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 1  Birth control These pills were horrible to me from the start. Was always dizzy, had hectic migraines, couldn't keep anything down and I lost a whoooooooole lot of weight F 21 2 months
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 1  Contraception I went in to have an IUD put in and doc told me she wouldn't do it unless I took the pill for 1 month first. I told her I couldn't because I was 35 years old and I knew the risk of blood clot is higher with age. We went back and forth and she kept assuring me that taking it would not harm me. So reluctantly I took it. Well after taking it for 3 weeks I developed a Pulmomary Embolism (blood clot in lungs) and a Deep Vein Thrombosis (blood clot in my main vein in my leg). I almost dyed. Rushed to hospital. Doctors said I was lucky to be alive. This drug is dangerous and I would not recommend it to anyone!! F 39 30 days
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 5  Birth control Tender breasts, bloating, and occasional moodiness and headaches No complaints really. F 30 10 years
 2  birth control yeast infections, dry and irritated vagina the constant recurring yeast infections were a deterrant to sex -- so this birth control was very effective. I switched to condoms and did not have any more yeast infections. (I was actually using triphasil 28 - which is the same as triphasil 21 with 7 extra placebo pills.) F 35 8 months
 3  birth control and regulation of per Sore breasts, water retention, moodiness in last week of pack, heavy periods, vaginal dryness F 28 2 months
 4  Birth control Initially none for the first two years, but when I stopped I developed light lactation in both breasts. I was put back onto a different pill which was awful. Of my own account went back to triphasil, lactation is almost gone now.I've been taking it again for the last year. No weight gain, regular almost painfree periods. Cleared my skin better than any acne product, and Ive gone up two bra sizes. Bonus.and I no longer have to take those awful iron tablets for aneamia F 27