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 3  ADD My son was prescribed Tenex for ADD 1 mg pill per day.. 0.5 mg in the morningas well as at night. I am giving this for the past 3 days and i do not see any increase in focus. The only thing I see is a lot of fatigue in my son and he has started to take afternoon naps as well as he sleeps soundly. ( but sleep was never a concern for him) He seems a hell lot lethargic. I will update the review if the symptoms improve but I am also gonna talk to my doctor about continuing/discontinuing this. M 8 3 days
1 mg 2X D
 1  Anxiety and ADHD Around the 16-17 hour mark, my asthma would worsen and my chest got tight. Anxiety got progressively worse until the 20 hour mark. Then I got a headache and severe nausea. Chest pressure got worse and abdominal pain started. I just want to be back on Vyvanse... M 23 1 weeks
1 MG 1X D
 1  Anxiety Officially took it for anxiety. Extremely tired and weak and foggy on it, coming off I'm down to half now and for the past few days have had extreme anxiety, tremors, and insomnia as well as being hot. How do you get off this pill? Anyone else have this issue?? Pharmacist said to go slower on my taper, but I've gone very slow anyway, like nibbles of each day to get to half. He said stay on half for at least a week then go to a quarter. Oy, hate this stuff. Anybody have a similar experience? How did you get off of it and how long before you felt better again after being off of it? F 33 2 weeks
 2  Anxiety Dizziness, unable to sleep upon taking it, didn't seem to kick in until the next day, tiredness next day This didn't seem to kick in until the next day after taking it. When I would take it, then I would be unable to sleep and eyes would be wide open. My body would feel heavy the next day, I would feel dizzy and out of it, I would fall asleep in the middle of the day. It didn't help my anxiety, just knocked me out. F 31 0 days
 5  Found some in a neighbors trash Just now took it, said on bottle it helps with sleep. Said to start with 1/2 pill, so I only took 4 to not be dangerous. Blood pressure obviously down, feeling more relaxed than my tweaking butt was. Already optimistically happy that going through an unknown neighbor's house garbage was not a complete waste of time like too often. I might try to get this stuff prescribed if it continues feeling like this. Maybe I'll try taking the recommended dose and see if it would be worth it. If you don't mind, do you have available ld-50 and fatal chemical reactions with other medications? As in don't ask what specifically I am asking about... Just whether or not you know if there is a similar no no like there is with nitroglycerin and Viagra, or methadone and Xanax. I'm taking antidepressants, benzos, opiate pain killers, occasional alcohol, and things similar to ADHD meds. I'm bipolar of the "sucks for you" like level in correct scientific terms (acute bipolarus with psychopathinning hair disorder on acutely ugly subject), ADHD, severely depressed, hep C, Epstein Barr, IBS, migraines, hypoglycemia, arthritis, stretches of time with high incidence of irregular heart rate, high blood pressure, lifelong insomniac (been up 2 days so far. No uppers or even coffee to blame for it. Could feel I would not sleep tonight earlier (you can feel it)... Now i have hope that I might go to sleep peacefully and thank you even if it doesn't work, the fantasy being normal is intoxicating..... Also some break damage from bad car accident, borderline to textbook anemic depending on ability to think of anemia as something I should worry about. Are any of those factors red lines? Like do not ever even hold the bottle if you have these things type stuff. If so, I'll let you know what it felt like to take it while being one o M 27 1 days
 3  adhd I was taking Adderall 10mg instant release and I have some 1mg TENEX instant release are they about the same F 54 1 days
1 mg
 4  Motor tics / anxiety My daughter takes .5 mg in am (before school) and .5 in afternoon (after school) for tics - mainly motor, some verbal. This med combined with cog beh therapy (which has taught her ways to calm her own body/tics) has worked great! Tics were very noticeable/ disruptive to her...she still experiences tics, but they are much "softer" and rarely noticable to anyone but her. It took some time and some dosage adjustment. For her, the lower dose given twice daily did the trick. She does have some anxiety and mild ocd, but we do not feel it is an effect of the drug..just part of who she is. CBT helps with these areas too! Don't underestimste the benefits of this type of therapy for younger children. My daughter now has a bag of tricks to calm her thinking and her body. F 8 1 years
 5  ADHD mood swings at bedtime Helped my daughter be able to calmly fall asleep after Ritalin wore off. She takes Concerta in a.m. Ritalin after school and .5 tenex and 3 mg melatonin at bedtime. F 10 2 months
 1  Anxieties/OCD Besides being extremely tired my daughter got flu like symptoms even vomiting. She also got very constipated. Over the course of the 3 weeks she became depressed and had no energy. We seen more OCD tendencies then before. Coming off the Tenex has been a nightmare. She has trouble sleeping, having nightmares and is a mess with her anxieties and OCD. F 7 3 weeks
.75 MG
 1  my daughter has adhd My daughter was taking tenex amd concerta together amd was uncontrollable to all extreme. So we had to add risperdol to her night pills taking with calmed her down only a little. Igot tired of fighting the doctor to fix the problem so I removed her from everything just about two weeks ago and she has been fine ever since. The problem now is she has been going non stop number two to the bathroom and still does not sleep well. Her temper tamtrums has gone away. So I think no meds are better for her. Tenex was the major issue here especially for younger kids. 13 10 months
 1  ADHD and tics Fluctuation in temperature, could not sleep through the night, aggressive like never before, increased anxiety, terrible temper tantrums, attention did not improve at all, tics were gone after a week but my son was not himself, mentally checked out, blurting out stuff that made no sense, we were terrified how out of control this drug made him!!! M 5 3 weeks
1 mg/day
 2  ADHD Anxiety It seemed to be helping his ADHD as he could not take stimulants due to "seizure" type reaction. Tenex caused really bad night terrors that he would not remember the next day. We correlated the meds to the sleep disturbance. During the night terrors he would not recognize me and he saw people that were not there. He has never even had dreams prior to this. He is almost 8 yrs old. Keep a sleep journal. M 7 2 weeks
half tab 2X D
 3  Rocking, Pdd My daughter has the same rocking in the car. She is also age 8. Guanfacine actually increased aggression after we increased it from .5 to 1 mg. she had rages. We now dx it and she seems happier. Seemed to do better on .5 than 1mg for an 8 year old. F 8 3 years
1 mg 2X D
 3  Troubled/Restless Sleep M 26 1.5 years
.5 mg 1X D

 4  ADHD/Anxiety this drug makes you very tired at first and emotional. STICK WITH IT! These side effects lessen after about 2 weeks. Eventually, you may still need more sleep, but you won't feel as tired as the first couple of weeks. Works great for both my boys to help control hyperactivity and impulsivity. Does not work as well for attention. My son also takes Strattera to help with focus or attention. Has helped also control any tics that he might get if he's stressed out. Has not lowered his blood pressure. Has done WONDERS for his anxiety. Without this drug, he'd need an antidepressant for sure. We'd like to stay away from drugs like Prozac since they make you hyper and that would make the ADHD worse. M 9 3 years
1.5 mg 2X D
 4  ADHD, Asperger's, rocking Daughter takes .5 mg am and again at night. Seems to calm her body. The car rides she would rock alot, she does not rock when she is on this med. No side effects. Started when she was 6 now she is 8. She has rages 3x per week does not help those. F 8 2 years
.50 mg 2X D
 4  Autism/ anxiety Son was tired at first and complained of moderate head ache...went away after 2 weeks. We are very anti- prescriptions for our son. This just takes the edge off of his anxiety and helps him to function more effectively. F 10 2 months
1mg/ qd 1X D
 3  ADHD aggression, lethargy, insomnia, anxiety Prescribed in August 2010 at 1mg per day in the evening. Increased over Christmas break to 2mg per day. He did okay for a few months, but in April began becoming very aggressive. He was in trouble at school, so much so that I was getting phone calls every day. This did not normally occur at all!!! After being suspended twice in one week, I chose to take him off the Tenex. He doesn't complain of insomnia like he used to, nor is he tired all day long. Yes, the hyperactivity is there, but at least he's not aggressive and acting out. F 7 8 months
2mg 1X D
 5  bipolar I, PSTD, dissociative dis none guanfacine works great for my symptoms. it keeps my dissociative disorder under control. it also helps control my PSTD. F 32 1 years
1mg 3X D
 1  pdd-nos tried this for my eleven year old son with autism spectrum disorder. Noticed a spike in ocd behaviors like needing to line up all his toys in a straight row, if I put something back on the shelf of the fridge and it wasn't "just so," he would open fridge and fix it the way that seemed right to him. He was always uncrossing my legs if i crossed them, knocked all my towels off their hanging spots. He also had wild outburts of screaming, very aggressive behaviors, and he was hitting himself on his face and legs repeatedly. I told his doctor to stop this medication. He is now on 10 mg of celexa and the only side effect is increased urination. Behaviors still fluctuate, but nowhere near as severe. F 45 4 months
1 tablet 1X D