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 3  Failed spinal fusion in neck Trouble with sleep on day one, reduced effect day 1 and day 3, rash and skin irritation when applied to torso. when it's working it works well...some patches don't stick as well as others, no rash when used on biceps M 58 60 days
37.5 10X M
 4  SFN & paraneoplastic syndrome sometimes a little itchy around the patch, the patch seems to only works around 48 hours not 72. the patch has given me the chance to enjoy life again, before the patch I was bed ridden. F 42 9 months
 3  Fibromyalgia.and back Now after7 years on fentanyl ive noticed it makes me hurt more.anyone else having this problem.it was a miracle.at first. At first it helped me 100%.not anylonger.it makes me now hurt worse. F 58 7 years
100 mcg
 5  Reflex Sympathic Dystrophy At this point I really don't have any side effects. the exact dose is 275 every 72hrs. The fentanyl patch saved my quality of life, such as it is. I was in excrutiating pain for 2 years while trying all those oxy,,,whatever pills on the market until the patches were introduced to me and finally some relief. The only problem I problem I have with them, honestly, is that over the years I have been titrated up on the dose so much, because the disease I have is a progressive one, that there really is not much further to go without stopping my breathing. And when I need surgery to change the battery in my neuro stimulator, what pain medicine do they give me?? Fentyal is the top of the line. I've been given dillaudid before and it takes the edge off. But that's the problem with this medicine...its fantastic for major and long term pain, but be careful.....there is a limit....I know I've reached mine and now I'm in a predicament and I still have more and more pain, as well as break thru pain. F 47 18 years
275 3X W
 3  degenerative discs failed fusions No appetite whatsoever Severe weight loss Dry mouth Difficulty passing urine Palpation difficulties falling and staying asleep Lack of energy I started on 25mcg patches 8 years ago but after a while your body gets used to it, so it doesn't have the same pain killing effect which necessitates you going onto a bigger dose. I'm now on the largest patch and have been for nearly 4 years and I still find the pain to much to bare even with taking oral morphine on top for breakthrough pain. M 8 years
 4  DDD spinal stenosis arthritis L2-5 No real side effects other than adhesive giving a rash. Im not taking Duragesic but the generic. There was no listing for it. Its from the company Apotec. Ibe read on other sites it doesnt work as well as other patches but simce this is the only patch Ive used so far I cant complain. Seems to be working just fine to me. Havent had this much pain relief in years. I have two issues with this patch. #1. Its too thin. Its like a mylar ballon and feels like one too. Its so thin it crinkles on your own and so it doesnt lay flat on the skin. Ive used a breathable bandage to keep it flat. I must me somewhat allergic to the adhesive because when I take the patch off on third day the skin is irritated and red and itchy but doesnt hurt. I thought Id give it a month and in a few days I'll get a refill and will try a different brand. Hopefully it wont cause the irritation. M 44 4 weeks
 5  MCTD Little nausea I'm only taking 50 mcg every 72 hrs. A total life changer for me. I live with chronic pain over my whole body. I've tried MS Contin ER, norco, savella, Butrans, and various NSAIDS. The only medication that has me living a somewhat normal life. F 37 3 weeks
50 mcg
 3  degenerative disc disease Takes 12 hours to work, then only works for 24 hours. Maybe if there were a higher dose it would work better. Works good when it actually works, but 72hrs..NO WAY! F 30 1 months
 5  degenerated disc's Minor itching morning after applying. Occasional night sweats, I think related to time of applying. Never had one remain usable for more than 48 hrs. But, I have a somewhat normal life now, & side effects would have to get much, much worse for me to switch from them. Best pain management I've had, & while I'm not pain free, I am able to lead a functional, productive life, & not spend my days back and forth from sofa to bed trying to find a comfortable position. And, I don't get the "addict" looks from the chemist that came with other chronic pain medication. M 39 3 years
 4  Multiple S, Spinalstenosis cerv/lum Very little other than it not working pasr 50hours at any strenght. Requires Breakthrough meds if used for long term or dose is not changed. M 34 5 years
 5  Spinalstenosos,multiple bad discs None I have a life now, F 60 4 years
 5  Herniated disc Flushed face, burning at patch site. The patch has given me pain relief like no other long acting medicine. I've been on OxyContin and MS Contin, fentanyl has worked the best relieving my pain. F 39 1 months
 1  Back pain following back surgery I was prescribed a 50mgs Fentanyl patch. I had placed my first Fentanyl patch on my back on Friday, July 12, 2013 and placed my second patch on a different area of my back on Monday, July 15, 2013. The first 3 days of usage caused me to become very tired and to have much increased pain, not only in my lower back, (sacroiliac area), but, also in my shoulders, neck and upper back. Additionally, I developed severe constipation. (At the time of this writing, Wednesday, July 17, 2013 shortly after midnight, I have not had a bowel movement for four days, despite having used stool softeners). My second patch resulted in my falling asleep at my computer; sleeping with my head on my computer (laptop) from 7:45am to 6:30pm, Tuesday, July 16, 2013 and waking up with acute edema and excruciating pain. I kept waking up and then nodding off, (with my head falling onto my laptop). I became unconscious, disoriented to time, and incoherent. I was, as well, off-balanced and exceptionally woozy! A friend stopped over just when I needed for someone to help me. His coming over was incredibly fortuitous. He had a very difficult time waking me, with my continuing to nod off with my head lying on my computer. He left after both us believed that I was fully conscious. I wasn't. I kept nodding off, repeatedly, finding myself with an unlit cigarette in my hand. I, in time, woke up enough to be able to call my insurance company's 24-Hour "Call a Nurse". We agreed that I needed to call my pain management doctor. He was reached by his answering service. The answering service relayed information from my pain management doctor to me. I was informed to, immediately, remove the patch. I did so. I, at this time, (almost 12:30am, Wednesday, July 17, 2013), am becoming more alert and oriented. I still am having pain; but, the severity is decreasing. I remain very tired and shall, soon, go to bed. This is PRECISELY what happened for me when I was in a SNF and had been prescribed a 50mg Fentanyl patch. The poor nurse who found me in an unconscious state was very frightened telling me, a day later, that I could have died. The insurance company RN told me the same thing and said that I was very lucky to have had my friend come over at the time that he did. I call him, "my angel". Maybe he really is! I have got to inform every doctor with whom I am presently working, (and all future doctors), that I simply cannot take any opiate/opioid medication. Phew! SCARY! F 61 6 days
1X O
 3  Chronic pain from disc fractures Has helped but have horrendous brain fog. Tiredness which is threatening my job security. I had to choose this drug, morphine continuous release,, or methadone for my pain relief after major mess in Florida. I was taking oxycodone & perfectly fine, but had to change to one of 3 I mentioned. This drug saved me from oxycodone withdrawals, but now I am forever it's prisoner. Only use for short time of possible. My pain is controlled. My life is ruined. This is 30x stronger than morphine. M 49 2 years
 3  Multiple disintegrated discs/stenos Initial extreme weight loss. Lost 65lbs & gained back 50lbs @ 8th month. Brought on shingles. Rashes on & off after shingles. M 49 2 years
 5  I have chronic RA and vonwilliebran I have suffer with chronic pain since I was little girl due to my RA but my RA got worst know since I got pregnact so my doc put me on the duragesic patch which it has make my life easier, tho I'm concern in many ways me being pregnact and afraid that my baby may come out addicted to it, 2nd not able to sleep sometimes and getting a lot of sweats F 26 3 months
 5  Spinal Cord Tumor & chronic pain Loss of appetite. Patch for 72 hours only works 48 hours for me. F 57 4 years
100 mcg
 5  Shattered femur-chronic pain I have had no side effects. F 45 2 years
 5  severe pain disorder after a mva dry mouth, suppressed appetite and nausea side effects are totally worth it. F 41 2 months
37mg 1X D
 5  spinal fractures, and sciatica The only side effects I noticed were dry mouth, and loss of appetite. The loss of appetite was the worst, but, well worth it for the superior pain control I received without feeling foggy, or high. A LIFE SAVER, AND CHANGER! F 31 2 years

DURAGESIC-100  (FENTANYL):  See also Warning section. This medication is used to help relieve sudden (breakthrough) cancer pain in people who are regularly taking moderate to large amounts of opioid pain medication. Fentanyl belongs to a class of drugs known as opioid (narcotic) analgesics. It works in the brain to change how your body feels and responds to pain. This medication should not be used to relieve mild or short-term pain (such as due to headache/migraine, dental procedures, surgery).   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)