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 1  Disc degenerative.. bulging disc Bulging disc. Did not get any relief I cannot sit or barley walkwor lift leg. No relief at all. F 47 1 days
Not sure
 4  Lumbar marrow edema, cyst, bulging As with prior times being given this medication my body feels hot my heart feels like it's racing and I get nauseous... However this time after 11 hours of receiving my injection I have a massive migraine I think an IV form I'm okay with this medication... This was the first time I just had a shot of it and it caused a bad migraine F 36 1 days
 5  L1 to L 5 lower back problem I dont know if related thats why i am looking at web about it.i already have a temper but i think i am meaner.i feel like my sex life is dead. I love these meds they work 3xtremly well managing my pain i can live normally with it but i cant miss doses or i feel anoyed i cant stay sitting or sleeping take doses and 1/2 later i am good to go.no problem at all with my health or other symptome just those mention but could just be something else.... F 48 3 years
30 to 36 m
 4  Thalamatic Pain Syndrome Itching I've read all of everyone's comments too bad no knows the complete medical history of those that are having such adverse affects or unfortunately blaming a drug for suicide. As a Christian and someone who underwent a 23 1/2 hour brain surgery that I only had a 10% chance of living and I was never supposed to walk or see and other things. I am very satisfied that I can walk kind of funny to watch but I can. I'm now a grandfather and even though I may have to do things differently than others it doesn't bother me. I do live in constant pain because of TPS but I take Dilaudid and as long as I don't abuse it and don't play the old wo-is-me mind games I'm fine. My surgery was done when I was in the U.S.Marines for 14 years I was 29 years old when this happened and I'm now 59. M 59 1.5 years
8mg 5X D
 1  post-op I was on a pca pump after surgery, and not only did it not control my pain, but it gave me the worse migraine ever. Nausea, dizziness, absolute worst drug ever. F 45 1 days
o.2mg PCA
 5  chronic pain, radiculopathy None Worked great for pain, fast acting but short-lived. Too bad Dr.not wanting to prescribe for chronic pain anymore. Unless you have terminal illness and two weeks to live. F 54 4 years
 5  surgery 2014. severe migraines 2015 As soon as they push it into your iv a warm sensation starts grom shoulders and goes all the way down your body but goes away as quick as you feel it. not a bad or scary feeling at all..and for migraines they gave me that right after i woke up out of sleep with violent head and neck pain and violently throwing up. And within 20 mins the pain was controlled to where i could fall back asleep. So was given while throwing up and didnt make me throw up more. Overall the medicine worked for me the times they have givin it to me through iv when in hospital and didnt give me problems with my stomach or anything other than warm sensation for few seconds. Everyone is different though M 20 6 days
 1  Ankylosing spondylitis Awful experience. Severe headache, nausea. Vomited 7 times in 3 hours. Ruined my day. Had to go to ER to get treated. My body did not assimilate this drug well F 33 1 days
2 mg 3X D
 1  thrombosed hemriod that was lances At first few minutes just lightheaded and dizzy. After about 20 mins vomiting and pain right back at same level. Continued to vomit for 4-5 hours F 30 1 days
2mg Iv
 1  For pain relief from surgery This drug was awful for me. I suffered a several pain in the back of my neck and extreme headache. I had hiccups on and off for 3 days. I threw up constantly the first day, then transitioned to dry heaves for the next two days. I will be putting this on my list of "do not take" medications. I was given this medication as pain relief through an IV for 3 days for pain relief for leg surgery. F 48 3 days
? 7X O
 3  lupus I have had no bad side effects at all. i must say I'm baffled by all these people blaming their symptoms on it, especially when they have other medical issues. F 54 4 years
 5  tear in rotator cuff none M 64 1 years
4 mg
 3  Laparoscopic gallbladder removal I had severe itching all over my face, I woke up literally every five minutes due to itching, but since I was drowsy and out of it from the anasthesia, it took me a while to realize that the dilaudid was causing the problems. Once they stopped it and gave me IV benadryl I felt much better. The pain dulling effects were not particularly effective for me, perhaps because of the allergy, hydrocodone was much better for me. F 23
 1  Pain Please please please don't ues this stuff. My best friend hung herself a week ago. She was a happy happy person with 3 grandchildren that she adored. They spent every other weekend together. She was packing to move closer to them and her son in a few days. The meds caused her to halicinate and become agitated. While packing, she suddenly became frustrated and minutes later took her life. She would never never have done that in her normal state. What a waste of a wonderful person.....all because of this very dangerous drug. I would destroy every last bit of it if I could. F 57
1X D
 4  post surgery shoulder/chronic pain After being on this medication for a short period of time it become ineffective. I also noticed you go through withdrawal symptoms really quickly, throwing up and headaches. It must be taken every 4 hours Coming off of it now after almost a year needing it to help me with the chronic pain and two shoulder surgeries/ I am rather than pathches and eviler demons! So side effects of coming off ANXIETY, rapid heart beat, moody, itches, severe pain. However. I will and need to do this. I am using ativan for anxiety and the upset stomach. I am only on my second day off the medication and the "real" pain of my shoulder is so very real. I also am a F 35 10 months
4mg 8X D
 3  severe pain I have to say it stopped my severe stomach pain immediately! Had a bad reaction. it was given to me through an IV, and it immediately took the pain away, but then the room was looking like when you blink your eyes really fast, but at the same time your not blinking fast. The nurse left the room so I couldn't ask her if that was normal reaction and I didn't have a call button so I waited for her to come back. I didn't get to ask her. I came to a few hours later and nurse was doing something next to my bed and she said, "ah your awake, you scared us, you turned blue and wouldn't wake up and something about having to almost being intubated" and I then put my hands to my face and yup I had the oxygen mask on and saw some kind of gadget on bed. I asked at some point if I was allergic and she said NO just sensative. That stuff will put an elephant down! I guess it made my blood pressure drop really really low. I surely don't want that drug again EVER! But I think kinda the nurse should have known I could have had a bad reaction, since I did tell her I had a bad reaction to morphine, and with that I was barely breathing! F 52 1 days
? IV 1X D
 4  Brain Hemorrhage (from Cavernoma) Difficulty breathing, vomiting, urinary retention. Was given dilaudid through my IV once it was found that my brain stem was bleeding and it took the head pain away immediately. However, I didn't realize until later that many of the effects I was feeling were due to the drug being administered to me. In the MRI, I had trouble breathing as my soft palate kept collapsing. I would go to the bathroom to urinate, but couldn't. I would vomit instead. Once the drug cleared my system, I stopped vomiting and was able to urinate again. F 25 1 days
1X D
 5  pulminary embolism during pregnancy very very very bad sweating for about 10 minutes after getting the shot. this is what the hosp emergency started me on, i could not take anything else, ive never needed pain meds before, and i feel like if they started me on something less potant it would have worked, but bc i started on this it made my tolerance go very high, so in no time i had to take large amounts to get rid of pain. however it got me though eveything, but i did have trouble converting from pump and iv dosages to pills. and my body went through withdrawl, because to ween me off they tried morphone fenteyl patches and everything else so it was like i went cold turkey F 25 7 months
10mg 6X D
 1  hospitalized for diverticulitis Immediate dizziness, tightness in chest, sensation of heat, extreme sweating, feeling of extreme intoxication, nausea, vomiting F 53 1 days
 5  Kidney Transplant and C-Section Fatigue, seeing double, feeling calm This drug was wonderful following my Kidney/Pancreas Transplant. Controlled the pain perfectly. F 30 1 weeks