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 1  Took Tylenol PM to get to sleep. I was having trouble sleeping and I took the standard dose of Tylenol PM which is 2 tablets.I didn't notice till now its extra strength Tylenol PM.When I took it Sunday night I slept relatively well but in the morning around 9 am Monday I noticed I had dry mouth .It didn't bother me and seemed to mostly go away.Last night around 10 I noticed I had a metallic taste in my mouth .I took 2 more Tylenol PM just after 11 PM last night and the dry mouth came on very quickly .Its now 7:55 am on Tuesday morning and I still have dry mouth.Does the dry mouth go away?I have only taken the Tylenol PM 2 nights. M 52 2 days
 1  Pain and Headache Dizziness, weakness, increased pain in muscles & joints, heart palpitations, extremely elevated blood pressure, restlessness (legs especially), rebound headache, fatigue, rash, swollen face. Iíve always been told how safe it is. I Always took as prescribed or recommended on bottle. It was a mistake that switched me to an aspirin product instead. Within 4 days, I felt better than I have in years. F 47 40 years
 1  Headaches I always feel dizzy when I have taken Tylenol/acetaminophen. It doesn't work on me either F 64 1 times
 3  Gum/ear pain from missing filling Continual heart palpitations lasting hours, elevated blood pressure, restlessness, mild headache/pressure, fatigue Once I connected the heart palpitations to the regular strength Tylenol, I discontinued use, and will go back to Advil. Tylenol did work OK as far as alleviating mild to moderate gum pain/toothache. Thankfully I started with just one 325 mg tablet and not two. F 57 3 days
325 mg 2X D
 5  headache no side effect good for headache F 32 2 days
500mg 3X D
 1  Pain Took my pain away, but made me feel very restless, like I needed to run around. This drug works great for the rest of my family, but not me, as I am sensitive to most meds. F 53 1 days
1X D
 3   F 37 1 days
 4  Pain and fever No side effects. Gets rid of fever, doesn't do anything for pain for me though. I am not sure why. It doesn't relieve swelling for me either. Works great for fevers though, brings them down really fast. F 1 days
200 1X D
 3  Shoulder pain None all I am allowed to take since I had wls and can't take Motrin due to ulcer risk. Well I pulled my shoulder and the only thing that would work is good old fashioned naproxen can't take it. Calling doctor tomorrow F 29 1 days
1000 mg
 3  It's in the Vicodin my Dr. gave me. After taking Vicodin for three years, it and any product containing Tylenol/acetaminophen now gives me a perfect 10 migraine which only ibuprofen will make go away. Before this happened it used to be the best pain reliever for me. My Dr. had to switch me to ms contin due to my reaction now. Short term duration of this medication is the ONLY way it should be taken in my opinion. M 51 3 years
325 3X D
 3  Shoulder Pain I received a headache about 30mins after taking. Also a very weak tingle in my arms, like they were falling asleep. I still have shoulder pain =/ I think I will stick to ibuprofen when it comes to needing a pain med. Since I have never had a problem with that medication. I also notice when taking Tylenol I end up having to take more then I want to take. With ibuprofen I take 2-4pills instead of 6-8 of Tylenol. =( F 27 1 days
[email protected] 1X D
 1  headache Paranoia Anandamide reuptake inhibitor`?? Terrible addictive and gateway to hell. Maybe. M 30 2 days
1 1X D
 3  Headaches. None. Tylenol is good for a headache. One pill never does anything, two eases the pain, but it's never 100%. To get rid of the pain completely (for severe pain) I take ibuprofen. F 19 14 years
 2  Headaches None Either im immune to this or it isn't very effective. I've taken it many times and always have to take more than recommended for anything to happen. It also takes a long time to kick in. Waste. F 19 4 years
 1  Pain None Seems to be more of a mental drug, where it won't relieve pain but make you think it is working. If you are in pain, try something else. M 19
 3  Headache. It helped my headache but it too forever to kick in. I only got mild releif. I didn't expereience many side effects from this drug. Good mild pain killer. M 18 2 days
 3  arthritis I get mild headaches and feel sleepy. I also feel lethargic. None of these side effects is listed anywhere, but I have been experiencing them repeatedly. It helps somewhat with my arthritis pain. Aleve worked really well for me, but I cannot take it (and other NSAIDs) because of stomach problems and other side effects, so I am glad I can take Tylenol sometimes. But if I don't want to fall asleep, I just put up with the pain until it bothers me too much ... There don't seem to be any good choices for me. F 57 3 years
 2  Pain (post-op) Taking Tylenol elevates my blood pressure significantly. I have experienced this numerous times. Most recently hospital personnel tended not to believe me and administered Tylenol for pain after my aortic valve replacement. They became believers! I know Tylenol works very effectively for most people. Unfortunately I and I am sure others have suffered significant side effects which seem to be met with doubt and denial by well meaning health care professionals. My side effect is significantly elevated blood pressure. M 63 1 days
 1  headache or pain When this drug wears off, I am always very depressed. I cannot take it. Switched to ibuprofen with no problems. Kind of scarey that this drug guarantees depression in me when it wears off! F 46 10 times
 4  Absessed Tooth None I have taken tylenol over the years for recurring headaches. Now I am taking 500 tylenol and 600 motrin for absessed tooth. Works great until bedtime. At bedtime I take 2 tylenol pms with motrin and if I take it early enough I actually get some sleep F 29 5 years