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 1  Stage 4 Endometriosis Severe bone, muscle and joint aches. Headaches, mood swings, hot flashes, altered taste and smell, increased pelvic cramping. I could feel it in my body and felt disgusting all the time. It made everything ache. I couldnít take it for the recommended 6 months because the side effects were too harsh. I spent most days in bed because my body aches were so severe. Iím still having severe symptoms even after having stopped for 3 weeks. Iím wondering if I am damaged for life. This is a harsh medication. I would recommend researching about it before taking since my doctor didnít tell me much about it and I greatly regret taking it. It has made my quality of life terrible. F 38 3 months
? 2X D
 1  Endometriosis it basically put me through menopause. It's the long-term effect of having osteoporosis at a young age that bites. I am 50 and been diagnosed with it for 3 years. It basically put me through menopause. It only truly helped while I was taking it. I took this drug when it was newer in the 1990's I can't remember the exact year now. The hotflashes were really intense, but this is more meant to be a reflection on the long term effects for those considering this drug. I took this in my early 20's somewhere between 91-94, I really think it was 91 but I'm not a 100% sure, now I am 50. The osteoporosis is a real possibility, I have been diagnosed with it for three years, 50 is pretty young. i did also finally get a doctor to do a hysterectomy at 35, best thing that ever happened to me. My situation was severe enough when they finally did it there was no chance I would have children though their endoscopies did not convince them of this. Advocate for yourself, but at 50, having had osteoporosis for three years and given the benefits I got from this drug and hindsight being 2020 I wish I never took it. F 50 6 months
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 5  PMDD Headaches, hair loss, weight gain, hot flushes etc totally outweigh PMDD symptoms Saved my life F 38 100 days
1 spray 2X D
 1  Endometriosis Synarel shuts down a woman's estrogen. I experienced 23 lb. weight gain, wasn't told that it does NOTHING to eradicate endometriosis~ Teeth problems, put on it too long w/ provera I don't know why OB/GYN's don't go back to school to learn that this medicine does nothing. Side effects were not told, ie, facial hair, potential for lowering of the voice. I have tapes showing that I still had chocolate cysts, felt terrible on this junk. A dentist knows that pregnant women have gum changes during pregnancy. While endometriosis is variant in many women, it can be clear, and encompass large areas. Synarel doesn't do a thing. It cannot be taken for a prolonged period of time, and I urge anyone to see Dr. David Redwine's proof, along with Dr. Albee in Atlanta. Synarel is the "Sister" drug of LUPRON and was featured in a NBC DATELINE special in the late 1990's. As soon as a woman with a little tad of endo says they feel better, what happens? They either have no statistics that are valid, nor are there any proven biopsies that show that SIN-U_ALL, made anything go away. It has many side effects that are yet to be determined..mood alteration, money by MD's via Drug Reps with large bills to add. It is a oathe to "DO NO HARM", yet some baby doctors are giving this nose spray to women who've yet to be even definitively diagnosed via Laparoscopy with Endometriosis. That's outrageous. You are dealing with the ON/OFF switch that directs the pituatary gland. More than ever, women will continue to have more needless surgeries or be told that hysterectomy "cures" Endometriosis. That is a LIE. Beware. I was told that with Lupron, F 45 3 months
unknown 1X O
 4  endomitriosis occasional night sweats and hot flashes, some vaginal dryness This has been tremendously helpful with my endomitriosis symptons - I have tried many other medications (lupron, depo provera, birth control pills) and this has worked the best. I do take a low dose hormone replace therapy to help offset the side effects. F 39 8 years
2X D
 2  IVF Constant headaches and troubles thinking. Also, it made my hayfever reactions worse and disturbed my sleep a bit. Did not like Synare at all, hopefully I won;t need it again but in case I would prefer to go back to daily Decapeptyl inections. F 39 19 days
 3  IVF Constant pain just below ribcage. Very sharp pain when breathing deeply. Very weepy and depressed, unable to control negative thinking. This is my 5th time taking synarel. The first 3 I had no side affects, but they now get increasingly worse. F 38 10 days
 3  IVF The first time I really only had a nasty taste in the throat Second round of IVF Im tired & irritable, I have gained weight & feel bloated, I have headaches and feel overall pretty rotten The synarel is a necessary evil, I will put up with the side effects because its all part of the plan to get to our goal of bringing a much wanted baby into the world F 42 20 days
 3  endometriosis Headaches lasted for first 3 weeks, then intermittent irritability, now muscle cramping/stiffness and weakness, tons of hot flashes although these decreased when I went from 3 sprays daily to 2 sprays daily The medication had many difficult side effects, but it decreased my constant pelvic pain. I'm concerned that because after the maximum dose (6 months) my pelvic pain is not gone and I expect I will still have to have a laparoscopy. F 38 6 months
 2  Endometriosis Hot flashes, oily skin, mood swings, headaches, general irritability, tiredness, 'out of character', sensitivity to touch Still having some side effects six months after ceasing taking drug, hot flashes have continued with each subsequent period. F 25 3 months
 1  IVF Depression, hot flushes, mood swings, very tearful. Very out of character. The severe side effects as good as cost me my job! F 29 30 days
 3  IVF Headaches, trouble thinking. First time on the drug my hormones didn't come down. They were 1100 should have been under 100 so had to cancel the IVF. Second attempt hormones were 267 but have been allowed to proceed. F 36 14 days

SYNAREL  (NAFARELIN ACETATE):  Nafarelin is used in women to treat a condition in which the tissue that normally lines the inside of the uterus grows in the wrong place (endometriosis). This medication helps to decrease the abnormal tissue and also the symptoms of endometriosis (such as pelvic pain, painful menstrual cramps, and pain during/after sex). This medication is also used in children to treat a certain type of early puberty (central precocious puberty, gonadotropin-dependent). It helps to slow the bone aging and height growth rate so that both are near normal, and it helps to stop or reverse signs of early puberty (such as breast growth in girls, growth of sexual organs in boys). Nafarelin is similar to a natural hormone made by the body (gonadotropin-releasing hormone-GnRH). It works by decreasing the testosterone hormones in boys and estrogen hormones in women and girls.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)