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 2  Acid reflux Severe dizziness, heart rate up, headaches I have had heart surgery in the past and i literally thought my heart was messed up again - this stuff has caused me several trips to heart doc and i thought i was dying ! never again F 42 2 weeks
1gm 4X D
 1  Ulcer Extreme upper torso/back pain, immediate drowsiness, and constipation. F 69 7 days
4X D
 2  Gastritis Bloating gas, constipation F 44 1 months
10mg 4X D
 1  Possible ulcers Never again! This medication gave me extreme neck pain the first day on it. The nausea and dry mouth/throat was also unbearable! I scheduled to see a gastro ASAP. He told me to stop carafate if it was giving bad side affects and prescribed me Protonix. Seems to be working better than carafate and omeprazole. F 40 2 days
2X D
 3  Stomach irritation Diarrhea extreme dizziness cough headache backache shakiness insomnia Im going to stop taking it after 8 tablets F 65 2 days
10mg 4X D
 3  Gerd Dizziness, bloating,nausea F 57 0 weeks
10ml 4X D
 3  Gastritis, duodenitis anxiety, shakiness and insomnia M 47 10 days
1GM 3X D
 1  Gastritis Triggered pins and needles in my arms and legs, aggravated nerve problems from thoracic outlet syndrome which were improving after many months. Got this in the ER and did OK with one horse pill tablet but 4 in a day is a no go....I have to stop it. F 49 1 days
1 gram 4X D
 2  Gastritis, HH Throat always feels wet. Minor to no improvement M 39 14 days
1gm 4X D
 3  Possible ulcer Nausea Shakiness Heart palpitations Took carafate with protonix for a few months then got relief. Symptoms came back (chest pain) so I'm taking them again. Some side effects but worth it as pain is lessening. M 55 6 months
1gm 2X D
 2  IBS I have noticed anxiety that is nuts. I have middle back pain between my shoulders. I still feel bloated. I have an MRI next week. Hopefully when I'm off this in 3 days, I'll begin to feel better. No M 56 7 days
1000 mg 4X D
 4  Gastritis/ulcer Sometimes feel nauseous, but worth it because it got rid of my stomach pain that was non stop for 4 months. I look at it as short term side effects for long term relief. F 44 2 weeks
2 tsp 4x d 4X M
 1  Stamach pain Feeling very tierdness full and fully vo.iting per hr 6 time I am not able to breath properly I can hear my heart beat vile vominting F 32 3 days
20 2X D
 1  Stomach ulcer Caused my insomnia to be worse. Slept 2 hours last night M 72 3 days
1 gm 3X D
 3  Bile Reflux, gastritis Taking generic - Sucralfate for bile reflux that has caused a cough and asthma like sx's. S.E. = Fatigue, 2-3 headaches/day, dizziness and low mood/energy. Cough and asthma like sx's improved, but now have a whole set of other problems. Tylenol is not strong enough to combat the headaches and with gastritis, NSAID's are not an option. F 45 3 days
1 GM 2X D
 1  Duodenal Ulcer Bleed Every "rare" side effect. Severe light-headedness, dizziness, insomnia, crippling headache, even developed pulsation tinnitus. After being admitted to the hospital for excessive bleeding from duodenal ulcer this was prescribed. However the first two days were fine, the next 5 have been a nightmare. I can't even get out of bed due to the vertigo experienced. I'm immediately stopping the medication. M 34 7 days
1 GM 4X D
 2  Gastritis Stomach pain, nausea, back pain and chest pain (primarily left side), shortness of breath I have been trying a lot of different pills to treat abdominal bloating without success. An endoscopy revealed gastritis (inflammation in my stomach lining), so I am trying carafate but I am not sure how much longer I can tolerate this drug. Side effects began after only two day and have gotten substantially worse throughout the week. I have heard this drug can be very effective for some people and typically works quickly, but that has not been my experience. Bloating alone was more tolerable than all of these awful side effects. F 26 8 days
1 g 4X D
 2  Terrible stomach pain I had horrible heartburn, it left a terrible metallic taste in my mouth My chest hurt all day long, and I thought it was all coming from my stomach turns out it was coming from the carafate... I will switch to an all-blend diet until my stomach heals F 54 4 days
4tablets 2X D
 1  Gastro esophageal reflux disease It does stop the pain in my esophagus by coating the eroded area, but i have not slept more than an hour or 2 per night since i started taking it. It causes extreme shortness of breath and chest pain as well. Very bad side effects for an anti ulcer drug. The doctors think I'm crazy when i tell them this. If there is an alternative drug i would ask for that before taking carafate. I hope i never have to take this drug again in my life. I feel that it is slowly killing me. M 48 21 days
10ml 4x a 4X D
 1  Possible Ulcer / Gastritis MAJOR ANXIETY! Back pain, Chest pain, Chills, Dizziness, Constipation This has to be hands down the worst medication I have ever tried. I go to the ER because I had abdominal pain and I get labs and a CT done. Doctor said they couldn't see anything in the CT but it could be a possible ulcer and handed me the script after 4 hours of waiting. I took this for 2 days and my anxiety was through the roof. I will be calling my PCP tomorrow so he can put me on something else. This medication has so many side effects and good luck trying to fit this into your daily routine. Has to be taken 4 times a day and separated from your other medications. The pharmacist told me good luck after 30 minutes on the phone trying to figure out the best way to take this with my 2 other meds. M 33 2 days
1 MG 4X D

CARAFATE  (SUCRALFATE):  This medication is used to treat ulcers in the intestines. Sucralfate forms a coating over ulcers, protecting the area from further injury. This helps ulcers heal more quickly.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)