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 5  Colonoscopy None This is my 4th colonoscopy and first using NuLYTELY. I was nervous as the Golightly I've had in the past tasted awful and made me throw up. This time I was given, and too Zofran for the nausea an hour before I started the prep. I used orange Crystal Light and it tastes like someone made Tang and didn't put enough water with it. The flavor is fine and it's not too thick. I'm just getting tired of drinking it but I'm doing a split prep so I won't have to drink it all tonight. I am used to feeling like I'm going to faint but so far I'm ok. F 62 1 days
64 oz
 2  upper and lower GI horrible cramps for hours before it worked.and horrible chest pain and hard time breathing until I took prescription pain meds.i take for bone scares me to death as my upper and lower GI is tomorrow F 67 2 days
2000 2 day
 4  Colonoscopy Blotting an vomiting a few times feeling full and peeing alot I drink half of it so far the last drink I just made I added chicken broth and he needed up in is going down smoothly now so I'm open if I can keep doing this I can have this down I have made about movement a little bit once it was like I have to now but I'm sitting on the toilet but nothing is happening so we'll see my procedure is on the 29th of October of this year 2019 my 1st one ever and this stuff is nasty I didn't get a choice of what kind I could have I got the Limon line which is nasty I hate lemons and limes gross but I added chicken broth and he did it up in has gone down smoother since reading all these comments and reviews has helped me out a lot so we'll see how my procedure goes tomorrow hopefully I did everything right in not the notes found and might: is klyn's to F 40 1 days
8oz every
 2  Colonoscopy Horrible taste. After drinking 3 water bottles full of the the solution, I almost vomited it all up. F 27 2 days
 1  colonoscopy prep drank this poison on 7/7/15, close to death for 6 months, I now have chemical colitis and permanent never damage that is incurable as per my physician. From my mouth to my rectum was burned from this poison. I have spent my entire life savings on treatments trying not to die. The only reason this is given to medicare pts is because it is the one medicare will pay for. In my past I had 7 other colonoscopies without a problem. This drug has destroyed my life from what I had prior to taking the drug.I am basically a shut in a go only to the doctor or to purchase supplements.It is always about money for the drug companies, not for the safety of the patients. My advice to everyone is don't take this poison as there are many gentle cleansers available, medicare just wont pay. F 77 1 days
1X D
 5  Prep for colonoscopy for gi bleed Gas and very slight but tolerable nausea The stuff worked like a charm literally no blood with movements and took effect within an hour and a half. The worst part is the slightly salty, unsweetened Gatorade taste. And the rawness that accompanies the hospital tp but if you can do at home that's the way to go M 29 1 days
4 l
 4  Colonoscopy Temporary bloating, feeling full. The medicine worked well but tasted horrible. I mixed it with powdered lemonade,powdered tang, and orange powdered kool-aid. I could not possibly drink all that they expected and around glass 9 started throwing up from the taste. All in all, I prob drank 12 8 Oz glasses and the dr said I did good with my prep.and everything went fine. Everyone's body is different but I think the amount is major overkill. F 44 1 days
 4  Colonoscopy Nausea, cold chills, bloating, bloody diarreah, nasty, nasty taste! I can only hope the doctors prescribe something else. I have to go for a colonoscopy and endoscopy every year due to having a genetic defect for cancer. It's at the point I will start refusing to get these done. I can't stand the nausea. F 1 days
4 liters 1X O
 3  Colonoscopy Prep WHY does it taste SALTY? And it is somehow a thick or slimy sensation going down. I have zero gag reflex issues and I never vomit but this stuff gagged me and made me wretch. Half of this concoction may be realistic, but the entire JUG? My gut bloated and burgled and it made me belch long before it started clearing me out. And what is this FLAVOR PACKET others mentioned? My jug said lemon lime on it. I got no flavor packet or choice of flavor. I tried putting Apple flavor mio drops in it. That's the only way I have gotten 2/3 down. It's 1 a.m and I doubt I will get any sleep tonight. Someone PLEASE come up with something that isn't salty!! F 50 1 days
Huge Jug
 3  Colonoscopy prep. Tastes disgusting. I thought I was going to throw up. F 46 1 days
 1  Colon surgery This is my first time taking this; I have used miralax in the past for colonoscopies and have not had any problems. I began taking nulytely at noon and it is now 4:34pm and nothing. It tastes awful; have a headache and cramping. I haven't had anything to eat for 2 days F 45 1 days
 5  colonoscopy prep Bloating, feeling full, shivering. I mixed mine with lemonade drink mix. I Was told to drink 8oz every 10 min....I did 8oz every 15 or so to try and ward off possible nausea. Got very bloated feeling until it "kicked in" (about an hour and a half in). I opted to go on a low residue diet for 3 days before prep so I became cleared out pretty quick...only my first bathroom trip had solid matter. Worst part of it for me is still having the rest to finish and the shivering like I'm cold. To anyone who is facing this prep keep a positive attitude and don't stress too much! It's not the most fun I've ever had but it's a necessary evil. F 32 1 days
 2  colonoscopy procedure I've experienced chills,burps ,gas and headaches. I having very bad constipation ,sometimes laxatives don't work for me ,this fluid I am drinking is wasted my time. F 54 1 days
420 grams
 5  Colonoscopy this is my 3rd colonoscopy. Before I took go lightly which seemed thicker and tasted salty. So far this solution seems lighter and easier but takes longer to work. I sip a little 7up before and after each glass, more like a mouthwash really I'm not done and I was scared too even had some "D" this morning from nerves but this seems ok. Also use A&D ointment often find in baby section, very soothing. Some day they'll have an easier way we can only hope😛 F 68 1 days
8oz every
 1  colonoscopy prep Absolutley Horrible! The taste is disgusting and iit is so nauseating. The only reason doctors use this vile chemical is because in the case of Medicare, that is what they approve. Guess why? It is all about MOney! The insurance companies dictate what meds we can and cannot have, not the doctors...Drank this most horrific solutions, cleaned out, lost 6 pounds in less than 24 hours, vomited, had a migraine headache and a full blown Meniere's attack. My gut was completely robbed of all good flora. I have been taking pharmaceutical probiotics for a month and my gut and stomach still feel as though they are being eaten from the inside.. I have had 7 i.vs trying to replace the fluids I lost. Tuesday will be exactly 4 weeks and I am still very ill. I did call the company but all they wanted to know was what color is the label? they didn't seem concerned at all. Adding that I am 74, female and weigh 110-112. I have had 5 previous colonoscopies with no problem what so ever with the prep F 74
1X D
 5  Colonoscopy prep The taste is almost nothing; it was very easy to get down, even without the flavor pack. It tastes vaguely like ocean water, no aftertaste. If you've ever taken cod liver oil, this experience was far better than that. F 50 1 days
 4  Colonoscopy Bloating, distended belly I felt the need to review because I read so many reviews that scared me beforehand that I was ridiculously nervous. I'm an anxious person who hates all things medical and I've suffered from chronic and painful diarrhea and intestinal spasms, hence this colonoscopy. I hope I can assure someone else via my review NOT to get nervous and worked up over this prep. If it's true that this is the worst part, I am a happy camper. (procedure tomorrow). I mixed my solution with Glacier Cherry Frost Gatorade per the pharmacist. (note that even though it's "cherry," it's white.) The taste was FINE!! No, I don't love it. But it did not make me gag or vomit or any such thing. It get's sickening 12-13 glasses in, but so would anything and chasing each glass with some cold ice water and lemon was enough help to get through it. It took me about 2 hours for it to produce movement. I felt bloated and a bit uncomfortable, but no big deal. The diarrhea was not at all crampy or painful like my normal problems. It's very mildly uncomfortable due to the bloating. The worst part was honestly having to stay up all night! Mine was split into two shifts, 2 liters at 8:30 pm and 2 liters at 2:30 a.m. but due to the spacing and the diarrhea it basically meant no sleep at all. In the end hopefully that helps with my anxiety actually going in to the procedure. I'm tired! I hope my review helps someone else relax over this stuff. F 37
4 liters 2X D
 5  Colonoscopy Ok guys I'm the biggest wimp on the planet. I'm post chemo for stage 3C colon cancer, I also have Crohn's disease & a bunch of other things wrong with me & a TON of allergies. This is my first colonoscopy post chemo. Here's the secret, the CHERRY flavor packet. I hate all the other flavored (lemon-lime, orange, pineapple). I have to do it slower than norm because of my issues. Cold, cold, cold. Then put it in a measuring cup, hold your breath, drink thru a straw (I'm doing 4oz every 15 mins). I can get 4 oz down in 3 drinks, the chase with cold Mt. Dew. So far so good. I'm 1.4 liters into it but have only gone twice. I've got a headache & I'm cold but it's also cold outside. This is NO WHERE near as horrible as I thought it was going to be. Esp the taste, I've had to take worse. The after taste reminds me of a cherry zinc lozenge. Kinda gross but not unbearable. I honestly thought I'd be miserable & going nothing but water by now. So we'll see. If it gets unbearable I'll post again. But I'm used to going a lot more than this with having the whole right side of my large intestines gone & the Crohn's. F 44 1 days
 5  Colonoscopy None It was a piece of cake! No problem with taste at all (like Gatorade with no sugar). I kept it chilled. I measured out 8-10 ounces every 15 min, and drank it down I was cleaned out in less than two hours. I drank 4/5th's of the solution...I could have drank it all, but no reason too.. I read all of the horror stories from people on the site.......really people, suck it up, it wasn't that bad! This is coming from a 5 foot, 105 pound male that doesn't have a lot of space for all of the fluid. Positive attitude people. It was so much easier than most people lead you to believe. M 50 1 days
1 gallon 1X D
 4  Colonoscopy None My doctor ordered it with Lime-Lemon flavor. The key was to get the taste out of my mouth after each sip by taking a small sip of White Grape Juice. And I also held my breath and drank it, as someone suggested on this website. I started drinking this at 04:30pm and finished it by 11:55pm. Initially I drank a glass of it every 10 to 15 minutes, but I had to take longer breaks as I was feeling full. M 38 1 days
1X D