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 5  Ulcerative proctitis None Worked well. Iíve used it about 20 years ago. In remission for 15 years using no med, just watch my diet, stay away from spicy food, greasy food, too much raw fruit. Limited alcohol intake. etc M 49 35 days
 5  ulcerative colitis none the best thing that works for flares.....when the uc flares, I use one nightly until the flare goes away. Then I taper off. F 53 10 years
1X D
 4  chronic UC White spots on face, bloating, gas, eye inflammation im using rowasa since 4 weeks and my doc made me to use lialda 2 per day and have these side effects, does anybody else experienced this? F 28 1 months
4 MG 1X D
 5  Ulcerative Colitis None Rowasa helped pulled me out of several flares. I use it nightly for flares and taper down to once a week for maintenance to help prevent flare-ups. As long as I start back nightly on the Rowasa at the first sign of flare-up symptoms, I have not had a bad flare since diagnosis in 2007. F 27 4 years
1X D
 5  Sigmoiditis None I was taking Rowasa (suppositories) for about 10 years. Now I take Canasa, which I believe took the place of Rowasa. It works great for me! F 53 15 years
 3  Ulcerative colitis (4 years) Not really any side effects. Cramping and urgency to go when first put in. Gas and diarrhea the next morning. My new doctor also said that you become somewhat dependent on it, so he doesn't like it. Plus, it's embarrassing. It worked well at first, but lost its effectiveness. But once I was on it, I couldn't get off of it without the colitis flaring up again. I'm currently at the very end of a gradual taper. F 23 1 years
 5  Ulcerative colitis None M 64 14 days
 4  Ulcerative Colitis Romance killer Intermittent Use -- Worked fine at initial diagnosis and have tapered off on its usuage with remission. If necessary, I will use it for a 1x-daily for three to seven days at a time if discomfort levels suggest a flare up could be coming on, and so far no significant relapses. (In a related matter, since it has gone generic, the delivery mechanism has suffered however.) M 42 27 months
 2  Crohn's Dizziness, headache, severe stomach cramps, rectal burning F 11 9 days
 5  ulcerative colites none I used it every night for about 6 months after diagnosis. Now I use it only when symptoms recur, about every 2 or 3 months. Three to seven nights usually works to relieve symptoms. F 59 1 years
 5  Ulcerative Colitis none! Love this medication. Puts a stop to any symptoms that I have. Not a fun one works! F 35 6 months
 4  chrons none F 17 3 years

ROWASA  (MESALAMINE):  Mesalamine (also known as 5-aminosalicylic acid) is used to treat certain types of bowel disease (distal ulcerative colitis, proctosigmoiditis, proctitis). It does not cure these conditions, but it may relieve mild-to-moderate pain and decrease the frequency of diarrhea/bloody stools caused by irritation/swelling in the colon/rectum. Mesalamine is an aminosalicylate anti-inflammatory drug. It is believed to work by blocking the production of certain natural chemicals that may cause pain and swelling.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)