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 4  Chronic hip and back pain Some constipation if I don't take collace with it. After being on it for 2+ years, I am getting headaches. Not sure if it is the Buprenorhine or something else. Tiredness. Great pain relief without the loss of cognitive function. F 60 2 years
2mg 3X D
 2  for pain/to get off of pain meds During the time I was on it-over a year I did not have that many side effects.But once I tried to stop taking it(weaning down to1/2 every other day) it became very difficult.I had withdrawal effects for over 3 weeks. Which included severe flu like symptoms,sneezing,extreme leg pains,insomnia,nausea,weak, and felt like I had a fever the whole time.This is after I weaned down for over a month a half.Now researching this medication I realize it probably would have been easier to go off the pain medication I was taken prior to the suboxone. Would try going off the pain meds without this medication-try other things -like clonidine or OTC meds. M 34 450 days
 2  oxycontin addiction Depression, narcoleptic fatigue, nightmares For many of us, buprenorphine withdrawal (taken in the form of Suboxone, Buprenex, etc.) has been a HORROR. For countless anguished stories, visit the Detox Forum at p072.ezboard.com/bthedetoxforum. Because the drug has such a long half-life, the withdrawal symptoms can last for weeks, even months. In my case, severe depression set in two weeks after going off it, then fatigue where I felt like I was hit by a 500-pound anvil. Unfortunately, many doctors are administering this drug improperly, and people are getting seriously addicted to it. At the Detox Forum, there are VERY few accounts of effortless withdrawal, and many of us curse the day our docs gave us a script for it. In fact, for many, Suboxone has been so awful that they go back on the opiates to get off it! Before taking any form of buprenorphine, be sure to read the FAQs about Suboxone/Buprenex at the Detox Forum so that you are fully educated about what you're putting into your body. Bupe isn't necessarily F 48 3 months
 5  Opiate Addiction I feel sick if I try to shoot it, but they're ment to be this way. I'm an opiate-addict. I get ill when i don't get morphin or heroin. My doctor prescribed 16mg buprenorphin for each day, and I feel pretty good. I don't even sweat M 20 2 weeks
 5  headache every day none Have taken oxy, then methadone which took care of pain (no high) but would eventually hit a wall of nuasia which necessitated the misery of detox. After internet search saw German docs giving buprenorphine for pain told my doc and has worked great (no high) and so far (1 year)no neausia. Some Docs think you have to be approved to prescribe but thats only for detox not prescriptions for pain. It's the best opiate for headaches I have ever taken AND NO SIDE EFFECTS. 71 300 days
 5   M
 5  Heroin withdrawal occasional euphoric effect (very mild/barely noticeable), severe constipation. Thats about it. The way the drug works outweighs any side effects by far. I've been on and off suboxone(buprenex) for about 3 years. The longest time I've consistintly been on it was 1 year. When I took the medication as prescribed and didnt miss any doses it worked like the perverbial (miracle drug). I went right from heroin to buprenex in about a day. My Dr. told me to take the first dose as soon as I start to go into mild-moderate withdrawal(not sure if im spellin that right..lol). Never got sick. Also, probabally the best characteristic is that it is easy to taper off of. The withdrawal, if you're tapered correctly is nothing. Depending on the person possibly no withdrawal symptoms at all. For me, about 3 days where I had trouble going to sleep. But thats nothing compared to any other form of detox (methadone, clonodine, etc.) I would not recomend methadone, it gave me practically the same high heroin did and was a biatch to get off of. This drug helped save my life and thats no expression. I truly believe I would not be here if it wasnt for this drug. M 21 3 years
 5   M
 5  opiod replacement therapy none. the only difficult day was the F 42 4 months
 4  chronic pain flushed face and heavy sweating Provides me adequate pain relief without the euphoric effects that lead to abuse of the alternative narcotics. There is no high, so I am never sure if it's working until I notice that my pain is lessened or gone. F 37 9 days
 4  to get off methadone felt a little withdrawal for a couple of days since i was only down to 50 mg of methadone a day. M 4 years
 4  Withdrawal from opiates A little speedy, energized, buzzed, talkative, alert but calm all at once. Prescribed Suboxone for opiate withdrawal and seems to have gotten me through the acute withdrawal phase so far. I am on a 10 day schedule and after that it's cold turkey from there. I feel confident that I will not have too much of a difficulty in achieving this goal. The only draw back that I faced so far is a difficulty in getting to sleep. Once asleep I was ok but getting to that point was tough at times. Spent alot of time researching and doing studious activities instead of devious one's like abusing drugs and just zoning out. I believe this is do to the way it binds to the opiate receptors and kinda erases what was in your body without severe withdrawal. This is not an escape just to abuse again feeling such as Methadone is. I feel once again quite confident in my attempt and hope to follow this unique experience with some heavy soul searching. Until then I will be through in 3 more days so since this medication is so long lasting I have even been skipping up to 48 hours almost with minimal effects of withdrawal and down to a very smalll, 1 mg dose :) So this stuff is not something to mess with for it's very strong and could possibly be used by some for recreational use but nothing as bad as methadone is. M 28 7 days