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 2   Had to change accupril dose 10 mg daily to 15 mg daily. Now experiencing bad tiredness and fatigue. F
 1  Hypertension Very bad cough, started right away. Progressively got worse. Had to get off it. Really embarressing at work. Cough improved right away , within 4 days of coming off it was much better. Now on Diovan, much better M 55 3 months
 5  High blood pressure Dry cough. It's annoying but a small annoyance. Been taking Accupril for over 20 years. As a type 1 diabetic it was prescribed to protect my kidneys and control borderline high blood pressure. Accupril is what I prefer over generic Quinapril. Accupril works better. F 56 10 years
 4   doesn't seem to keep blood pressure down as in the past expensive-but don't seem get help from quinipril M 67 13 years
20 mg 1X D
 1  high blood pressure Have a sporadic dry cough as mentioned here by other users.I am switching to a generic Norvasc, as this cough is annoying to me and others around me. M 81 30 days
20 MG 1X D
 3   1 days
 4  high blood pressure tiredness since increase in dosage from 20 to 40 mg very tired. lazy , fatigue. M
40 mg 1X D
 5  high blood pressure M 48 7 years
 5  High Blood Pressure I have been on Accupril and Quinapril HCI, with no side effects. Two weeks ago I started taking the new Quinapril USP and having symptoms of cough, leg cramps, very tired, no energy. Is anyone else having this problem with the new switch to Quinapril made by Lupin? F 50 10 years
40 MG 1X D
 4  high blood presure Only just started taking a few weeks ago dry cough started two weeks ago although annoying I do feel better than I have done for some time F 52 3 weeks
 3  for slight blood pressure swelling feet and shortness of breath i am in a hot climate at present and the swelling did not occur when i was in a cooler climate i was changed to accupril from accuretic and wonder if this medication is necessary as my blood prssure is on the high side of normal F 70 2 months
 1  heart hypertension Dr. changed my dosage of Quinipril ( generic) for Accupril from 40mg.(1) daily to (2) daily. After (2) increased dosages I awoke with much swelling of lips and swelling into the face. Looks like aperson who had a stroke.Truly scary. Being on Easter Sunday, Idid not attend our church service. Not at all happy with this dosage. Must contact Doctor comeMonday morning, which will be Monday April 13, 09' M 74
 4  hypertension none I take quinapril( generic) and by far this is the best bp med I have taken. previously was on diovan, labatelol,procardia. The only down side I seem to have had is that when I started on quinapril I started at 10 mg and that controlled my bp (unmedicated is 150/105) for about 7 months. Now I am up to 20 mg and my bp is 120/85. It seems your body adjusts to it and every so often you need to up the dosage F 34 9 months
 3  High blood pressure Dry cough;some joint and muscle pain especially when I take the generic version (quinapril). The pharmacist insists there is no difference in the formula, yet these symptoms decrease with brand, which is much more expensive on my medical plan.I have tried both-and currently take brand. I take the lowest dosage in combination with other low dosage medicines and my blood pressure is fine. F 56 7 years
 3  n n n F 55 32 days
 1  High Blood Pressure Tiredness, Weight Gain I have been taking accupril for 12 months; it has done little to lower my blood pressure, but makes me very tired--to the point that I don't get out of bed some days. I also experiences significant weight gain, going from 171lbs to over 200 in a few months, despite working out regularly. M 35 12 months
 4  High BP Have noticed some muscle weakness. Also suffer from Hypothyroid so it may be that. Beginning to experience bilateral or alternating hip / groin pains which seem to be muscular in origin rather than degenerating joints. Am beginning to wonder if Accupril is the cause. I have been on Accupril many years. At least 7 but probably longer. F 54 7 years
 5  hypertension None I have taken this drug for about 10+ years, works good, only problem is if i forget to take it. no noticable side effects. M 55 10 years
 3  hypertension I have taken the drug without side effects for 2 years. However, I have recently developed the annoying cough and some shortness of breath. I am unwilling to stay on it with this symptom. My BP will still increase to unacceptable levels under stress, so drug is not that effective for me. F 55 2 years
 4  High BP I have taking accupril (and/or quinapril) or monopril or zestril for 15 years, although they are effective in contolling my BP the cough is getting unbearable. Cough seems to be worst with accupril (quinapril). Use HCTZ to enhance the effect of th accupril. Doctor took me off accupril yesterday but said it will take two to four years for the cough to stop. M 62 15 years

ACCUPRIL  (QUINAPRIL HYDROCHLORIDE):  Quinapril is used to treat high blood pressure. Lowering high blood pressure helps prevent strokes, heart attacks, and kidney problems. This medication is also used to treat heart failure. Quinapril belongs to a class of drugs known as ACE inhibitors. It works by relaxing blood vessels so blood can flow more easily.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)