1 mg every 10 mins the first 8 hours. More relief from Morph. prefer morph lasts longer short acting needs to be given with benadryl and phenergen side effects of itching and vomiting cease. Most drs combine anyway I personally don't care for it and refuse it in ER and ask for Morph instead, When they tell u its stronger its not true its a person to persona basis. Ive been in pain management 10 years and still prefer Morph generally 8 mg iv push every 3 hours F 59 14 days
2mg 4X O
 5  Tonsillectomy This is by far the best pain med out there. Pain went from like 10 to zero in minutes , it's amazing! Not happy that the doctor only gave me such a small dose of it. I was taking Tylenol with codeine for the pain at first and it did NOTHING! All in all great pain med despite all the side effects. My side effects: Drowsy,insomnia, nausea, hallucinations F 41 1 days
1mg oral l
 5  After spinal surgery No side effects The best post operative pain reliever I have ever experienced after major surgery . I was first on morphine and it felt like they were still inside of me working . I asked them to please change it to delaudid because I had experience with it three times before . My pain level went from 10 to zero in seconds F 64 3 days
? 6X AN
 4  Chronic low back pain, post surgery Constipation, more then likely due to surgery and amount of hydrocodone taken trying to relieve pain. I've had chronic low back pain since I turned 20. I was having to take hydrocodone everyday to get through work. By the time I turned 24 I was taking 10's. Over this year it's began to not work as wel and after I just had surgery to remove cysts from both ovaries the surgeon told me that I may have to take two 10's being I've been on it since I was 18, that I may have a hard time managing the pain. He was both right, and wrong. Taking two 10's didn't help with the pain at all. On Wednesday the day after surgery I couldn't take it anymore and he prescribed me hydromorphone 4mg tablets to take every six hours. Being i was already constipated, it helped some but hardly took the edge off, after finally going to the bathroom there's been a bit more improvement but still painful. I'm not an abuser of any medication but I've been tempted to take two to see if it helps more with relieving the pain. My pain level on a scale of 1-10, I'm currently at an 8/9 the lowest I've reached is about a 7. Better then the 12/13 hysterical level I was at this morning. Any advice is much appreciated from other chronic pain suffers. I think this would be a better medication for me then the Vicodin as even on a bad day taking two tens does nothing anymore. F 28 3 days
 5  At hospital Great pain relief 55 1 days
 5  stomach obstruction None This drug is a miracle. I have been in the hospital 3 weeks for a stomach obstruction & I grind my teeth too, my tooth broke from having vitamin deficiency for so long. This medicine has helped for both issues, helps to calm my achy body, & helps my pain for longer than hydrocodone. Not everyone feels this way, but everyone is different. Some can take it & some cannot, but I know it's saved me from feeling pain for up to 5 hours. F 38 10 days
2ML prn 15
 3  knee surgery Horrible leg pain/cramp/ heaviness F 62 9 days
 1  ER treatment for headache Gave 1 mg intramuscular in ER, I told them I'm sensitive to this medicine but she'd already stuck me with the needle. I passed out twice and came to only to vomit for 18 hours straight (dry heaving after 1st hour). Now the day after and I have a rebound migraine from it. Terrible drug. F 44 1 days
1 mg intra

DILAUDID  (HYDROMORPHONE HYDROCHLORIDE):  This medication is used to relieve moderate to severe pain. Hydromorphone is an opioid (narcotic) pain reliever. It acts on certain centers in the brain to give you pain relief.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)