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 5  A-Fib Weight Gain. Slow metabolism. Metallic taste (but I got used to it) Constipation I have found that most generics work just as well as the name brand. There is one brand of generic that seems much weaker but I won't name here. This has changed my life and is worth the cost. I didn't want ablation or a pacemaker and this has done the trick for over a decade now. I use GoodRX to get a coupon which saves a ton as I have to pay full price for meds. M 49 12 years
325 2X D
 5  PVCs Metallic taste when drinking water comes and goes. Weird dreams nothing i can't deal with. The most bothersome is the bloating and constipation. Im taking the generic which is propafenone and am very pleased with how it has completely eliminated my PVCs (palpitations) from 10,000 a day (and i felt everyone of them) to not feeling any. F 69 18 months
325 2x
 3  A-Fib Severe bloating, constipation. To the point that it is really embarrassing. Sudden weight gain. Vivid dreams, which didnít bother me, they were not nightmares and the longer Iíve been on it the less I have. Occasional odd taste in mouth, but not frequent enough to bother me. My biggest issue is with the bloating, honestly. Iím skinny so I look pregnant and Itís embarassing. I canít wait to get off of this. Iím getting an ablation and hopefully will be able to get off this after. The drug works for the most part but I still have SVTís every day, 8 or 9 times a day. My heart goes up to 240 and I go blind for a few moments to a few minutes. I was having these episodes constantly before so I know that the medicine has helped but my electrophysiologist says only an ablation could fix the issue. I only take this medicine because other heart medications did not work, or only worked for a short time and then stopped. If I didnít have to be on it I would find something else. The side effects are not pleasant. F 28 6 months
150 MG
 3  Afib Tired,flu-like ,rhinitis,insomnia I am taking propafenone F 61 60 days
 1  tachycardia and arythmia dizziness, disoriented, food and water taste like garbage and chemicals, can't focus on things that are far away, feel "brain zaps" when I turn my head quickly, heart flutters, shortness of breath, weakness, lightheaded, can't walk more than a few minutes without stopping to catch my breath. this medicine is ridiculous. I would rather live with the severe palpitations than take this crap. F 24 4 days
 4  To convert afib Loading dose 600mg converted me to sr in 1 hr. However 1.5 hrs later caused hypotension, profound weakness, vomiting. F 57 0 days
 4  SVT No side effects. It stops my SVT which was getting quite regular and lasting for hours, needing Adenosine to convert it. I also have Asthma and heart disease but it doesn't seem to affect it. other drugs like Verapamil didn't work at all, and can't take Beta Blockers because of Asthma. I didn't want ablation therapy because my SVT was caused by AV node re-entry and ablation therapy would mean my life would depend on a pacemaker. F 70 14 years
300mg 2X D
 3  WPW syndrome huge weight gain and unable to take anything to help keep it off, I was 241 when I had the attacks in 1994 now I am 374 in 2017 my metabolism is hard to get anywhere.. it works well on keeping down my beats but has everything else sluggish. and yes the generic is the same results,,, F 47 25 years
150mg 2X D
 4  AFIB Weird Joint Pain that moved through joints, for example it would start in one finger, then move to the next finger a few hours later, and continue though the rest of the joints in my hand for about 24 hours. Also happened in my knee. These outbreaks would occur ever few weeks or so, and I just attributed them to getting older. I (or my Doctor) did not make the connection between the joint pain and the Rythmol. The Rythmol did a good job controlling my afib for about 5 years, at which point I went into continuous afib. At that point, my Dr took me off Rythmol. A few moths later It dawned on me that I was no longer having episodes of joint pain, and realized that my joint pain started about the same time I started Rythmol, and stopped when I stopped taking Rythmol. M 55 5 years
225 3X D
 5  Afib/Aflutter No side effects Worked very well prior to and post ablation. Fortunately no side effects. Just stopped 9 weeks post ablation to see what happens with the training wheels off! M 54 4 months
325 2X D
 1  Afib I had an ablation 3 weeks ago..I'm still in afib. I'm having vivid, frightening nightmares; nausea;sweats;loss of appetite resulting in unwanted weight loss;dizziness and weakness ...but, hey..no metallic taste!!! Oh just freaking awesome, NOT. F 66 3 weeks
425 x 2
 5  Afib I had the common metallic taste for about six months. I've been on it four years this month, and it has completely controlled my episodes of Afib. I take it in conjunction with a beta blocker. My B/P is normal, and I feel fine. It has worked great for me. M 63 4 years
225 mg 2X D
 1  A-fib Converted to sinus rhythm, but cardiologist wanted to experiment with Rythmol as pill-in-a-pocket rescue drug. Almost immediately after taking, heart rate skyrocketed and felt like it was pushing me back into afib. Side effects lasted for about a month from that single dose. Will never again try any Class III antiarrhythmic. Judging from online comments, doesn't seem to work very reliably. Probably best to avoid. M 51 1 days
 1  AFIB Apparently helped AFIB for a period of time. Then abruptly caused every side effect imaginable. Most problem was restlessness. Finally after 10 yrs when the drug seemed to cause AFIB and ceasing taking drug, I am getting a proper nights sleep. Feel drug was not worth the side effects. M 76 10 years
425 2X D
 4  PVC I have been taking this medicine for 2 months 225mg 3 times a day I had a bad case of reflux, weight gain and fatigue other than that it works good and I feel much better. F 37 2 months
 1  A-Fib I HATE THE 40lb weight gain! There have been no other changes in my life (diet, exercise etc.) that would cause me to gain this much weight so fast. In just 6 weeks I had gained 25lbs and it is still climbing. I would never take this kind of drug if it wasn't for the Afib. F 57 4 months
30mg 3X D
 4  Afib flutter pvc pac Just don't like feeling a med is keeping my heart going Normal. Still have some skipped beats not near as many but it's only been 9 days too soon to tell I think So far not bad M 38 9 days
150 3x day
 2  atrial tachacardia dizziness, muscle fatigue, muscle cramps, ringing in ears F 55
225 2X D
 2  CPVT Nausea, abdo pain, blurred vision, increased vt Started off on this ok, but then started to react with extended runs of af and then vt. Was taking nabivolol too, when Rythmol dose increased symptoms got much worse. Similar experience with flecanide. Now on nadolol. F 20 18 months
150 2X D
 4  lone atrial fibrillation Crazy dreams when I first started. Not nightmares, just abstract dreams. Been on it for 6 years. I just stopped taking it last week 3 months after my cryoablation. It seems I'm anxious lately. Almost panicky but there is no way to link the 2, it's just odd. Can't sleep, feel badly, diarrhea, just not feeling good. 57 6 years
150 x3