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 1  shingles Insomnia, nausea, vomiting, severe brain fog, loss of appetite I'm in college and I couldn't think to do my work. It was unlike anything I've ever experienced and very scary. M 22 2 days
3X D
 5  Cold Sores on Mouth None My instructions say to take 4 a day for 8 days. I've found that if you take a pill as soon as you feel the mild tingle (no visual bump yet) then the cold sore will usually go away after 5 pills ( 1 day ) and it won't even appear. But you got to be quick and you may likeley take some pills for false a indication sometimes but early treatment is the key. When in doubt take the pills, once you see the sores its too late. M 45 15 years
200 MG 4X D
 5  Angiodema related to Epstein Barr Knocked out the lip burning and swelling within first 24 hours. Have been symptom free since finishing 10 day dose. Usually have attack once or twice a year. Used to take Prednisone but this is better and safer. Slight headach while taking medication but no other side effects at all. Just normal feeling lips for first time in months. I also have Interstial Cystitis and it calmed it down as well. F 44 10 days
 5  Cold Sores none I can't believe how great this drug works! As a sufferer of cold sores my whole life, I've tried A LOT of things. Many don't work and are a waste of money. I have found that if you take Zovirax as soon as you feel the tingle of a cold sore emerging, it will stop the progression and save you a lot of pain and embarrasment. The key is getting the med in you right away. I have my doctor write me refills so I always have the drug on hand - particularly when I travel or am in a stressful season of life and likely to get a cold sore. F 39
 3  Shingles overgrowth of bacteria in intestines and colon - causing abdominal pain, gas, diarhea M 50 3 months
 4  shingles in my 10 yr old nausea and fatigue My son was put on acyclovir for shingles. He is 10 years old. I was concerned becuase of the serious side effects I read about. The medicince worked well, though. His only side effect was on day two, I think when he tollk his second dose and the medicine had really hit his system good, he got stomach cramps with nausea and he was really tired/worn out like he just didnt want to get up and do anything. It did wear off later that day, however. His rash from the shingles dried up and the medicine did its job. M 10 10 days
 2  Neuralgia (from Shingles) Weakness, depression, malaise Not very effective so far, and I really dislike the side effects... M 45 5 days
 2  Shingles Nausea, Diaharrea, vomiting Worked against shingles, but expensive and side effects were miserable. M 62 7 days
 5  cold sores (herpes simplex) Light peeling of the skin on the lips. Zovirax drastically reduces the symptoms I usually feel with the onset of an outbreak. Sores are smaller, do not erupt as much, and disappear in 3-4 days. Fever is avoided when treatment is initiated early. Sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, congestion, runny nose, are all reduced significantly. I have been using this for 5 years. A round of treatment usually lasts a week. I continue treatment 2 days past the last symptom, with 6-10 applications per day. M 38 5 years
 5  genital herpes NIL M 47 2 years
 3  Cold Sores on mouth dry lips It was fine--but I kept having to increase my dose to prevent/treat mouth sores. Not worth taking an expensive medication for this problem. F 31 4 years
 1  Acne Depression, Anxiety, OCD, etc Zovirax is a highly dangerous drug and should be resarched before engaging in taking it M 48 9 months
 5  Shingles None Works fast but is very expensive, even with insurance picking up part of the bill. M 39 5 days

ZOVIRAX  (ACYCLOVIR SODIUM):  This medication is used in certain people to treat outbreaks of herpes simplex infection of the skin (e.g., genitals), mucous membrane areas (e.g., mouth, nose), or brain. It is also used in certain people to treat shingles infection. The viruses that cause these infections live in the body quietly until an outbreak occurs. Acyclovir does not cure these infections, but can speed healing of the sores, decrease pain/itching/formation of new sores, and lower the risk of other problems from the virus (e.g., infection spreading to other parts of the body/organs, persistent pain after sores heal).   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)