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 Type: Brand name discontinued; available as generic

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 1  Ovarian cyst rupture pain I received an IV of Toradol in the hospital and then took 10 mg orally that night before bed. It helped my pain. I felt fine until the next day. That's when the side effects started- severe headache that is very persistent, weird taste in my mouth, grogginess, anxiety, and depression. None of these things are normal for me. The headache and grogginess have been the worst side effects. I had toradol through IV the first afternoon, then an oral tablet that night, and then 10 mg for 2 nights after that. I haven't even had any more toradol since 3 days ago but I still feel like crap. F 32 3 days
10 mg 1X D
 1  Acute pain I can't imagine why they would prescribe this crap , it's just as dangerous as ibuprofen I take enough of that so why would you use this drug with so many bad side effects it's just not that effective to chance the BAD SIDE EFFECTS ITS NOT FOR ME!! F 63 1 days
Injection 1X M
 1  Fell and hurt shoulder Torodol injection. An hour or two post injection I started having awful stomach cramping that was eventually accompanied by the feeling of extreme gas in my stomach. It has now been 24 hours and I am still experiencing these side effects. I received a smaller dose about 2 years ago for an injury and had no side effects, so I thought I would be fine. I was very very wrong. I will not except this injection again. My stomach cramps are not worth it. F 37 1 days
60 MG 1X D
 5  Extreme migraine Soreness at injection site Highly recommend this medicine. Anytime I go see my pcp or visit er for migraines I get this shot and works great and super fast!! I've noticed for me I must get the shit the pills don't work for me F 31 1 days
1X D
 1  Migraine Been given this drug via iv once when I was age 63 and now at 65 back then I was warned and I quote " it might make you a little anxious" my behind , I was bouncing off the walls with anxiety so much I was ready to pull the iv lines out of my arm and yelling bc I needed help! Flesh forward I'm in the ER again w headaches and this nurse says we're going to give you a cocktail , cocktail ! The cocktail include toradol and another drug to take the edge off of the side effects of if ( I guess by now they knew how terrible this drug is ) yet they still want to give it to me,and to you SMH and it didn't take a New York minute for me to demand that they unhook the IV drip bc again there was the sudden high anxiety and nervous feeling I get when taking this drug..they need to ban this drug!!!! M 65 1 days
Unknown 1X D
 2  Hamstring injury Passed out after a few hours of taking injection F 44 1 days
Not sure 1X D
 3  Frozen shoulder Toradol iv. Helped a lot with pain and movement. Have been anxious and upset stomach, tight muscles. 3 days post M 38 0 days
Na 1X D
 2  Surgery - Uterine Polyp removal Given IV Toradol post op - It is 3 days post op. No pain, but have nausea, burping, lightheaded, dizzy, still tired, but not sleeping well, hot flashes (I have been post menopausal for >1 year and never had hot flashes before). Unusual rapid heart rate after nominal exertion. I don't feel steady/safe enough to drive a car. Feels like my blood pressure is too low. I would not use it again. Rather have had no pain meds than this. Missed day of work. F 55 1 days
1X D
 3  Back pain Drowsiness I didn't notice any reduction of pain or discomfort for about an hour. Now 2 hours later my muscles are still aching and cramped in my back but not as bad. Other areas like shoulder and abdominal muscles still hurt. It wasn't a cure-all for me. I am also very tired. F 52 1 days
1X D
 1  Head/neck pain after fall Severe stomach pain,vomiting, black stools I asked not to be given this drug as I had a bad experience prior. Was told there was “no way” I could have such a bad reaction as “we give it to tons of people and they are fine”. They insisted and I had the same reaction a second time. F 48 1 days
30 mg 1X D
 5  Bad back have had two surgeries None really It takes my pain away F 51 5 years
10 3X W
 1  Possible kidney stone Severe stomach pain diarrhea and vomiting F 56 1 times
1X D
 1  Went to the ER for ovarian cysts severe nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, pain in my stomach, headache, dizziness, flu like symptoms. This drug is BAD. WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND IT TO ANYONE. this is the kind of "care" people receive at my local emergency room The worst reaction to medicine that I've ever had F 46 1 days
30 mg iv 1X D
 4  Frozen shoulder Sleepy within a few hours and still sleepy next day. Reduced pain to tolerably level. After reading about side effect I'm somewhat concerned about still being sleep. F 58 1 days
15 1X D
 1  Hemiplegic migraine I received the injection at the hospital when I went in with stroke-like symptoms and a massive migraine. Within moments I could not breathe and fainted. I had to be put on forced oxygen, and when I woke up 18 hours later I was at home in bed, and have no memories from losing consciousness to getting back home (I was released and sent home with my ex-husband who came to pick me up). I was terrified when it happened, and I genuinely thought I was going to die. I would never, ever recommend this to anyone. Immediate Allergic Reaction - Could not breathe to a point of syncope/fainting F 28 1 times
 1  Headache Bad belly cramps an diarrhea F 24 0 days
1X D
 1  Toothache Was given into up at er. Grass been 5 days, I still have diarrhea and now I've got a skin tag on my face for the past 2 days. Wtf F 35 1 days
1X D
 1  kidney stone Extreme nausea i've took this pill at 6:30AM it is currently 7pm and ive been throwing up. I can't eat anything I feel completely horrible!!! 0 days
10 1X D
 1  Lower back pain, sciatica Swollen feet, headache, nausea, irritability F 41 5 days
30mg 4X D
 1  Back and neck pain Pain did not go away, it actually made it worst. The side effect that occurred on me was that, where they injected the medication, felt and still feels like the needle is inside. Every time I lay down on the area where it was injected (butt) hurts a lot. This has been occurring for almost three weeks now. Remove this medicine alternative. F 19 1 days
1X D

TORADOL  (KETOROLAC TROMETHAMINE):  Ketorolac is used for the short-term treatment (up to 5 days) of moderate to severe pain in adults, such as after surgery. Reducing pain helps you recover more comfortably so you can return to your normal daily activities. This medication is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). It works by decreasing inflammation, swelling, and pain.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)