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 3  chronic bone disorder No sleep M 49 10 years
 5  Severe pains Sleepy Diarrhea F 68 2 weeks
90 MG
 5  My chronic Neck and bk pain Well I didn't want to take them everyday if I'm not having excruciating pain but today isn't as bad as usual so I haven't took one and I'm nauseated an not sure if it's skipping a day or if I jus don't feel good. I feel really good about the medicine and wasn't sure if you have to take it every 12 hours or just when you're dying in pain and I highly recommend it and wish the younger generation would stop using and abusing it to get high on when people with severely Chronic pain sufferers like myself needs it and that doesn't abuse it at all I most definitely need it as I'm sure other true chronic pain sufferers feels as I do. F 53 1 days
 5  Severe Osteoarthritis in both knees Take 3xs a day. Along with Percocet and Tramodols. I got a different manufacturer for my last script and I have about 2 weeks in me and suddenly both legs are swollen and is making it more difficult to walk. I already walk with crutches. F 8 years
30 mg ER
 1  Back pain I chewed one up and now I have severe pain in the center of my chest. F 40 1 days
30mg er
 1  uncontrollable osteoarthritis pain, Constipation, no pain relief. Withdrawal even though it's not helping. I don't know why this is given to me. I tell doc it's not helping and he keeps giving me same. Doc said if I don't like it to find another doctor. F 63 1 years
15 mgs x 2
 3  Chronic neck pain after 3 neck surge I find my MS Contin 30 mg dose to last about 7 hours. I was on 15 mg before dose was increased. If it wasn't for my 15 mg IR Oxycodone 4 times a day for breakthrough pain I would be in trohble. I stick to the rules as prescribed. If I don't, I'll be short before the refill is due. I have C2 and 3 with a plate and C4 thru C6 with a plate and rods. 1st surgery in '99, 2nd in '04; 3rd in '09. M 69 7 months
30 mg
 4  Chronic pain patient None as of yet. Was taking oxycontin 15mg but my doc wanted me on it 3 timea a day but my insurance denied she changed me to this for 3 times a day. F 2 days
 5  Spine C2-C7, L3-5s1,car accident Just Constpation.(can manage) No Drug Cravings due to long acting, slow release of meds. This medicine gave me my life back! When you are so debilitated by Pain that u can't move, u want to Die, At least the Pain would be done in Death. No More Surgery would help, but My Doctor helped me get relief. I'm so sick of Drug addicts taking Narcotics and killing themselves. Then Docs getting blamed, The meds get blamed & patients R questioned to Y we R in Pain in the First place! Not everyone who takes pain meds is abusing them! If A Diabetic took 2 much insulin, or a patient w/ HBP OD' on their meds due to not following prescribing orders, is it the Docs fault? It's no different for Pain meds. If a Doctor prescribes medicine it's up to the Patients to take it as prescribed. Y should we SUFFER w/ Pain? Labor pain was nothing compared to what I feel without my meds. I can't imagine not being allowed to take my medicine it scares me more than anything, and not because I want to get high, but because I want relief & to be a Mother & a Wife, not a perpetual bedridden patient! Patients who don't abuse their meds & have a true medical problem need to unite together! How can we do this? Our story needs to be told!!! F 36 7 years
 5  L4, L5, S1,L/R knees shattered Dry mouth Mild nausea which would happen for 20 min every few hours which i believe was the tablet teleasing more medication. Eased after a day or two. For withdrawals get immodium ad or any lopermide otc. Take equivalent dose as you would an opiate(do not need more then 20mg once per 24 hours. I take 10 2mg once a day). No withdrawal except low energy. Lots of water for constipation. Promise, all physical symptoms of withdrawals are gone. Miracle drug. Was in helicopter crash, Iraq 2004 and could not walk for 18 months. Went through surgeries, Pt, nerve blocks, ablations to no effect. I was at the end of my rope when i went to what i thought was my final appt. Was asked to try one more drug which was MS Contin ER 15mg. Was taking lortab 10mg. With in 1 hour i was like i was 13 years before. No pain, no worries, cried the first 4 hours just from finally feeling normal, pain free in as long as i could remember. Do not sit back..doctors are under the gun from government and drug seekers. We as a group have to push and push hard both medically and politically. Research, understand and take your future back from the decisions of big business and government. Doctors want to help us but there are rules. Review the medication and not your personal opinions of your doctors. No help get up walk out. It took me 13 years to find someone to help. They are out there. Support them and follow thier instructions to the letter. One slip we all lose credit. M 38 1 months
15mg 2x da
 1  Rare disorder, bulged discs It's not working. Previously was on Oxycodone 5-325-IR until this new condition numbness weakness & tingling of back arms hands fingers, since Feb,on 2/18/16, same weakness tingling extended down my left leg and left side of face, then my ankles started swelling. if I'm on my feet too long. I can't sit with this new morphine 15 MG ER. Could this be causing leg ankle feet & toes swelling, even the bottoms of my feet are swelling. This new advanced Pain Medicine clinic is a joke. They don't listen or get the rx ordered correctly. Only the physician assistant listened. Does not work for this new condition deep pain, now nerve pain and rare health condition adiposis-lipomotisis dolorosa. I just need to be able to sit with some relief from back, buttock pain, I can't stand any longer. I can't even get shoes on, had to wear slippers to the last doctor a vascular surgeon, he said there's nothing that can be done about the swelling, just compression stockings. All because I have no relief sitting. I need the Oxycodone 5mg 325ir, the pain clinic does not dispense immediate release, my family doctor just retired, the practicing nurse did not listen, now I am switching family doctors. I need some relief before I am totally crippled and wheel chair bound. I have 3 flights of stairs to my apartment, causing more damage by the day,just trying to get upstairs to my apartment carrying by groceries,or getting laundry upstairs. What is equivalent to Oxycodone 5mg Ir. F 1 months
 4  Fibromyalgia, low back, R Arthritis My number 1 complaint with this med is the EXTREME CONSTIPATION. I have to take a large dose of stool softners just to go every 3-4 days. Without the softeners, I'd have a pretty large emergency room bill for all my visits. Never knew constipation could get that bad and be that painful! For additional pain control I'm given Nucynta 75MG up to 4x a day. Other than that I have no complaints. F 52 4 years
 1  stenosis None got off dilaudid want to get off this one taking tramadol am I gonna withdraw with low dose F 44 4 months
 4  back promblems Headaches sometimes. F 58 2 years
30 mg er
 1  Bulging disc & stenosis & nerve pai No help with taking pain or discomfort away instead acts like a pycchiatric type drug. No comfort which takes away tension cause of pain. When the meds have worked in the past for breakthrough pain management it was slow release which keeps you from getting addicted, when it works its a life saving relief but now not working at all my dictir offered me diladid & now I wish I would have listened!!! F 58 3 years
15 mg
 3  3x back surgery/bulging docs c-t I've never had any except constipation, which helped with the use of a stool softener such as colace. I do go through a pain clinic which has very strict rules. They control a patients, use to prevent over use of opioid medication.. The pain clinic I use only will prescribe ER medication. The problem most ppl like myself run into are periods of break through pain which , in that situation, your basically stuck. There are other pain clinics that prescribe differently, it depends on the MD and they all vary state to state. I've had several lumbar back surgeries and have many bulging discs from my cervical to lumbar spine, I live with severe pain pain everyday. I'm currently exploring my opinions with a new pain clinic to better control my pain now that I'm getting older and my spine problems are getting worse. The use of MS Contin greatly helped in the beginning, but, with long term use, the drug no longer provided the pain relief it did in the beginning, you will notice the effect will not last as long as when 1st prescribed. All in all, MS Contin is definitely a great drug for many, my suggestion is find a pain clinic and work closely with you MD, and convey the severity/describe in detail your pain. F 51 2 years
 4  C2 to T4 spinal & foramenal stenosis Drowsiness and slightly depressive. Motility resolved with stool softener. No other side effects. Have been on as much as 60x3. Is not a 12 hour Ned for me. 2.5 hours to modest relief then lasts about 5 hours before dropping off thus 15x4. My goal is to achieve 40-50% pain relief so can develop tolerance more slowly . Would rather take Morphine Sulfste fast acting every 4 hours. M 57 4 years
 5  cancer pain and fibromyalgia I've been taken down from 4 100m a day to 2 100m a day and now I'm extremely sick is this withdrawal I feel horrible deeply depressed can't focus is this dangerous F 56 9 days
100m 1 4x
 5  chronic back pain Some blurred vision,constipation,memory loss ,loss of libido and sweating. Works very well to control pain.I need to get off of it because some people who are not in pain want to judge me for taking it.They think I get a high or something,when I can't tell I have taken it except my pain goes away. F 56 4 years
100 mg x4
 3  Arthritis Blurred vision,constipation,extreme tiredness,sleeplessness if taken to late in the evening and some difficulty with memory at times. Also loss of libido. F 57 7 years

MS CONTIN  (MORPHINE SULFATE):  This medication is used to help relieve severe ongoing pain (such as due to cancer). Morphine belongs to a class of drugs known as opioid (narcotic) analgesics. It works in the brain to change how your body feels and responds to pain. The higher strengths of this drug (100 milligrams or more per tablet) should be used only if you have been regularly taking moderate to large amounts of opioid pain medications. These strengths may cause overdose (even death) if taken by a person who has not been regularly taking opioids. Do not use the extended-release form of morphine to relieve pain that is mild or that will go away in a few days. This medication is not for occasional ("as needed") use.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)