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 3  Lichen planus Sheets of skin peeled from feet. Inflamation around fingernails, dry cracked lips, substantial hair loss and thinning /weakening of strands. Patches of hair regrowth kinked and twisted, bald patches.inflamed dry scaly scalp. Did reduce itchy spots of lichen planus while taking which came back when treatment stopped. F 71 90 days
 1  Severe plaque psoriasis feet Horrible, skin peeled off in swaths leaving open sores,psoriasis spread up my leg, horrible itching, unable to walk without pain and bleeding F 55 19 days
 3  Lichens Sclerosus Hair loss, very dry skin, sores all over/rash, sticky hand syndrome, mouth nose sores and sores beside my eyes, nausea, changes in vision especially in the evenings This is a last resort treatment for Lichens sclerosus and possible ichens planus. I am allergic to steroids and the creams make me swell and irritate me bad enough I use ice packs on my vaginal area. F 52 9 months
 3  Pityriasis rubra pilaris Just started taking this so far I haven't had relief. I do however have chapped lips and very sensitive scalp. F 33 10 days
 4  Psoriasis Lots of hair thin-ness and hair loss. Getting hard to manage the bald spots. Dry lips Cleared my skin completely in 12 weeks. Drug is slow acting but works F 52 1 years
 4  Post Transplt Sqamous Cell SKin CA lips peeling, hair curling, mood changes, fingernails thing cracking, feet and hands peel, lots of hair loss. Have had several bouts, where large areas became open, like a burn that were in areas affected by the skin cancer. These areas take quite a long time to heal and have left some scaring in the areas. I make quarterly trips to Dermatology, so we can adjust dosing and treatment. I am certainly hoping to decrease this medication to the lowest effective dose possible! It has been a journey for sure. F 60 2.5 years
50 1X D
 5  plaque psoriasis all over None. Psoriasis disappeared...peeled off in two weeks leaving new skin never to return. It's really a miracle cure. M 28 7 days
 5  Psoriasis 90% clear in two weeks I cleared up very quickly. So much that I am taking a break from phototherapy to see if I can just use the drug to keep my skin clear. That being said, I do not know if in the months to come I will experience any adverse effects. At the moment I have some dry lips and scalp, but otherwise it's been great. I do miss beer, though. M 32 14 days
10 MG 1X D
 4  moderate psoriasis, Our daughter was getting married, and I really wanted to clear my skin before the wedding. I began taking Soriatane in October, 2012, and was probably about 90% clear for the wedding (the following March). The side effects were tolerable for the first year, and I was grateful for the clearing skin. I had the usual: dry lips, dry nose, peeling feet, cracking nails, and hair loss. Also my skin became very thin, and waxy. These things were all "handle-able." But over time, I began to feel Soriatane was changing not only the way I looked, but the way I felt. My thick eyelashes were short and thin, and my skin was changing color. Also, my nails became so thin I could hardly button things. My moods were sometimes blue, and I was bothered by things that never before bothered me. This past February, I went off the drug. It's been about 4 mos now. My hair is thicker, but still curly. My nails are thicker, and my lips and nose are no longer dry. I feel my vision is better also. F 55 16 months
25 mg 1X D
 4  severe psoriasis of the feet I have had most of the side effects. Lips peeling,dry nose, sores in nose,thinning hair,eyebrow and eyelash loss, weight gain,thin and splitting nails,etc. But I can walk.I think it might be compromising my immune system. I've never had a problem with being sick until now. F 61 2 years
 4  severe psoriasis of the feet I have had most of the side effects. Lips peeling,dry nose, sores in nose,thinning hair,eyebrow and eyelash loss, weight gain,thin and splitting nails,etc. But I can walk.I think it might be compromising my immune system. I've never had a problem with being sick until now. F 61 2 years
 3  psorasis Severe hair loss itchy body sweating at nite dry mouth dry eyes & lips insomnia F 55 1 years
 1   Severe hair loss; breakouts; severe itching If you have any other choice, DO NOT TAKE IT!!!!!!!!! F 69 14 days
25 mg 1X D
 3   Was taking 25mg every second day which did nothing. Have been taking 20mg per day for 3 months along with UVB treatment. 95% clear. Am thinking of stopping as hair is falling out and patches becoming bare. Fingernails are soft and spliting below where they should be. F 53 6 months
20mg 1X D
 2  Psoriasis I started at 20 MG a day and noticed little but steady improvment on the upper body. Then a rash broke out on upper legs, which I never had before. It's a bit better, but my lower legs persist with thick scales as if I never used the medication., Some are a bit thinner with some more normal skin than beforeIsuppose. It definitely got 50% worse though after I started taking it. My Derm, a national expert on the disease, says it will take up to six months for full improvment. I wonder if there is a resistance to the drug after time since I took it many years ago with fast and nearly 100% success. The slower start and worsening may be attributable to the 20MG dosage for the first six weeks. I will up date in three months. M 60 2 months
25 MG 1X D
 1  Sebaceous Hyperplasia My skin stared to peel, then it got really bad on my feet. My skin was coming of in sheets, like a glove, I could hardly walk or use any shoes. My hands were also peeling constantly and were red and the skin very thin. It would start to heal and start all over again. I had red dry patches all over my body and a scaly scalp. My Dr. did not want me to get off the medication, but it was affecting my work. I just got off it compleatly and will not try it again, plus it did nothing for my condition of Severe Sebaceous Hyperplasia. 6 years ago I used Acutaine and it worked from the first pill! F 52 2 months
50MG 1X D
 2  Palmoplantar Pustular Psoriaisis Hair Loss, First lashes then eyebrows, then hair. Rash over entire body that felt like sunburn. Extremely dry eyes ears, nose, mouth and lips. Nose bleed when blowing. Bum bleed when having a motion. A scary drug for me. Didnt help at all. Specialist now has me on Methoblastin. Gee I pray that will work. Im so tired of not having my normal life and are scraed I may loose my job that I love and need! Sometimes I feel we are guinea pigs for the medical profession. After awhile it affects your mind. I'm so over it. F 46 3.5 months
50mg 1X D
 4  Plaque Psoriasis Extremely dry nasal passages, face peeled the first month or so, yellowish tint to skin, thinning of skin, extreme hair loss after about 5 months. Hated to stop because it cleared my skin completely other than my knuckles. Stopped taking it about 2 weeks ago because of hair loss and it is gotten worse since I stopped. I'm very scared that it won't stop. I think that dermatologists should really let their patients know just how serious this drug is. I have mild to moderate psoriasis, and don't feel that I was properly informed about this drug before I started taking it. If I has been told how strong of a drug Soriatane is I would have never taken it. F 33 8 months
25 mg 1X D
 3  Psoriasis AFter first month, chapped lips that never got better. After 5 months hair began falling out in clumps and thinning and was a coarse consistency When my hair started falling out, I stopped the RX. Have to find another way to treat now. F 56 6 months
30mg 1X D
 4  psoriasis on soles of my feet dry lips, dry eyes, dry nasal passages, very slight hairloss, The drug has helped about 60% so far. No more painful fissures on my feet, no more cracking, bleeding. PS still visible. I do wonder if it compromises my immune system - having trouble shaking off colds, catching more, etc. Will continue - Dr. feels more progress is definitely possible. F 65 4 months
10mg 1X D

SORIATANE  (ACITRETIN):  This medication is a retinoid used in the treatment of severe psoriasis and other skin disorders in adults.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)