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 5  Frozen Shoulder Constipation It has worked well just uncomfortable taking it for a long time because Iím concerned about side effects of taking it too long F 52 2 months
 4  Severe nerve pain I look pregnant. I. Cant loose stomach fat. And of all the Nisaids this is least offensive to stomach iissues. But I have my fair share of embarassing bathroom moments. You must take with a full meal. Milk and peanut butter sandwich does the trick most times. M 65 12 years
 3  Rheumatoid arthritis & chronic back After about 10 days I noticed weight gain. I am a person that weighed 87 lb very sickly My feet were constantly tingling, insomnia, severe intestinal pain and swelling!! I continue to take this medication because after the first 10 to 15 days it started working on my hips tailbone and lower back pain however once I attributed the ailments or side effects that I was having the unthinkable happened which was Ultra dizziness. I actually collapsed in front of people at a local drugstore whereby they called an ambulance on me it was very hard to talk my way out of not having them take me to a hospital. This is when I knew I better look up what this drug is and now that I have and read all the comments which I'm very thankful to know I can present this back to a qualified doctor or get a rheumatologist. I should mention all these symptoms swelling of the legs all the way to weight gain where are addressed over the telephone with my PPO and she still insisted this was the best course of medication for me at 825 mg F 61 1 months
825mg xday
 3  Back pain Rapid weight gain. Took pain away. Stopping because I'm already overweight. F 42 60 days
750mg x2
 5  Rheumatoid arthritis No side effects have been observed Works very effectively F 60 5 years
200 mg
 5  Low and mid Back pain No real side effects that I could notice. I eat with food everytime. This has helped my back pain from degenerative joint disease, sciatica and car accident. while at work. Naproxen did nothing. I take zanaflex but can't take that at work. F 39 10 days
 4  Knee osteoarthritis The drowsiness is my big complaint; if I could get over that, it would be great because it does help the pain I am prescribed 750 twice a day but can only handle it once a day F 61 5 days
 4  fibromyalgia stomach cramping, have to use the bathroom more, and bruise easier. I had numbness everywhere, constant in legs. No longer constant numbness it comes and goes in seconds. Hasn't helped much with the pain, but has done amazing with the numbness. F 34 15 days
750 2X D
 5  Rheumatoid Arthritis Joint Pain at first had occ diarrhea, but after first couple months that stopped. Possibly ringing in ears at this higher dose, but not enough to stop. Love this med, only NSAID that has helped my RA pain. More effective if taken in one dose not divided. F 59 10 years
1500mg Day
 4  Shoulder injury Severe headache, elevated blood pressure Worked for pain, but side effects intolerable. F 54 1 months
 3  Low back pain, lumbar and cervical Got the worse headaches I have ever had behind right eye and right ear. Nothing would take this headache away but Excedrin Migraine. Never had headaches before taking this med. I have stopped using this medication. This really helped my pain levels in my low back and neck but could not tolerate any more of the headaches. No other side effects F 54 4 days
500 mg
 3  osteoarthritis in shoulders Extreme diarrhea It's working great on my shoulder pain, but...being up all night at least 5 times an hour to use the bathroom is going to stop me from taking it. I suppose I'll have to chase the side effects with other drugs :( F 60 5 days
500 2X D
 5  osteoarthritis I have to take 1st thing in morning (unable to sleep) no problems with stomach had issues with other non steroidal.Have had headaches not sure if menopausal related or from relafen. I was prescibed 1500 mg a day only take 750 mg. Feel like a new woman! F 47 1 months
 5  sciatica Only drug that effectively treats my sciatia F 43 1 months
 5  Lower back pain and sciatica Occasional ear ringing, very occasional dizzy episodes mainly due to postural drop on standing. F 26 4 weeks
 1  Osteoarthritis Rapid heartbeat and palpitations. Plan to call MD and discontinue. F 54 7 days
 1  shoulder issues after surgery thought it was going to be a drug I could tolerate. 3rd day..heart palps...terrible stomach and abdominal pain....stopped taking it and still heart palps 3 days later F 48 3 days
500 2X D
 3  leg/foot pain, possible RA Worst stomach issues I have ever had in my life! Running to the bathroom constantly, with cramping and gas. I am miserable. Has helped some with the leg pain, but not completely. Not sure if the stomach issues are worth it. I am trying to give it a while to see if it evens out, but, geeze! Hopefully, once I see a rheumatologist, we can try something else. F 38 3 weeks
1500 mg 1X D
 5  lumbar pain and joint pain Rarely--ringing in the ears, some swelling in legs. I have used Relafen for over 20 years. It was the only thing that helped me with nerve pain and joint inflammation. I have tried *everything* else over the years--anti-depressents, other NSAIDS, Cox-2, neurontin, and codeine type pain relievers with little success. Relafen is what works for me...and that is the point. I am told NSAIDS are highly individual--what works for one person may not help another. So if Relafen is not it, try another. But for me it has been a Godsend. During a bad flare, I do sometimes have some swelling in my legs and tinitus that I think is dose related. These issues resolve quickly if I lower the dosage and cut back on salt, stay hydrated. I take breaks from the medication whenever I can, but have taken it for months and years at a time. I find it works better in a single, higher dosage than split dosages. 500 2x daily does not work for me, but 1000 mg once a day does the job. Discuss dosage strength with your doctor. It also has a tendency to cause insomnia in me so I take it first thing in the day rather than last. F 55 20 years
1000 1X D
 4  Chronic headaches No side effects but it sometimes isn't strong enough to stop a headache and I take two. For me, it works similarly to Advil but I don't build up a tolerance for it. F 18 1 years
500 mg

RELAFEN  (NABUMETONE):  Nabumetone is used to reduce pain, swelling, and joint stiffness from arthritis. This medication is known as a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). If you are treating a chronic condition such as arthritis, ask your doctor about non-drug treatments and/or using other medications to treat your pain. See also Warning section.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)