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 1  Colonoscopy Awful experience. I am quite petite, and can't normally handle a lot of food/liquid at one time. I chugged my first two glasses, but started to feel very nauseated and then I couldn't drink it without gagging. I was supposed to drink 1/2 of the jug in the first dose, but barely made it to 1/4. Despite the nasty flavor, the liquid sit very heavy in my stomach, and my hunger only exacerbated the nausea. It works quickly, but I will never take this again. 've felt like 've had the flu all night. How anybody can drink a gallon of this is beyond me. Works quickly. Effective for intended use, but the volume is unreasonable. F 26 1 days
2X D
 5  Colonoscopy and endoscope prep Gagging, nausea, chills, extreme mood episodes It did its job, I had the pineapple flavoured one, but I strongly recommend still plugging your nose to drink it, and chug it fast to get it quickly done's really thick and salty so be prepared for that, but overall it's not terrible, just really sweet, didn't like the texture. F 17 1 days
4 litres 4X H
 4  Colonoscopy Prep Chills (which I attribute to downing that much cold liquid in such a short period of time). This time, doing a two day prep. COLYTE is on the menu today on day 2. I'd dumped two CrystalLight lemonade packets (the large ones that make 2 quarts each) into the powder in the monster jug first thing this morning so it would be good and cold come launch time. I'd decided to try and knock each cup back every five minutes for thirty-five minutes if I could, just to get it out of the way. I did it! The lemonade mix made the liquid taste almost like bottled margarita mixes before you add tequila, so that helped immensely. By 12:35 I'd downed the required amount. I put on a sweatshirt because I was getting chilly, and started a pot of hot herbal tea. Figured if I have to remain hydrated, I could do it with something warm. That REALLY helps with the "feeling chilled" issue. By 12:35, I was parked on my throne with my tablet and hot tea, just going. And going. And going. Some hints: If you are going to use regular TP, find a super-soft one. I tried to use petroleum jelly on my bum to ease irritation, but I can't tell the difference, and if you wipe, as opposed to blotting? It just rubs off, anyway. Also, when you get to the point where you are passing liquid? Blotting is your friend. So are Witch Hazel pads. Hope this helps someone who might come after me. If anything changes, I will update. F 51 1 days
2 L 2X D
 1  colonoscopy chills, bloating, nausea I will find a new doctor before I take Colyte again. This is my second colonoscopy and the first and last one with Colyte F 68
1X O
 1  Colonoscopy Chills, nausea, bloating, stomach pain Vile stuff! I used the flavor packet but it was no help. Chewed gum after each 8 oz. dose. Gagged constantly, had two episodes of projectile vomitting. Managed to get down most of four liters. It worked after two hours, but continued to work all night, so no sleep. Dry heaved all morning...NEVER TAKE THIS STUFF...IF YOUR DOCTOR INSISTS GET A NEW DOCTOR. F 65
1X D
 4  Colonoscopy prep It worked as promised, but I simply cannot drink the prescribed amount of liquid. My first "dose" was to be 1/2 of the jug in one hour. I gagged down half that, chewing a fresh piece of peppermint gum just before each cup. I held my nose, used a straw, and did the best I could. I dread my next session beginning at 3 am. This is my third colonoscopy in nine years with the same doctor, and he used a pill/liquid combo in the past, and I always was completely clean for the procedure. If he continues this barbaric type of prep, he'll not see me for my fourth procedure. I'll find a doctor who is more humane. Nasty tasting even with the so-called flavoring but effective. The required amount to consume is beyond realistic. If your doctor uses this type of prep, find a new one fast! F 65 1 days
4 liters
 4  Colonoscopy Prep DISGUSTING TASTE. Extreme bloating and nauseating "fullness". Absolutely disgusting. Tastes like metallic salt water--only thicker. Even reminded me of the taste of blood when I've had nosebleeds. Extremely difficult to get down, in other words. The first liter I downed in the "every ten minute" increments, but the rest I could only bear every 45 minutes to an hour -- even THEN I was on the verge of crying and vomiting. This feeling was made worse when my mom told me about a pill form version. WHHHHYY wasn't I prescribed the pills!?! Works fast (within an hour after the first 16 oz), that's about the ONLY positive characteristic. F 38 1 days
4 Liters
 4  Colonoscopy prep Nothing From experience I knew to eat soft foods two days before prep. Then all liquids the day before. Started the Colyte at 530am. After 1/2 bottle (2L) I was already clean. As usual I will tell everyone at the hospital I drank the whole bottle but I "ain't gonna drink no more" (excuse the bad English) M 69 1 days
4 L 1X D
 3  Colonoscopy Prep Laxative Fortunately it did not cause cramping. I did mix Crystal Light lemonade mix in it so it made it more palatable, but after drinking so many liters, it got to be way too much. I drank the first 2 liters in about 1-1/2 hours, and the laxative started working after about 1 hour 20 minutes. I drank the last 2 liters in about 2 hours. It continued to work throughout the night, so I got very little sleep. I found out that I should have drunk a LOT of water after the 2nd liter, to clear out the Colyte. This was supposed to be prep that caused the least damage to kidneys. M 52 1 days
4 liters 1X AN
 1  Colonoscopy prep Horrible migrane type headache, nausea. Worked fast, 1 hour. Found it impossible to drink whole 4 liters. I am a small woman, 5", 105lbs. No way to ingest that much liquid. I almost feel toxic from having ingested it. Horrible stuff!!!!! I would not recommend this to my worst enemy. I have had the phospho-soda before and that was much less to drink and had better effect. F 46 1 days
 4  prep took 3 hours to take effect. It was the unflavored Colyte. First 1/3 of the jug was ok, then started gag reflex each gulp. A straw helped with that. but 3/4 done and no results. After laying down a bit things started. The last 4 cups were ok. seemed to work. I used some sort of powder in a lot less water last time, worked as well without that whole gallon of fluid. F 51